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PF government has helped cut the cost of communication-Kafwaya


Transport and Communication Minister Mutotye Kafwaya says the PF government has managed to lower the cost of communications since assuming power in 2011.

Mr Kafwaya has observed that the overall cost of communication services especially internet and voice charges has recorded a marked reduction.

He said the PF government has invested heavily in the improvement of communication infrastructure across the country which has now started bearing fruit.

Mr Kafwaya was soaking in Lusaka on Friday when he officiated at the launch of a new product by Zamtel called Unlimited Freedom.

“As the government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we hold the view that every Zambian should have access to quality communication services. It is for this reason that we have invested heavily in the last few years in upgrading and rolling out of communication infrastructure even in some of the remotest parts of the country,” Mr Kafwaya said.

“If there is one other sector where His Excellency President Lungu and the PF administration has scored highly besides road construction is the telecommunications sector. The reforms undertaken by the PF government has resulted in overall improvement in sector performance through increased competition and better customer appreciation,” he said.

Mr Kafwaya added, “Pricing for most of the services in the sector have also seen a marked reduction which has translated into major savings for the consumer.”

“The Zambian people should be reminded that not too long ago, you were paying higher prices for voice and data services but due to the visionary leadership of His Excellency President Lungu, my Ministry has implemented broad ranging legislative and regulatory reforms that are now reaping profits.”

Mr Kafwaya said Unlimited Freedom product speaks to the desire by the government to continue creating an enabling environment for individuals and businesses to flourish.

“In a digitally connected environment we are currently living, the desire of huge data cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, the need to make these services affordable and accessible to all becomes even more important. By introducing Freedom Unlimited, Zamtel is responding to the needs of the customer as well as entrenching its position as Zambia’s most affordable provider of world class digital services.”

He continued, “I am reliably informed that with Freedom Unlimited Offers, you talk and browse limitlessly with no restrictions and no worries about data or minutes depletion. This is a revolutionary product and a game changer for the industry. I wish to take this opportunity to encourage other players in the industry to emulate Zamtel and deploy initiatives that places the customer at the centre of their existence.”

Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya chats with Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta during the launch of Unlimited Freedom at Zamtel House on Friday morning
Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya chats with Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta during the launch of Unlimited Freedom at Zamtel House on Friday morning

And Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said Freedom Unlimited creates better value for customers as it puts them firmly in control of their communication needs.

Mr Mupeta said Freedom Unlimited gives customers endless possibilities as they are able to enjoy free calling and browsing without worrying about depleting the purchased bundle.

“This is a segmented time-based customer proposition on voice and mobile data in response to the huge demand for data consumption as more people adopt digital lifestyles,” Mr Mupeta said.

Freedom Unlimited allows mobile customers to enjoy free calling and browsing within the specified subscription duration without limitations of the bundle value they have purchased by subscribing to *422#.


  1. Airtel has in the past month increased pricing on bundles by 20 % , 750 MB reduced to 600 MB for same pricing. If only Zamtel were customer focused, they would capture 70 % of the market.

  2. Should read “The PF government has caused the UD$ to be the most expensive ever and brought the Zambian economy to It’s knees coupled with the highest level of unemployment ever in the history of Zambia”.

  3. That is a lie. The Zambian government increased charges for direct calls from USA such that calling cards became useless. Verizon stopped their $20 for 1000 minutes/per month because they were paying to Zambia connection fees they have never paid anywhere. Please tell me something else. Who pays $2.45 per minute for a call?

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