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National Democratic Congress clarifies Kambwili’s statement


By Saboi Imboela Spokesperson- NDC

The National Democratic Congress, NDC, is shocked with continued statements from the PF over a statement made by our NDC president Dr. Chishimba Kambwili.

Last week, Dr. Kambwili shared how disappointed he was with Zambians keeping quiet in the midst of human rights abuse and harassment of citizens. Dr. Kambwili shared how he expected people to stand up for their country and not let politicians be the only ones to speak and stand up in defence of Zambia’s democratization process.

To our shock, the PF have twisted the statement to mean that our president regrets the way he has been providing checks and balances to the PF. There is nothing wrong with the way our president provides checks and balances, and to twist that statement to make it sound like his kind of politics are not good is a serious case of desperation on the part of the PF.
Our president is one of the strongest voices for Zambians in the country and he will continue to provide the required checks and balances.

Politicians have their role to play, just as much as citizens have their role to play in our country’s good governance. The call by our president to remind people to play their role of good citizenship does not in any way mean that he regrets or is giving up on opposition politics which require him to be a voice of the voiceless.

One of the tenets of good governance is that of participation. Participation requires that all citizens get involved in issues that affect them. Voting alone is not enough because citizens have to continuously ensure that their elected representatives govern in an acceptable and prudent manner.

It is also said that Democracy is not a Spectator’s sport. This simply means that, citizens are not spectators but active players in their democracy or democratisation process of their country, as the case is in Zambia now.

The above message of citizen participation is what our president was emphasising on and the PF desperation to make that statement be about them and their president is a serious act of desperation. Why would our president regret having brought out some of the serious cases of corruption that this country has ever seen?

We urge the PF to concentrate on real issues affecting the country than to keep twisting statements from various political players.

‘I can never give up on Zambians. We have a big task ahead of us. We may sometimes feel weary as leaders, but the task we have at hand is not anything that I or we as NDC can give up along the way. We need to liberate this country and it takes concerted efforts to do so. For my part as president of NDC, I can never give up on the mission to liberate Zambia,’ president Kambwili said.


  1. Truly I also wonder why I continue speaking for Zambian, I started this when coffins written “Kabimba” were frequently seen on streets of Lusaka. We said, stop the nonsense, Wynter Kabimba getta fvck out!
    Now you have drunkards at Bank of Zambia. Look at these insults, Kampyongo has been appointed Minister of Finance. Is this to annoy Zambians, surbotage or mockery!?

  2. Kambwili is a fool. He thought he can hoodwink zambians into supporting & rioting for him when he was sent to jail for his crimes. Like they did in Uganda for an innocent guy. Zambians are not foolish to support your criminal kambwili who was in this same govt, stealing & looting, while human rights were being abused. And he was a spokes person dismissing them as the right things to do to citizens. Just let him go & finish the remaing 352 days. The Findlay issue will add a fresh 364 days. Then he will go back in. Kambwili is a convict – he won’t make the ballot. The quicker the blind followers calling the ndc realise that the better for them. Prisoners can’t even vote, so what more pa ballot???

  3. That’s the sickness with our politics. To even stand by Kambwili is moral corruption. Kambwili is a convicted fraudster who abused his position in GRZ to award himself contracts. Political leaders are suppose to be upright and morally correct. In Zambia we support the corrupt leaders and expect an upright society-HOW??? Edith Nawakwi, hakainde have both abrogated their party constitutions yet a large population of Zambians praise them so much and expect a democratic society. WE ARE MOSTLY OUR OWN ENEMIES AND THAT’S WHY POLITICIANS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US.

  4. I am just waiting for Tarino Orange and Kaizer Zulu comments, I think Kaizer has a hard on for Tarino Orange

  5. Your president explicitly told the nation that he is a useless opposition politician and that all opposition in this country are useless. So zambians you have it from the horses mouth, why then would you vote for useless people?

    Saboi you were more fun and attractive as a musician. I remember the days of rimo hotel in Kafue when we used to play together. Since joining NDC you are not that appealing.

    @ patriotic you will find that actually it is tarino with a hard on for me because he is a gay. I have been widely informed that he is homosexual. We do not accept such acts here in Zambia that is why he is stuck there abroad. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used that to seek asylum. Dirty boy

  6. Mr. Kambwili.

    Amawala mbweeee!

    Always back tracking.

    First it was that evil spirits made him insult Tonga people.

    Then it was that he would spill the beans on corruption. He probably chose to eat the beans instead.

    Then it was that he bought tissues for Mumbi.

    Before that, it was an apology to late Willie Nsanda.

    There was even an issue on the Gabon disaster stadium.

  7. LT, Am now enjoying your reader’s comments. I can even laugh at some humour. It used to be a painful experience to read your comments colum. You have done a great job of weeding out those insulting party cadre.

  8. But everyone knows Kambwili is damaged goods constitutionally seeing he is a convicted felon. Begin a search for a new leader.

  9. It is like what our verteran president Super Ken said at one time in answering the question from a lady: “Beautiful girl stupid question, next question” Our lady is defending a convicted criminal . And you put up such a nice smile for a convicted criminal. What kind of role model are you going to be if you came into power?

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