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MIles Sampa’s Big Wedding at Woodlands Stadium Raises Health Safety Concerns


The planned wedding of Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa with his fiance Nchimunya has raised health safety concerns in the Covid-19 environment that the country is operating in.

Yesterday Mr. Sampa posted online that after much consultations Woodlands Stadium will be the venue for his Wedding and invited all the Lusaka, saying entrance will be free as people come dressed smartly, with an offer of free food and alcohol.

Despite the concerns raised, the organizers of L December 26th wedding have moved in quickly to assure the public that safety and security measures will be top on the agenda of the planning process.

Organising Committee member Kelvin Kaunda said that these elements will be necessary as the wedding will host thousands of people from Lusaka and surrounding areas including those in the diaspora at the Woodlands stadium.

Mr Kaunda said that, already planners are working with the public health department at the Lusaka City Council to ensure that covid 19 regulations are followed strictly.


  1. Miles should have waited to August next year, unless my ex-Nchimunya is pregnant.
    HH will attend, but Edgar won’t.

  2. Ma fontini chabe ba Miles, you want to cause a riot. Remember how your cadres where fighting for food with diplomats at state house? Now you have invited the whole lusaka…kikiki

  3. Kwisa naimwe ikaleni fye. Fima super spreader rallies fya ba PF tamulanda po.
    Don’t you think he beat you already to the game by the Kopala Musicians festival he hosted under similar Circumstances? He’s too smart for that and is cognizant of such negatives. Your Worship, the Mayor of the city of Lusska.
    Miles Sampa.

  4. There needs to be some responsibility on the part of social media users. How does someone invite the entire country to a wedding during a pandemic. In as much as I love miles as a brother, i think he needs help with how he uses social media. He lacks the maturity. In such cases I would recommend that he employs a PR specialist to assist him. We have all used these specialists in the past to help.

    And yes, I have not been invited to the wedding but that does not mean I cannot give an objective comment like the Facebook clown Simon mwewa

  5. By the way, as a close friend, I am proud of chimmy. Happy and proud to see her settle down. Marriage is a blessing. As a person who knows her well, I can vouch that she will make the perfect wlfe. Congrats chimmi-li-cious xxx

  6. Miles Sampa for PF President, I think he can do better than the current. I am a staunch PF supporter but hereby surrendering that we have failed. There is NO money in peoples pockets. So what are we doing still ruling, we should have even resigned on our own

  7. The public must come with an offer of free food and alcohol. Really?

    First, why is alcohol mandatory? Some example from the mayor. Second, think of the dangers eating food brought by random strangers to a stadium. Never mind the health risks of COVID-19, that’s far more scary! Is it even legal?

    My advice? Just stay home.

    Or, if you must go… perhaps bring a case or two of mustard to coordinate with the couple’s “smart” outfits? His worship could get drunk on free alcohol, spill mustard on himself, and you’d never know. Perfect!

  8. Miles will be feeding Lusaka but failing to pay maintenance for his children. These are the priorities of people who want to lead Zambia. This is the typical Zambian mentality of showing off designer clothes when there is no toilet paper in the house and four children sleep on one bed sharing a blanket that reeks of urine. The same mentality goes on when they become presidents. Tarred road from city to woodlands but no road from maize belt to the markets, Jet for presidential journeys, but no meals for students, toyota V6s for ministers, but no desks for pupils….

  9. Ala ine my concern is not only health safety but where do PF members get so much wealth as to organise free wedding parties? Sampa hasnt been in the Mayor’s office long enough to be dishing out free for all food. Elyo a Sampa instead of spending so much on cakes why not buy three garbage trucks and donate them to Lusaka residents? The city is very dirty

  10. Miles I will come for the wedding, just tell us the truth, who told you to go borrow kaloba and sign those Eurobonds. Was it this same guy who has failed lamentably. Imwe sure, kuli currency kuchita depreciate by 52% in a single year, ninshi leader alikuti

  11. There was that Chanda na Kay function at Woodlands stadium todate people who attended are COVID 19 free why majealous pa wedding of our town of this mayor ohh sorry Mayor of of the City of Lusaka?

  12. For once I totally agree with Kaizer Zulu. A wedding is a good thing but it should be a private ceremony only with close friends and relatives. It is not necessary to invite the entire city. Just inviting chaos. Anyway do it your way. It is your big day afterall. All the best!

  13. I do not understand this ba Mile The Mayor. To start with not too long ago he was saying he could not afford child support and maintenance for his ex-wife. However, the man invites all of Lusaka to a wedding. Is it Nchimunya sponsoring the wedding or there will be a miracle worker to turn water at woodlands stadium into alcohol and possibly sand into food to feed Lusaka. Who are you trying to impress Ba Miles jsu look after your cash and educate your children and make your new wife happy. It will be a waste of money if you decide to find another lady in future.

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