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Zambians must reject attempts to ridicule the Electoral Commission of Zambia-PF


Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Provincial secretary Kennedy Kamba has observed with concern the continued tendency by the opposition and some civil society organizations to discredit the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

He has expressed dismay at the systematic machination by the opposition and some civil society organizations, trying by whatever means possible to discredit the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on a daily basis and trying to portray a picture that they are not capable of handling the 2021 general elections.

“This is very dangerous and Zambians must reject attempts to ridicule the ECZ, a professional and autonomous electoral body that is headed by technocrats,” Mr Kamba said in a statement.

He said the country should believe in the electoral body as stakeholders and never involve it in sheer politics.

He said the commissioners and indeed management at ECZ are doing everything possible, working round the clock to ensure that they put up a credible, free and fair general election come 2021, starting with the ongoing voter registration exercise.

“Indeed, the ECZ has a mammoth task and challenges in this regard are inevitable as they are part of every process and part of life.We, therefore, cannot afford as a country to have irresponsible leaders to continue claiming that the electoral body is not ready for the 2021 general elections” Mr Kamba.

He said the opposition UPND and their allies have put up a systematic attack on the ECZ because they know they are losing even in 2021 general elections but they want to shift the blame on the electoral body even when it is clear that its actually the opposition which is not ready to compete with the ruling PF.

He has since advised the opposition to leave the ECZ alone, to let them do their job in peace.

He further said the opposition UPND, Chishimba Kambwili’s NDC and others, know very well that they don’t have numbers and that they are unpopular hence their attempts to declare elections a sham even before a vote is cast.

Mr Kamba said the opposition are scared, and just cry-babies and urged them to leave the ECZ alone and just work hard and stop the blame game.

“Comments from people like Dundumwezi UPND MP Edgar Sing’ombe where he is saying the ECZ is not ready for 2021 general elections must be condemned with the contempt they deserve”he said.


  1. I agree with you on this one. Considering the levels of attack on the ECZ, what would Hichilema do suppose he wins the next election? Will he and his supporters hold the same view? We all must protect the ECZ. It won’t benefit anyone to destroy this institution

  2. Last they said the opposition has no numbers, bill 10 fail miserably .@ Ayatollah what if your car has flat tire, you mend it and manage to reach your destination you will definitely have a different tale telling view about your journey not so, just like malawians managed to use people power in combination with the ballot.

  3. Kennedy should know by now that the same way football referees are questioned, cautioned and advised against unfair referring, is the same way citizens must act towards ECZ. ECZ is a referee in elections – elections being a competitive sport; citizens aggrieved or not expect ECZ to not only listen to advice about concerns raised but be impartial in addressing those concerns.

  4. The ECZ management should learn to listen and should not PF cadres control them . Learn a lesson from these arrogant Ex and current Ministers who are now cry cry babies after been warned that the President will continue and will be voted out. See their life now. Please ECZ staff just listen to what the majority are advising you.

  5. All opposition in Africa behave the same. Is it surprising they have the same funders?? When western leaders try to convince us that we can’t govern ourselves, these are some of methods they use. They fund opposition to undermine our institutions so as to influence the hegemony of power-install puppet governments which they can control. Kennedy Kamba, regardless of his status, is 100% right. CSOs are extensions of these westerners because they fund them and put up an agenda for them, they are not independent. Why do you think western media attack political groupings that are indigenous and have nationalistic/socialist
    agendas?? It was common in Asia but the Asians prevailed, Africa must wake up.

  6. @Aristotle, whatever is happening at ECZ is due to a bad government. We’ll get rid of the bad Government but ECZ will remain. If we destroy ECZ we won’t have a country. How did Sata manage to win elections under the same ECZ? If you answer that then you know what to do. These attacks won’t win you elections

  7. The opposition should go to court immediately demanding that ECZ should implement mechanisms which enables it to conduct free and fair elections involving prisoners or people under lawful custody in Zambia. Should ECZ fail to provide mechanisms for administering free and fair elections involving voting by people under lawful custody, then people under lawful custody should not vote in the 2021 elections until the time ECZ provides a mechanisms for free and fair elections. Courts are there to ensure delivery of justice in the country. When the court ruled that prisoners should exercise the right to vote, the court didnot give ECZ the authority to undermine the important function of conducting free and fair elections.

  8. It’s about “How to stop Zambia from turning into Zimbabwe”
    Neighbours and creditors should resist its slide into autocracy and economic collapse

  9. Zimbabwe cannot be compared to Zambia in all honesty. Zimbabwe was a dictatorship for a very long time. Zambia has been a democracy since 1990, with several changes at president level. Very basic stuff.

  10. I like the way Zambians string English statements together in order to sound as though they know what they are saying.
    “Comments from people like Dundumwezi UPND MP Edgar Sing’ombe where he is saying the ECZ is not ready for 2021 general elections must be condemned with the contempt they deserve”
    You do not condemn with contempt, you dismiss. kikikikikikikikiki


  12. People have short memories! Have you forgotten how Sata treated Dan Kalale? If you are honest you will agree that HH statements are actually well measured and he points at key issues as a stakeholder. One example is the well known fact that putting a one month registration period for a target of 9 million people was utopia! Are we not here to confirm? Bring credible issues here not ilyashi lya mu chibuku!

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