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CSOs call for one week extension of voter registration


A consortium of civil society organisations has charged that those demeaning the capacity of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to conduct credible 2021 elections and calling for the resignation of ECZ Chairperson Judge Chulu are only playing to the minds of international funders and monitors.

Speaking during a press briefing this morning at Mika Hotel, representative of 7 civil society organisation Ronnie Jere who is also Vice President of Zambians for Unity, Peace and Development (ZUPED) said the Commission must be encouraged to do better in the conduct of elections that being overly criticised.

The seven organisations commended the Commission for registering 5.6 million voters this far but has called for an extension of about one to two weeks for purposes of ensuring that those are still registering complete the process.

The organisations cautioned the ECZ against giving a long extension that they may fail to come up with a final register before March 2021 which must be used to nominations in May 2021.

The institutions defended the position for a short extension saying the ECZ ought to upload the data, clean it up before registered voters can verify their details in readiness for the printing of the register next year.

The CSOs also said those calling for Judge Chulu to resigns are purely doing it as a continuous song which was started by the United Party for National Development after they failed attempts to assume power.

The organisations included the Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Platform (ZIGCLAP), Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Common Grounds Network and the University of Zambia students Union among others.


  1. The PF organisations masquerading as CSOs only represent the desires of an individual. No one except them believed that ECZ was going to manage to register 9million voters in 30 days. What has happened in these 30 days is a shame and only achieved through the sacrifice of many Zambians who have had to go and register at night and after waiting in queues for hours. My commendation is to the citizens. We need an extension of at least 30 days.

    • In all my life as a registered voter in zambia, there has never been any need for people to register or verify their registration details at night, never. That’s a clear indication of poor planning/incompetence. Past directors and chairpersons of ECZ can bear witness to this claim I’m making.

  2. I say three weeks because the system allows voters to double-check accuracy of the capture of their particulars on the spot. It’s just that the ECZ is led by those who see no need to be trusted by all stakeholders. A public officer who’s fit for purpose wants to be trusted by all stakeholders. Where such trust lacks, they seek to establish it because they know that without it it’s impossible to be effective in the job. The ECZ has a full-time public face capable of doing the above if they were not appointed to merely perform damage-limitation exercises.

  3. These civil organisations are just mouth piece of PF. How can they suggest such a short extension period because ECZ will have to go back to registeration centres. It will be like starting all.over again. Voter registration is a very important exercise and people should not justify the inefficies of ECZ. Instead of encoraging ECZ to up its game they are doing the opposite. Lets not forget that Lufumo talutasha, those running these NGO’s should not be practising benefits of the stomach. Zambia first not individuals first.

  4. We as government do not get involved in such decisions and don’t have any powers to that effect . The ecz is independent and is mandated to decide such issues.

    However in my personal view it seems very unrealistic to expect to register each and every voter. Not even in the western democracies does that happen. There is a reason for deadlines. We cannot keep kicking the can down the road. Extension or not everyone knows that pf has already won.infact I am even preparing the president’s victory speech

  5. Why’s no one asking why their machines are breaking dwn although they are supposed to be new? Don’t the ECZ owe would-be voters an apology? No one should speak for or defend the ECZ. Let them speak for themselves.

  6. Please I dont respond to childish impostors moreover I dont recognise it so why does it feel the need to respond to my comments! #N£z

  7. Tarino you don’t need to respond. The fact is that you have read my post and it has made you feel s certain way. That is enough for me.

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