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Zambia ranked number 6 COVID-19 safe in the world


Zambia has been named by a tourism travelogue as one the best six safeties tourism destination in the world.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Technical Services Kennedy Malama said this was due to consistency in the coordination of the multi sector approach towards COVID-19 response, which the country has put in place.

‘’We are nevertheless still at risk of getting the risk of cases considering the global setup of free movements exacerbated by the cold weather that come with the rain season,” he noted

He noted that as the festive period commences, families are expected to increase movement which will bring a high risk of contracting COVID-19.

He also observed that the Ministry has noted with concern some of the learning institutions that are not adhering to the COVID-19 public health measures.

“As a Ministry we have noted that most of the boarding schools are not observing and adhering to masking up, washing hands and social distancing COVID-19 rules,” Dr Malama noted.

Dr Malama appealed to parents to continue encouraging the leaners to continue with masking up and washing hands and maintaining social distance in school.

He said the Ministry of Health will continue to working with the Ministry of Education with surveillance of testing in indoor to protect the lives of leaners in school.

Dr Malama further announced that since schools opened, 138 COVID-19 cases among leaners have been recorded from 20 districts.

“Let me assure the parents that our pupils are safe in schools and the Ministry will continue to work with ministry of Education so that together we can protect the lives of the learners,” he said.

Meanwhile Zambia has recorded 165 COVID-19 cases with 331 recoveries while in the last 24 hours 35 new cases have been recorded out of 5,412 test conducted in the last 24 hours.

He said the cases were detected from Chongwe with 2 cases, Lusaka 16, Mufurilia 2, Ndola 2 and Livingstone with 12 cases bring the culmulative number of cases to 17, 700.


  1. Meanwhile in diaspora they are dying like flies hence the comment from the dog above. You see here we don’t need vaccine because we have managed to contain this virus by being disciplined and determined. This virus has shown that the western world lack discipline. The future lies in Africa. Meanwhile we have diasporans who if given a chance would not think twice about eating a whlte man’s faeces

  2. We are starved of good news—understandable. But very worrying that even people who seem logical in other comments hailed this communique as great news. When do we base health policy feedback on an obscure travel website in Singapore? Positive comments alone have never, and will never cure our problems. Empty dreams they are. Stay clear eyed friends.
    Though, I am not surprised our President wholeheartedly grabbed with both hands the dubious, well preposterous claim that Zambia is ranked 4th in world regarding Covid safety. All the same, I am ashamed.
    Sir; we will love you as a former President and neighbor in the hood, swapping stories under a mangoe tree. Give someone else a chance at State House. This is embarrassing. Epidemiological information from Wego…

  3. The economy is so bad in Zambia, even covid has refused to come and settle here. It came, it saw, and it left fast.

    No credit to PF corrupt thieves.

  4. @Kaizer boyi go and lift your legs so Lusambo can finish painting your anus in PF colors like you painted his ass blue.
    Kafulamine Lusambo not ine …

  5. Despicable @KZ as usual. Incapable of civilized language. Also lacking analysis. The thinking does not go beyond insulting diasporas’ and the opposition – and usually from the inability to defend any issue.
    By the way, most people applaud the fact Africa has not been devastated by COVID in human fatality terms and hope it remains so. The reason is not what you proffer, though (@KZ) Not much to do with ‘measures put in place’ as we know not much social distancing is in effect. It’s more to do with a younger population, resilience to ‘traditional’ pathogens exposed to overtime and minimal exposure to the metropolitan world. Median age in Africa is about 18 while in Europe it’s over 40. The fact people live longer in Europe has made them more susceptible to old age comorbidities and…

  6. There are countries in the south pacific ie Fiji, Tonga, Samoa , Vanuatu, Solman Islands, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Australia for example that have less cases than Zambia, Some even have zero, New Zealand 100 dead total, Australia less than 300 dead with a population of 25,000,000. so this is fake news about Zambia being 6th,

  7. This Covid thing was overrated in Africa from the start with so-called experts predicting a disaster which never was. Well, this just proves that if left alone, we are capable of managing our affairs and controlling any situation. Thanks to the goodness of the Almighty, the cold-free African climate and the survival genes in our DNA, we don’t even need a vaccine.

  8. Uncle Malama, there is nothing the ministry is doing to ensure compliance apart from stealing Covid donations. You should just see how political parties especially PF are making people believe that Covid is a hoax by carelessly allowing people to accompany politicians to courts unprotected, your minister being one culprit, rallies, shows, church gatherings, funerals, weddings, bars, public transport, no one is observing your rules, things are just like nothing ever happened. Thanks to Covid itself, it appears it is still feeling pity on us, but when it will lose pity, we will die like cockroaches here.


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