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It’s in PF Government ‘s best interest to fully Fund Electoral Commission of Zambia


By Sean Tembo

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), we have noted with happiness the high appetite among Zambians to actively participate in the selection of national leaders next year, as evidenced by the continued long queues at voter registration centers. It has now become apparent that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is unlikely to register all Zambians that wish to register as voters, by the expiry of the voter registration period in 7 days time.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to call upon the Electoral Commission of Zambia to consider extending the voter registration period by an additional 30 days so as to afford every eligible citizen the opportunity to register as a voter. It must be noted that no Zambian deserves to be disenfranchised on account of administrative or legal encumbrances. Therefore, even if it means amending the Republican Constitution to adjourn the general elections by one month, it shall be done. There shall be no excuse for preventing eligible Zambian citizens who wish to register and vote from doing so.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to take this opportunity to appeal to fellow opposition leaders especially from the UPND and NDC who are in the habit of seeking to micro-manage ECZ to desist from doing so. Like any other institution, the Electoral Commission of Zambia must be given space and fresh air to operate. ECZ should not waste its time fending off insults and innuendo from unscrupulous political leaders whose sole objective is to create a false narrative to help explain their potential electoral loss next year. The duty of any political stakeholder with regard to the electoral process is to provide feedback and advice to the Commission in a sober and mature manner, and not to seek to discredit and belittle the Commission at every available opportunity.

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to further advise the PF Government to ensure that ECZ is allocated its full budget to allow it to properly discharge its mandate with regard to the voter registration exercise. It is hypocritical for the PF and its Government to condemn ECZ for the slow voter registration process when they know that they have only released about 60 percent of the approved budgeted funds. ECZ is not in the magic business for it to be able to register voters without financial resources. It requires money to do its job.

Additionally, the PF should be informed that it is in their political interests that ECZ is fully funded and Zambians do not have to line up the whole night to get a voters card. That is because if the voter registration process is made difficult, as it has been so far, the only people who would be willing to spend the whole night on a queue to register as a voter are those who want to kick out the current Government and not those who want to keep it.

Those who want to keep the current Government would not have sufficient zeal to struggle with a cumbersome voter registration process.


  1. I like how Tembo puts his points across. He is an intelligent person whose analysis of issues is systematic and impartial. He is a good asset of a party in the opposition to properly set out fair checks and balances in the ruling party. He doesn’t just open his mouth to be heard like some opposition parties whi criticise government even when the government is doing well.

  2. The ECZ is pennywise and pound foolish. How can embarking on a new voters’ roll be cheaper than maintaining the old one which just needed already-registered voters to revalidate their particulars and in that way all dead voters would hv been eliminated? At a time whn we face a debt crisis, this is wht any sensible person would hv done. Our high-taxing, God-fearing but low capacity government has allowed this regardless.

  3. LT do something about this spamming from Zambia …you can not have different names everyday on different articles crowding the thread.
    Sean Tembo can never be trusted he is like Tayali….just a party on paper at the Registra’s office.

  4. Pf has nothing to do with ecz. Pf is a political party just like any other party. Do not confuse a party with a government. This is just basic grade 9 civics.

    Tarino it is called freedom of expression. Something that we highly value in our country. I don’t know about the situation in your country. I am sure the majority here would rather you leave than the authors of these articles

  5. Sean Tembo forgot to mention the cantankerous Pastor Nervers Mumba as amongst failed politicians that have made it their business to insult and discredit ECZ officials at every opportunity.

  6. Monde – it is up to 2031 or 2041 if we are lucky. Then Kaizer will pick up the mantle up to 2061, tasila will follow up to 2081!!!

  7. ECL: 2021-2026 , KZ: 2026-2036 , BOWMAN: 2036-2046 , TASILA: 2046-2051 . MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS THE PF GOVERNMENT IN PARTICULAR AND ZAMBIA IN GENERAL…. kikikikikiki

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