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Reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism, Lusambo tells Church


Patriotic Front Copperbelt mobilization coordinator Hon Bowman Lusambo has called on the church to reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism.

Hon Lusambo says government will continue to strengthen the relationship it has with the church in order to foster development in the country but called for politics devoid of divisions based on tribe, region or race.

He was speaking this morning when he attended a fundraising Sunday service for Dominion Church International building project in Choma, Southern Province where he donated a 50,000 Kwacha towards the project.

He said the church and government are inseparable because they serve the same constituents of people regardless of where the hail from.

“If not addressed, tribalism will destroy this country,” he told the congregation and called for oneness regardless of tribe or region for the sake of the county’s development.
“The church provides the spiritual support, while us as government ensures we create an enabling environment for the improvement of people’s welfare” Hon Lusambo said adding that government wants to provide empowerment initiatives for citizens both in and outside the church through a diversified but locally driven economy.

He said President Lungu has shown that by dedicating his time out of state house to go all over the country to work for the betterment of the country and encouraged people to work hard and reject the spirit of laziness.

“So am urging you to support anyone regardless of tribe when they come to work in any part of the country because we are one Zambia one Nation” he said.

Meanwhile,Hon Lusambo took time to encourage congregants to register as voters and have the opportunity to choose leaders of their choice.

He also called on congregants to carefully scrutinize their leaders when it comes to putting national interests above partizan politics in reference to Bill 10 which he said meant to address constitutional challenges even if “it is water under the bridge” now.

And Dominion Church International pastor Kebby Nawa thanked the PF government for the “good and admirable” works they are doing to improve people lives and pledged the support of the church in creating a healthy society.


  1. Uyu chickala messed up PF in copperbelt, now he resort to Tonga issues.
    Us in Heritage Party are not interested in donating ama K50,000 to buy seat in Choma Central or kabushi. My running mate Kateka is principled.

  2. Failure has destroyed Zambia. Let’s focus on getting Zambia a serious leader. Tribalism exists in Lungu’s government and no talks but you want to paint someone else with it for political gain. Why?

  3. Who is it that is constantly spewing tribal remarks ? Is it not senior PF members? When PF ministers, MPs and senior party officials say openly tribal nonsense, Mr Lusambo and his president forget that they have a voice. Now that he is in Southern Province, he suddenly remembers that tribalism and regionalism is unacceptable!! And to think that people who call themselves christians sit in church and listen to such verbal abuse all for K50,000. What a shame!!!

  4. If my memory serves me right it’s from the pf government were ministers openly issued tribal remarks in public…..indeed don’t underestimate fools in large numbers and people who think stupidity is patriotism

  5. Now i understand why a certain prominent political activitist said that ZAMBIANS HAVE SO MUCH GENEROSITY FOR MEDIOCRITY.

  6. The pastors carry on their work with no conscience, only to fill their pockets. They are worse fraudsters only interested in power manipulation and control

  7. That is right my brother Lusambo. We all know that upnd is tribal and as they are living up to their tribalism and statement that only a Tonga can lead upnd

  8. There will be a lot of these bribes called donations to most compromised churches, and the blind churches will think this is good will. They will not do such things to true churches like Jehovah’s witnesses. That is why I was shocked with one misguided political opposition leader yesterday who instead of mobilising his party, is busy asking for Jehovah’s witnesses to vote, how myopic can our leaders be, and that is why the leadership deficiency we have in Zambia is both at the helm of the ruling party and also opposition parties.

  9. Where is the Minister of Religious Affairs? The Bible says when you give let not the world know. Some PF members are doing just like Pharisees. What a shame whoever do that, whether a PF or UPND person. Mr. Boman Lusambo should be the last person to say that.

  10. President Lungu considers the whole country in one. He even brought development in those areas from where is received fewer votes in the 2016 elections.

  11. So the ***** was given the pulpit to decampaign himself, Yaluma, Dora, Mr Luo, Lungu and the whole bunch of PF? chacine Lesa nimalyotola.

  12. Gone are the days when the political parties were playing the emotions of people. Now, Zambians are smart, and they believe in real talks than fake promises.

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