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Chief Chabula thanks Government for changing the face of the Lupososhi district through massive developmental projects


Chief Chabula of Lupososhi district, Northern Province has thanked the Patriotic Front (PF) government for changing the face of the district through massive developmental projects taking place in the area.

The Chief says Lupososhi is slowly changing its outlook due to the many developments taking shape in the region.

“You can see that the government has ensured the construction of the Lubwe embankment which is the first ever in the area since independence,” the Chief said.

Chief Chabula said the upgrading of the 73 kilometer Luwingu – Nsombo road to all weather gravel has reduced the time people used to take to travel between Lupososhi and Luwingu districts.

He also praised the government for the construction of 4 mini hospitals, 4 secondary schools and the Bangweulu Regional hospital which is under construction.

ZANIS reports that Chief Chabula said this when he held a meeting with over 100 village head men at Chabula Primary school which was also attended by Lupososhi Member of Parliament Chungu Bwalya.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader has charged village headmen in his chiefdom to sensitize people living in fishing camps to ensure they register as voters in the ongoing exercise.

The Traditional Leader said now that the fish ban has been effected, people should be recalled from the fishing camps and be encouraged to register as voters before the exercise comes to an end.

“All headmen should deliver the message to their respective places as failure to do so will attract penalty.

“You must carry this message to your subjects so that more people can register as voters in the ongoing exercise” he said.

And Mr Bwalya said the massive developmental projects taking place in the area is a clear testimony of the government’s commitment to fulfill its manifesto and promises.

“The PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu is a pro-poor government that requires another mandate.

Earlier, Lupososhi District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka appealed to village heads to update their village registers by capturing vital information of their subjects.

Ms Katontoka observed that this will not only help in knowing the number of people in the village but help in times of calamities.


  1. People should wise up to the fact that building using borrowed money is the easiest thing to do ……especially if you can’t payback that borrowed money.

    It’s like using money you have not worked for. Money that is not yours.

    What is hard about that ?

    If lungu used money generated in Zambia , then kudos. Not praises for using borrowed money which you can’t even payback.

  2. I had a chance of seeing this regional hospital, it’s marvellous basaa. this bush will never be the same. only the Trump would dispute the vote that will come from there.

  3. But, why are there no such development projects in Western, North-Western, and Southern Provinces – because the are in the Opposition?
    And, Zambia is a democratic state?

  4. Development with increasing poverty levels is useless. Chief it is better you praise that dude for creating jobs not structures built with borrowed money that we are failing to pay back. Lungu is now galavanting in villages looking for votes since he has realised that in town he is not famous and people are registering in numbers to kick him out.

  5. Why do Zambian chiefs like wearing graduation gowns and colonial army uniforms? Ni cani kansi? Mupaseni honorary uyo muBemba azivala ma gown ya university!

  6. you can pour a lot of money in an engineering project, but if that project can’t support itself to continue running, it will eventually disintegrate.


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