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Hon. Lusambo and the PF have turned the church into a political platform: What would Jesus say?


Similar to what he told the money changers in the temple, Jesus would tell today Zambian politicians, “you have turned my church into a political platform.”

Being a declared Christian nation doesn’t mean that Zambian politicians are ordained to speak at any church gathering. Hence, is out of respect that politicians are given the opportunity to speak to congregates whenever they visit churches.

Unfortunately, when given the opportunity to speak, politicians choose to speak politics. Attacking and demeaning political opponents. An act that totally diverges away from the principles of a Christian nation.

Sincerity, honesty, and love should lead whenever politicians are given the opportunity to speak before the church. Instead, congregates hears the opposite.

Meanwhile, can Hon. Bowman Lusambo, who not long ago declared Copperbelt Province a no-go area for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema today tells people to reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism?

It is reported that when Hon. Lusambo attended a fundraising Sunday, December 6, service for Dominion Church International building project in Choma, Southern Province, he called on the church to reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism.

Unless he has a different interpretation of his statement “reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism” and is willing to share it with the people, it is a mockery.

Hon. Lusambo was mocking the people of Choma for according to him a warm and tender welcome. They were supposed to reject him per his statement as he is the main sower of the seeds of tribalism and regionalism.

Hon. Lusambo needed to be sincere and honest with the members of Dominion Church International: Except for I, Bowman Lusambo, reject politicians sowing seeds of tribalism and regionalism.

“I wish to announce that our members on the Copperbelt will make it impossible for the UPND to conduct any business in the province,” declared Hon. Lusambo a few months ago.

He is too young to forget his own contemporary statements. If that is not what he means by “sowing the seeds of tribalism and regionalism,” he must prepare a very long explanation because very few people will be able to grasp his point.

By Venus N Msyani,

Concerned citizen


  1. its becoz the of office of God which has been made a ministry under men of mortal power when infact it should have indipendent and outside circular politics.
    the minister of religious affairs report to man instead of reporting to God directly on the affairs of the church.
    anway vyakulolavye.!!!!

  2. Be specific and say Pentecostal churches because they’re the only ones that give politicians such platforms in exchange for money. I don’t see the difference between these churches and the illuminati, BetWay, Dick & hip enlargement, bonanza and others. They all want to squeeze that coin out of you

  3. Is there any good news from these Mwanks? Everything is politicized in this country.

    The pastors themselves are lining up for brown envelops. And you expect Jesus to be there in these churches of materialism?

    PF must go!

  4. Suddenly the MMD die hard cadre is very rich and splashing money around like no man’s business when his fellow ministers are complaining that they can not afford to pay back in 30 days the money they got when they stayed in office after the dissolution of parliament.

  5. The failures are just dropping bribes in compromised churches, they can’t do that to pure Christians like Jehovahs witnesses. And there will be a lot of these bribes in various forms before 2021

  6. How can a leader worth his salt say I am a bootlicker just to keep a job. And the funny churches give him a platform to stand in front of them. And the country calls itself a Christian nation, the violent character who beat up Kambwili and Kachingwe

  7. Embarrassing again for PF government.
    1- Refusing and prevaricating to acknowledge court ruling that offending ministers falsely stayed in office after dissolution of parliament.
    2-Defrauded Zambian tax payers of national financial resources badly needed
    3- Defrauding PF ministers insisting with impunity, rendered services to the nation in their illegal status
    4- Refunding to national coffers ALONE is not enough, they committed a crime warranting punishment which courts must decide.
    5- The 65 PF defrauding ministers should in turn sue Edgar Chagwa Lungu for causing embarrassment to PF party and individual ministers
    Some PF members are hurt with truth, which is better than make them happy with a lie.

  8. But the same politicians refused religious bodies to spearhead and lead national dialogue ( Indaba). Opportunists politicians. Wait until you are taught a lesson next year.You didnt listen to them on bill 10.

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