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PF government must be given another chance to execute all the programmes before exiting office


Nakonde residents have urged Zambians to give the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and President Edgar Lungu another five year term to enable him finish the programmes the government has embarked on country wide.

They say a lot of projects have taken shape throughout the country and that it is just important that the PF government is given another chance to execute all the programmes before exiting office.

And Nakonde Constituency Aspiring candidate Musingwa Siame has urged Nakonde residents to turn up in numbers and register as voters in the 2021 general elections.

Mr Siame says all Nakonde eligible citizens must register so that they can exercise their constitutional right to vote in next year’s elections.

Mr Siame said this in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, adding that the PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu has initiated several developmental projects in various sectors of the economy in Nakonde.

In the education sector, Mr Siame said the Government has built several schools and Robert Kapasa Makasa University in Chinsali where Nakonde school leavers are benefiting.

“Government has also upgraded some primary schools into secondary schools and a lot of teacher’s houses have been built,” Mr Siame stated.
In the health sector, Mr Siame said the Government has constructed several health centres and has upgraded some Clinics into mini-hospitals at a great cost.

Mr Siame pointed out that the Government is further investing heavily in infrastructure development in the district to improve the lives of the people in Nakonde and that the government has enhanced the water reticulation system in Nakonde.

Mr Siame has however, called for a change of leadership in Nakonde for the district to record more meaningful development.

He said Nakonde has remained behind in some areas, because some leaders do not push for more development in Nakonde.

Mr Siame who previously served as Nakonde Councilor for two terms as well as Council Chairperson, stressed that Nakonde as a border town, has huge potential to be a shining town once virtuous leaders are put in decision-making positions at constituency and district levels.


  1. Another chance for what? To finish looting the national resources, keep killing political opponents, advance tribalism, perpetuate corruption, mismanage the economy, to continue rapping the constitution, to mismanage the public service??….no enough is enough!!!

  2. 9 years and $18 Billion is enough chance! Running a country is a relay race. Pass on the baton. You are kidding yourselves and destroying the country by believing you are the geniuses that will run all legs of the race. Doped as your are, you are already tired. Other countries are pulling ahead.

  3. Awe mummy munadya maningi,mufuna kudyelatu.we r in democracy and if u Don’t perform in 5 years u get out so that someone else can do a better job.u and yo 21.50 dollar rate we see how the cross boarder traders we teach u a small lesson.i really feel for u tho u too much money in pockets alone

  4. This Mumbi awee mwe, at that age ukulafulamina ba President?
    Even Mutale Mwanza can’t put her buttocks in front of the humble president like that.

  5. Madam, this is not like an exam whereby when you fail you repeat. After this massive failure confirmed by PF government economic stats, the decline that has been there even before Covid, the next is exit. I know you might not even be aware that there is no other currency that has depreciated by 52% in one year apart from Zambias. If you think this is okay and normal, please go ahead and stand on their ticket, but people are now very sharp in Zambia

  6. How does one stand on the PF ticket with this mess. But any way it is also an opportunity to enjoy campaign money

  7. Also please advise these government officials that the entry and exit into Tanzania cant be on one spot, to decongest that area the exit or entry of traffic needs to be 10 km apart. You cant have that mess, separate the entry into Tanzania and exit points by putting them kilometers apart, there is total confusion for years and nobody seems to have a plan

  8. Which money will they use to complete the developmental projects when they have just defaulted on loans. No one will lend Zambia money

  9. This is flawed reasoning.Do you know that even MMD never finished their projects at the time they were leaving office. I suppose even UNIP never finished. Look at where you found the economy and where it is now. Draw a graph and predict where the economy will be for the next five years. This is pure and applied statistics.

  10. We don’t need to request it. We already have the extra five years. From my data modelling it is a clear win by pf. The upnd are in denial. It is part of life to lose. How many times did we lose us before we took over?

  11. It doesn’t work that way. If we did then all parties will give that excuse when it comes to elections. Their time is over! They completed projects that were not finished by MMD.

  12. Vivid failure, be it inflation, exchange rate, GDP, reserves, employment everything has collapsed, PF to come back and do what please? Lets be fair. Just resign honourably. I am non partisan but I look at things objectively. How can a currency erode by over 52% in one year and you still want to stand, there has been covid everywhere but other countries have shown resilience. Please go on your own, you are breaking wrong records

  13. Read and remember this on the 12th of August 2021

    “If you dont respect and treasure your people here at home, no country will ever respect your citizens. If you are not economically powerful, your citizens will be looked at and treated like garbage to be thrown out.
    That is the sad reality
    You want a strong country economically? Empower your citizens economically, give them favorable conditions to do so. Cut taxes, ” pay as you earn” cut taxes ” excise duty” cut taxes, ” corporate tax” tax %s that hurt citizens are bad for the country. Reduce regulation. Respect teachers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, youths, women, men and all citizens. Take care of your elderly, retired military people etc.
    A strong country starts with strong and well to do citizens/ healthy, educated and energetic.
    Its no rocket science.
    Let’s all register to vote so that we can elect leaders that will care about all the above and many more. We dont want promises, we want action and the promised actions to be taken should answer the how and where questions?
    God bless mother Zambia and may God grant wisdom to all voters to vote wisely.
    *This is a non partisan message*

  14. Natunaka nopupu bwenu…. your leader is law breaker, why should we give me another change, he allowed Minister to stay in power so that he can use state machinery to campaign to win the election. Twakana nentungulishi kuliba mpula mafunde.

  15. If this was the case, there would be no elections. We should have left UNIP to carry on. The intelligence of the people who rule us leaves too much to be desired. The parties are given a mandate to fulfil a manifesto in the term of parliament. If you do not complete an exam paper in the time allocated, you do not ask to take it home so that you can complete the paper. Oh, these guys never went to school so they cannot know this allegory.

  16. There’s no problem there. The next government can finish up the projects. It is taxpayers’ money at work, afterall. It is not PF’s money

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