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Minister Chiteme hands over 20 vehicles, speed boat to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces for climate change Project

…as Govt launches 2020 budget analysis report on the national budget allocations, disbursements to climate smart programs


The Minister of National Development Planning Honourable Alexander Chiteme, MP, this week handed over 20 motor vehicles and a speed boat to 16 districts in Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces where the Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development (TRALARD) Project, which is focusing on combating climate change, is being implemented.

The Minister also launched the 2020 Budget Analysis Report on National Budget Allocations and disbursements to climate smart programes and projects.

Speaking at the joint handover and launch ceremony in Lusaka, Mr. Chiteme said the vehicles and a speed boat is aimed at easing transportation as well as ensure efficient and effective delivery of project outputs in Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces.

The Minister said the main objectives of TRALARD are to improve natural resource management in selected districts, to support sustainable livelihoods and in the event of an eligible crisis or emergency, to provide immediate and effective response to the eligible crisis or emergency.

Mr. Chiteme said the TRALARD Project activities are community-driven and will assist reduce poverty and vulnerabilities in line with the strategic objectives of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).
“The 16 districts where the project is being implemented are as follows: (i).Luapula Province: Chifunabuli, Kawambwa, Lunga, Nchelenge, and Samfya districts; (ii).Muchinga Province: Chama, Lavushimanda, Mpika, Mafinga, Isoka and Kanchibiya districts; (iii).Northern Province: Chilubi, Mbala, Mungwi, Mpulungu and Nsama districts,” Mr. Chiteme said.

The Minister said a brand new boat has also been procured for Lunga District.

In addition to the beneficiary districts, the Minister said three vehicles will be donated to the provincial planning units and another three vehicles to the project implementation units in the three (3) provinces.

“I urge all recipients to prudently and effectively use these motor vehicles and boat for the attainment of project objectives. Only authorized persons should utilize the vehicles and boat and for the intended purpose,” said Mr. Chiteme in the company of Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota, Northern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga and Ministry of National Development Planning Director – Human Resources and Administration Nicolynn Nyoni.

Minister Chiteme handing over 20 vehicles, speed boat to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces for climate change Project
Minister Chiteme handing over 20 vehicles, speed boat to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces for climate change Project

Launching the 2020 budget analysis report on the national budget allocations and disbursements to climate smart programmes, Mr. Chiteme said the Government, through the Ministry of National Development Planning, commissioned a consultant to undertake a detailed analysis of allocations as well as expenditures on climate change programmes outlined in the national budget.

And World Bank Country Manager Dr. Sahr Kpundeh said climate change remains a huge development challenge for the world, including Zambia.

“In Zambia the World Bank is supporting [the] Government to tackle climate vulnerability in four ways: – Building resilience of the poor in some of the remotest areas of the country to climate variability and change; helping build good policies and strategies to cover the most vulnerable with social protection programs, investing in human capital; and promoting jobs in the rural areas through diversified, resilient and sustainable livelihoods,” said Dr. Kpundeh.

Minister Chiteme handing over 20 vehicles, speed boat to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces for climate change Project
Minister Chiteme handing over 20 vehicles, speed boat to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern Provinces for climate change Project

“The World Bank is happy to be witnessing the handing over of a boat to Lunga District and 20 vehicles to the project implementation areas for the TRALARD Project. It is hoped that the vehicles and the boat will ease project implementation and in turn ensure that the development objectives are met,” said Dr. Kpundeh.

In a vote of thanks on behalf of the three provinces, Permanent Secretary (Luapula) Mr. Mushota thanked the Government for the TRALARD Project and the provision of vehicles and boats.
Mr. Mushota appealed to the Ministry of National Development Planning to also purchase a vehicle each for Lunga and other districts that were only allocated boats.

This is according to a media statement released by Ministry of national Development Planning spokesperson Chibaula Silwamba in Lusaka.


  1. Great development for our people. Whilst we are busy improving lives, the self proclaimed billionaire who stole privatisation money is busy suing innocent zambian for defamation. Such can never rule this great nation.

  2. The minister, our servant is was quite slim before assuming the ministerial role, he is big now. That’s good. Just saying

  3. This is why we need a Ministry to be created for Climate Change mitigation. The earlier we do it, the better for the generations after us. Zambia is almost becoming a desert. Rivers, streams and swamps are drying up everywhere, due to massive deforestation. GRZ must subsidise on gas for cooking so that, it is affordable to everyone and make cutting down of trees a criminal offence and any other activities that are detrimental to the climate punishable by law. Only will the damage done be reversed. This will take a very long time to achieve. Better start now, the damage is almost irreversible but there’s still hope things can change if we all work together. Build recycling plants across the country to deal with household and industrial waste and turn it into energy…

  4. @wanna be Kaizer Zulu, you keep on singing how this”billionaire” allegedly stole money. Either arrest him or shut up. At this point the world knows just how much PF hates this man. You are the government. Why is he not behind bars? You think all Zambians are as stupid as the majority of PF cadres and leaders.

  5. Stop all this nonsense! Jobs First. These campaigns won’t work. People need to eat not this rubbish. You have been experiencing loadshedding for way too long. When is the productivity going to go up? You came into government brought loadshedding and you will be going out with loadshedding still around. And you want people to vote for you? Zambia had never experienced this level of loadshedding in its entire history. You have damaged every single thing that used to work. Useless good for nothing *****s.

  6. It’s like only the three provinces which happen to be the bed rock for the Mighty PF are suscipissible to the negative effects of climate change

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