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Government Commissions Khuyu Health Post in Chasefu


Government has commissioned Khuyu Health Post in Chasefu District of Eastern Province.

District Administrative Officer Diana Lupiya yesterday commissioned the health centre and two staff houses built by the Islamic Welfare Trust at a cost of K500 000.

Ms Lupiya praised the Islamic Welfare Trust of Zambia for supplementing government effort in taking health services closer to the people.

And speaking during the handover of the facility to government, Islamic Welfare Trust Board Chairperson, Jabir Bux, pledged to continue promoting health and wellbeing of the people.

Mr Bux said the trust will continue to play an essential role in promoting universal health coverage to Zambians and remain a symbol of friendship with the government.

Mr Bux, who was represented by the Out Station Inspector, Musa Elijah Kabinda, said such programmes are part of initiatives to grow the trust’s partnership with Government.

“For Zambia to continue to achieve further development in sustainable manner, the strengthening of the health sector is important among other sectors,” he said.

In receiving the facility, Acting District Health Director, Davy Kamanga commended Islamic Welfare Trust for the gesture which he said will reduce maternal mortality rate in the area.

Mr Kamanga has since assured partners and Khuyu community members that the ministry will within a month deploy health staff to the facility and open it to the public when all logistics have been put in place.

And Chasefu Area Member of Parliament Gerald Zimba who spoke through the Council Chairperson, Chimwemwe Banda, has pledged to donate five mattresses to the facility and urged residents to guard it against theft and vandals.

Earlier, Khuyu community works Chairperson Tambulani Mshlanga said the health post has come as a relief as people in the area used to walk 25km to access health services at a nearby Mnyukwa health post.


  1. Poor reading culture, the article clearly states that the Islamic council built that clinic and cadres want their party to get the praise no wonder Americans, Indians and others are putting their names next to their projects to prevent PF from claiming them as theirs. We should be thanking the Indians

  2. This is a solidly build Health Post not those cheap 650 prefabricated box buildings we are being ripped off via an Indian EXIM BANK loan like that hideous contraption in Lusaka called a flyover bridge which was estimated to cost $260 million but was build at a quarter of the price so this thieving regime could pocket the difference.

  3. The rhetoric of development in Chasefu District on account of a simple building as Khuyu health post is disgraceful to PF government. For those who are not familiar with Chasefu district. Chasefu district is between Lundazi and Chama district. This is an area where recently vice president visited by a chopper as the road going to Chama is impassable by a VIP car. This area is the most undeveloped in Lundazi partly because they did not vote for PF during Michael Sata rule. As a punishment, he said would never have a tar mark road. Evidence is there for anyone to see.
    Khuyu health post in Chasefu has been built by Islamic centre and not PF government. PF government has never brought any development in Lundazi. The Lundazi bridge on which several lives was lost a year a go remains destroyed…

  4. . No wonder, president Lungu and his vice do not drive to Lundazi by road. A local business (probably Islamic) offered to repair the bridge PF government refused to be repaired for reasons un known to the general public. So, PF government can not talk about development in Lundazi and will have to rig elections results of 2021 as they did in 2016 through judge Esau Chulu. I urge the people of Lundazi to be on guard with their conscious as they fail to note any development by PF regime.

  5. well done islamic trust and mr Jabbir bux..
    you are indeed an example of what the locals can do to help zambians where Pf has failed…

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