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Religious Minister condemns the habit of posting semi nude photos on social media by Zambians


The Government has condemned the immoral habit by some people of posting nude photos on various social media platforms.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili has further observed the growing trend of using semi-nude women in advertising products and services, saying it is degrading the country’s values and principles.

Reverend Sumaili says she has been receiving several complaints from members of the public who have appealed to her office to curtail the wicked habit.

She has indicated that the government expects all citizens to conduct themselves and their businesses in line with its national values and principles, which put a premium on morality and ethics, human dignity as well as patriotism.

“Zambia has set for herself through the constitution national values and principles to guide people in the manner they should conduct themselves, whether in private or business setups and Zambia being a Christian nation, has Christian values to be respected,” she charged.

The Minister has noted that influence in society should be about positively imparting the public and not violating people’s rights all in the name of advertising and enjoying one’s rights.

She has since counseled product promoters, social media influencers and sponsors of products and services, among other groups to be mindful of the cultures they operate in.

Rev. Sumaili has urged every Zambian to adhere to the set national values and principles as they conduct their businesses and personal life especially on social media platforms or the law will be applied on them.

“I therefore wish to guide the nation to respect our national, Christian and cultural values and principles on which we anchor our identity and existence. Women and men who are in the habit of indecently exposing themselves to stop or face the wrath of the law,” the Minister warned.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, by Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affair, Godfridah Sumaili.

One of the Picture that the Minister is refereeing after it went viral


    • Month end come Zambians will pay her salary, indeed mediocrity does receive a lot of generosity in this country.

  1. Timely advice. As a father to a young girl I want her to grow up knowing that she doesn’t need to show her body to get by in life. We leave that for upnd women

  2. Does it not depend on what “product” the advertisers are trying to expose to reach their target audience? From as far as I can remember models have been “published” in lingerie to expose the very bikinis they are scantily clad in. Sometimes they show flawless skin to emphasize what Bio-Oil, nivea or such products benefit consumers. It’s surprising that she says nothing when her cabinet colleagues Dora Siliya and Ms. Nkandu Luo promote tribal hatred which is more harmful.

  3. Madam minister, go and google x v i d e o s zambia there are a lot of videos of naked Zambians b a l e t o m b a n a don’t be surprised , if you find your own children, grandchild, nephews and nieces ,

  4. on international s e x guide , Zambian women are exposing everything n a k e d with their legs wide open, or giving pleasure to s e x mongers,

  5. You say nothing about the barbaric behavior by the Pathetic Front, yet nude pictures become your concern.

    Very bias and selective kind of Christianity, I wonder which version it is, certainly not the Bible version.

  6. Bio oil please do not advertise the rubbish you watch and do over there in diaspora. We have been told that some of you went abroad and are earning living through doing some dirty videos with animals.

  7. Who defined nakedness for Africans? The white man. And Africans covered up. Then the same white man came with bikinis actually an imitation of Africans. And Africans followed suit again. Can’t we Africans have our own direction? Does sumaili s religion ban bikinis? Show people your 10 commandments

  8. Leave the young lady alone!
    Have you forgotten how Africans used to dress? Our lady is more dressed than Africans of old.
    Let appreciate local models! If this lady was doing this in USA, no one would have raised their hypocritical voice but because she is Zambian, right? The young lady is making extra money through modelling but the Sexually immoral want to blame her for their lack of self-control? Don’t be jealous and mean countrymen and women! If there is one among us who is without sin, let them cast the first stone!

  9. This moron minister she thinks corruption and stealing from the poor Zambians is moral,,,her useless Ministry is just a waste of time

  10. So she goes on social media. This woman is deluded. What exactly do they pay her public money for. There are more serious issues going on in Zambia than her talking about what people are posting on social media.

  11. So if you are selling cream for treatment of vaginal warts should you show the affected areas and where to apply or you show a tongue the say something like this? Stretch marks on women of child bearing age are usually on the stomach, bums and waist even breast so how do you advertise such a product madam?

  12. When real issues need addressing this lady is ndwiiiiiiii ndwiiiiiii .
    Next she will complain about people swimming in bikinis.. instead she will insist they need to swim in jeans ? and wind breakers jackets ?

  13. She is just a waste of space and tax payers money in the cabinet! Why are not talking about the endemic corruption in the Government and the daily politically motivated violence in the country, are they morally correct virtues? Why are you afraid to speak out against them???

  14. Too late madame Religious minister, where were you when former PF minister of education embarrassed you and kept quiet over it – Hypocrisy

  15. Ohhhh there it is … economy plundering , silent !!! Political wars silent !! Freedom of speech? Ohhh shoot let me say something . Politicians hiding behind religious ohh wait for lack of a better term HYPOCRITES.

  16. It is not only nude or semi nude pictures. It also posting of childish things on social media like that big baby Simon mwewa. We need take him to Facebook rehab.

  17. Ok mama on this one u re a disappointment, why not just call Mutale Mwanza and tell her to stop…! She is the one in the semi nude no one else…! If she was from the opposition she wud ve been arrested for indecent sexual exposure… but pantu wenu so it’s to generalize it…! Shame on u…!

  18. Ati semi nude! Muzinkalako pangono pasi noganiza before simunakambe ba Minister. What is semi nude or even nude? Who defines these things? And where do Zambians agree as a whole upon what is nudity and what is being dressed. Dont be too obsessed with other people’s style of dressing. Just worry about yourself. If you ban semi nudes how will the manufacturer of underwear advertise for her market? This is what happens when you create unneccessary ministries whose function even the appointee doesnt know

  19. The day people realise that we all choose the path we take..the less judgemental we become. One person’s right ends where another person’s right starts. As long as my right do not infringe on another person’s right…it is not a problem.

  20. By the way, even Zodwa Wabantu is also on social media and social media is another country or countries or jurisdictions.

    Social media has more than semi nude but complete nude.

    Now, that becomes work for ZICTA more than her ministry.

    Otherwise, we also need social media flagging our politicians for lies or unsubstantiated claims, as being done to one POTUS Trump.

  21. Aba nabo… Balyafye isha free! Otherwise this ministry is useless! She only condemns petty things but quite on important matters like corruption in the Auditors reports. Bali ziiii amai aba. Kuvintu vilibe nzelu Bali nuuuuu #smh

  22. Its Not all Employed people have Jobs, Others are Loafers in Employment so to be Relevant, they have to say Something from Nothing once in a while akachongo Sooo! Bangaku Valile ka Ministry bene Bake.

  23. Bamayo aba cant understand that the world has changed social media has changed everything and its a modern way to make money or a living. She needs social media 101 course to understand.

  24. Please, HH and UPND Government, dissolve this ministry next year. It doesn’t serve any purpose.
    It is just full bunch of Hypocrites.

  25. Total waste of resources this ministry. What are the critical success factors of this ministry and what has it achieved so far? Please dissolve this thing, salvation is a personal thing with your God, Not Ministries

  26. Ive never seen so many comments on a story. This ministry really annoys a lot of Zambians. Lungu should do something about it

  27. Iwe Minister sure Utuhele buhata, which members of the public complained to you? Start with Nkandu Luo inside your own cabinet, tell her to cover up those hanging flesh gardens of Babylon of hers, ba stupid mwankole imwe. You Godfridah can also pose that bokossi ya njovu yako on Lusaka Times for One Ngwee!!

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