Sunday, June 16, 2024

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement to Work with UPND to support HH for 2021 Elections


Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has pledged to support and work with the United Party for National Development (UPND) ahead of the 2021 general elections in order to reclaim Zambia’s lost identity.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) National Trustee, William Banda has welcomed the decision by ZDDM, saying Mr. Kakumbo was an experienced veteran and freedom fighter who understands Zambia’s economic, political, social and cultural problems well.

“I know Mr Kafumbo. He is a freedom fight who can’t be bought. He understands what is happening in this country right now. He wants to see something being done. He wants to see something improving physically and not just mere pronouncements and enticement,” said Banda.

And making the announcement in Lusaka yesterday morning, ZDDM vice president, Charles Kafumbo stated that the only way to take Zambia out of her current economic squabbles was to work with a credible team led by President Hichilema as the country heads towards the 2021 elections.

“Zambians need healing; need hope and need comfort and rediscovery. As we move towards 2021, we need to rediscover ourselves. The continued political violence, economic meltdown and other vices has given Zambians hopelessness. We need to work for ourselves. We need to control our resources. We have gold in my village in Mwinilunga, but look how we are plundering it. We need to take charge of the affairs of our country,” he said.

Mr Kafumbo also visited senior citizen and renowned political activist, Dante Saunders.

Renowned political activist, Dante Saunder with  ZDDM vice president, Charles Kafumbo (c) and National Development (UPND) National Trustee, William Banda(R)
Renowned political activist, Dante Saunder with ZDDM vice president, Charles Kafumbo (c) and National Development (UPND) National Trustee, William Banda(R)


  1. How William Banda a known ‘outdated’ gangster fits in the UPND just baffles me. We all know how violent this old man is. He is mafioso! If you are under 5, ask us and we will recount stories of this gun totting cadre! William ‘Tekere’ Banda, the nickname tells it all

  2. Yaba…ati credible team…HH failed to declare interest of some property during privatization therefore he can’t never be credible. I end here.

  3. @mbalazi wansekesha to say the criminal, Banda will be home affairs minister…….it’s my problem the quality of some people with HH , hopefully he just uses them to dump them later, if he won

  4. Zulu Themba Isaac its democracy and the electorates s choice to vote for their choice according to what fits them like good economy,ailing economy, free falling currency,coruption etc

  5. Arthur Hakalima its only a process, we all came from the same process and now we are here,our lives have changed,through honesty,dedication,hardwork and most importantly faith that he who created us would reward the hard work in the same vain some of our nationals did it through a mix of deceit and hard work and their folowers illusionaly think they are smarter than 20 million Zambians,its a shame infact double shame.

  6. Yaya hahaha that is 0 votes added to the upnd. I did my even know that such a party existed. Maybe this is the party tarino supports because Upto now tarino cannot tell us who he supports. There are a lot of clowns in opposition

  7. I mean we are all not UPND but we are all voting for UPND, so that development from ZDDM is welcome. Not even the feeble attempt here but a lab technician to destract the momentum will be achieved.

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