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Lusambo, Dr. Chanda Most Popular MPs In Ndola-Poll


A recent opinion poll has shown that Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo and his Bwana Mkubwa counterpart Dr Jonas Chanda are the two most popular MPs in Ndola and the duo are likely to retain their seats in the 2021 elections.

The poll conducted by ClearPoint Consulting Limited, an independent data analytics organization also found that President Edgar Lungu remains very popular among eligible voters in Ndola as more than 70% of those surveyed said they will likely vote for him in next year’s elections.

Of those who took part in the survey in Kabushi Constituency, Mr. Lusambo remains popular among them as 96 percent know his name while 74 percent of them said they are likely to vote for him in the 2021 elections.

Most respondents reported that Mr. Lusambo is ever-present in the Constituency and his generosity has touched many lives in Kabushi and beyond.

In the same Constituency, President Lungu remains popular among the electorate with 63 percent of respondents likely to vote him.

In Bwana Mkubwa, the incumbent Dr Chanda has an 85 percent chance of being voted back into office while 73 percent of the respondents in the Constituency reported that they would likely vote for President Lungu in 2021 compared to the 27 percent who are likely not to vote for him.

The respondents felt that Dr Chanda has scored highly on key projects he promised during campaigns and visits the constituency regularly.

Hon. Frank Ng’ambi and Hon. Emmanuel Mulenga of Chifubu and Ndola Central respectively emerged as the two most unpopular MPs in Ndola with the duo likely not to be voted back into office next year

In Chifubu, 70 percent of the respondents who took part in the poll said they may not vote for Mr Ng’ambi with 77 percent of respondents further saying they may not vote for President Lungu in 2021.

As for Ndola Central Constituency, the current MP Hon. Mulenga only has a 40 percent chance of retaining his seat while 50% of respondents in Ndola Central reported that they would vote for President Lungu.

The respondents said they would still vote for President Lungu and the Patriotic Front if they addressed some key issues high youth unemployment, corruption, unaffordable school fees especially at College and University level, high food prices, increase in water and electricity bills, and the weak kwacha.

About 64.1 percent of the respondents who took part in the Poll were female and 35.9
percent of the respondents were male.

The Poll had a sample size of 4,000 eligible voters who are residents in Ndola and carried a 2.5% margin of error.


  1. Interesting to see that there is Lungu fatigue creeping in, abeit on a small sample in the urban centre, 50% would not vote for him. That is worth noting in Ndola Central Constituency, people like the MP more than their President

  2. Opinion polls in Zambia and elsewhere are increasingly becoming unreliable. Especially in Zambia, people are not free to express their true feelings when it involves the ruling party. How did they arrive at the sample type? Did they ask for political affiliations? All that information matters in data analysis of this kind. Suppose in chifubu and Ndola central most of those asked were opposition members and those in kabushi and Bwana mukubwa were mostly Pf.

  3. Ofcourse Lusambo is popular, you may hate Lusambo but he is the king of grass roots politics because he came from the streets. I think Lusambo should be Edgar Lungus running mate in 2021 because he is not only loyal to Edgar Lungu – he named his Children after the President and his wife – he is also a die hard MMD, oh sorry I mean PF.

  4. Who is ClearPoint Consulting Limited? You will see a lot of these proxy organisations popping up from nowhere claiming to be independent as General elections approach ….how can an organisation have a sample size of 4,000 eligible voters…its laughable even a university student can do better.

  5. That is my bro. One bowman. And the tribal party upnd think that they can win in 2021. Mulabeja basaaa.

    Now look at all the comments from the angry upnd diasporans. Go hang and die with your hate. You dogs

  6. PF propaganda goes into gear. Ba UPND timamiuza. Establish your own newspaper. MMD established The Post and it was useful in removing Kaunda.

  7. Ba UPND your party is not fully branded. Tell us your vice president .90% of position are held by Tongas so who can vote for you even if you change names on facebook.Chella Tukuta and ba Anthony Bwalya?Kuti waseka saana.We know you have registered in numbers and it’s possible you can win with one province but we have started our people to register so that we cancel you southern vote.Mwibilima

  8. As for Bowman ,Of course if you are distributing money carelessly, money of questionable source, you will be deemed popular. As for Jonas Chanda, the man is extremely hard working.

  9. looks like an opinion poll strategically mean’t to increase some people’s chances for adoption at party level.
    Ba LT why do you allow such comments from the likes of @moscow op which are clearly divisive and so Neanderthal in nature.

  10. International credit raters have rated Zambia to junk status. World Bank and IMF have said Zambias debt is not sustainable. Zambian government agencies have put inflation at an astronomical figure of 17%. The IMF is dilly dallying to help us because they believe we have mismanaged the economy. There has been covid in all countries but their currencies have not depreciated by 50% in a single year the way the Zambian currency has done, it shows that we have a peculiar problem, most likely leadership. I am not a cadre of any party because I don’t trust any party. But these issues are real and we don’t take them seriously. If we were serious as Zambians, do you think Bowman would be popular in Kabushi where poverty is well above 80% with a youth unemployment of over 90%.

  11. Rubbish. A more meaningful opinion poll would rate an incumbent against an opponent. You do that and those crazy high percentage likes drastically fall.And how do you conclude that people would still vote for someone iF ONLY they improved the very election issues that are badly affecting them?In other words what will happen if ECL and PF do not address unemployment,high school fees,high food ,water, power and a weak Kwacha?
    This poll is inherently biased.

  12. 70% – That is more than in 2016>
    This is telling us that Lungu is getting more popular than he was in 2016.
    This is a reflection of the fact that he is the only one with his goons who have been allowed to campaign in the last 4 years.

  13. That GBV debacle dented the image of the other MP irrepairably. From then it’s been downwards and out only. Plus no support of bill 10. It’s curtains.

  14. These opinion polls are nonsense and should be stopped. It is like you are asking people who they will vote for and you expect them to feel free and mention their preferred choice? Just allow the campaign mood to be in full swing now. Elections are less than a year away

  15. @poly tricks ba HH tapaba Sana strategy. Even those who surround him the Nkombos of this world are myopic batulo. They only have one strategy: get the Tonga vote chapwa. So if PF is clever they just need to puncture the Tonga vote and it will be another victory.

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