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HH warned and cautioned

General News HH warned and cautioned

Police in Lusaka have warned and cautioned the UPND leader, Mr Hakainde Hichilema for the offence of Conspiracy to defraud contrary to section 313 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that Mr Hichilema who introduced himself as a community worker based in Lusaka whilst acting together with other unknown persons, fraudulently purchased a property, Sub-division “A” of farm number 1924 in Kalomo district belonging to the late Samson Siatembo, purporting that at the time of purchase, the Administrator of the property in question consented to the sale by appending her signature when infact not.

This is alleged to have occurred at unknown date in 2004.


  1. When your life is questionable don’t dream of plot one because you will always open a tin of worms.The high office demands integrity. Africa will only change once we adopt people with a clean record otherwise there will be no change but the same kind of politicians who care about there plight than the common man.

    • Edgar Lungu stole a widows entitlement to which judgement was “guilty” however this seemingly has not affected the horde of supporters who to this very day are “working hard” that he continues in office at whatever cost! I guess everyone has skeletons in their closet but its how they get fished out and who fishes them out and why! Let theory or utopia never cross one’s mind as regards integrity of those that join politics for leadership!

  2. What does Lungu and Mnangagwa have in common?
    Strangely conferred with honorary doctorate degrees in law by the University of Zambia (UNZA) for, among other things, their exceptional leadership and upholding the rule of law. Meanwhile their legitimacy remains questionable and continues to brew instability in the region.
    Two years after soldiers and police gunned down civilians in the immediate aftermath of the 2018 general election, the ZANUPF government has continued brutalising citizens while ironically claiming it is fulfilling recommendations of a commission of inquiry into the horrific killings.
    The commission, chaired by former South African president Kgalema Motlanthe, among other recommendations, urged the government to desist from deploying the military in quelling dissent…

  3. Is that it ????

    Is this case not before the courts ??

    Why did the police not say what the callout was for ???,

    why alarm his supporters who rightfully suspected a bogus PF plot ??

    Lungu and his PF police are not trusted ,
    Seeing the dangerous mood the country is in , me thinks this charge was just a backup excuse.

    What ever they intended for HH has been dropped at the last minute due to the highly charged atmosphere

  4. Zambia, we have a very serious task ahead of us now, TO CHOOSE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. Unknown date in 2004 and today it’s 2020, we will be seeing campaigns soon leaders selling themselves to the people, sure is this the right time for finding out who bought land in 1964? People are waiting to hear who the gasser was, who will be the next president of Zambia, we need to pray to God Almighty for guidance. Amen. The police right now have a huge task to mobilize it’s personnel and make a road map for the task ahead in 2021. This issue of wanting to know which manager in Shangombo signed on a cheque in 1986 when Meridian Bio Bank was in operation, should come to an end and focus on tasks ahead that is development. FORWARD is development. God be with us in these trying moments.

  5. How does one fraudulently purchase a property if their is a willingness to sell on the part of the owner of the property.

    • One is left wondering at the levels of intellegence.
      Why didn,t the State consolidate they evidence.
      Two lives have been lost on what at the most can be treated as hearsay

  6. Crime is all over in the compounds and Police are busy with HH as directed by politicians, very sad for such a country. You must be too dall not to see what is going.

  7. Some idyots here are deliberately pretending to forget the history of someone they have as a leader who stole money for a client and has had his practicing licence suspended, (records are in public domain). So what integrity are you talking about here and even making comparison with mere politically cooked allegations? In fact, the earlier, the courts started citing lawless police officers who carry out illegal instructions that border on contempt of court as is in the case, the better the idiocy can be eradicated from this country,

  8. Moses Mumba I have not supported the shorting ….I am not supporting their reaction either. But leaders from both sides should take responsibility… If HH has told his cadres not to go with him they would have listened …because we can’t pretend that HH didn’t not hear the police command say cadres should not be there, can we?? and even the time Chilufya went to the courts with cadres I still condemned that because it was Chilufya who had a case at the courts and not the cadres.

    Let’s learn to hold leaders from all sides accountable on how they handle situations..

    • Aaron Ngoma A lot of people world over are facing charges or serving jail time due to crimes they committed years back…Sex offenders,murderers,fraudsters and many more.So what makes you think HH should be spared? If you can still talk about President Lungu defrauding money off his client years back or being a drunkard.

  9. Kanganja Iam a Zambian national who still loves my country but hates the foolishness happening in my mother country.Iam neither a supporter of PF or UPND but wants to see a better Zambia because it is my country and I hate you people who want to paint it black for foolish politicians who wouldn’t even risk there lives but engage 7 lawyers to escort them without protecting you

  10. Instead of sorting out the kwacha to the dollar which they messed up as they found it at a very decent rate at K6 to a dollar, they are busy sorting out HH and killing innocent citizens. How do you depreciate a currency at 52% in a single year and still want to lead. Other countries also have had covid 19 but none has seen any depreciation in their currencies like Zambias. Leadership matters country men

  11. Sitali Simui

    The PF had cooked up a more bogus charge that would have kept HH locked up until the new year had his supporters not mobilized…..

    Why did the police not state that this callout was for that farm ??? That would have diffused the situation….

    But because they had more sinister charges to lock up HH until the new year , they did not state the nature of the callout.

    Only the highly charged atmosphere made them use this usless charge.

  12. As long as Police caderism continues and Police continue playing politics, this will be difficult to control. Peace is not the absence of war

  13. How come the issue of privatization never came up? At every campaign lungu talks about privatization stealing. In the question they are zeeee.
    Us we want him jailed for stealing from people, as pf claims. Not a ka libala.

  14. No wonder I will never believe a man with a mouth formation that has such a cunning semblence to a female genetalia! That is Lungu for you. Suffice to say he must know that such treachery, such wickedness, such abuse of the judicial system is much like the doctrine of chickens coming back home to roost! What Lungu is doing is what led to the brutal decapidation of João Bernardo “Nino” Vieira of Bissau-Guinean on 2 March 2009 Samuel Kanyon Doe of Liberia on 9 September 1990 and indeed Muammar Gaddafi who was caught like a “rat” in a drain, beated, shoved in the backside, humiliated and shot dead on 20 October 2011. Lungu must beware, his time too is coming soon, enough of his brutal humiliation of Zambians is enough. The dice is cast, the PF and Lungu have “crossed the Rubicon!”

  15. This farm was bought by HH in 2004 which is 16 years ago. HH has developed this Farm so if the Original Owners regain ownership of this Farm they will have to compensate HH for the Farm at a current market Price plus superstructure devts. Do they have the Money to repurchase this farm at current market price? The former owners of this Farm have politicised the Farm Acquisition. Let the High Court resolve the Case.

  16. Enock Silungwe a lead prosecutor in charge of investigations in HH’s forgery case is shot dead in unexplained circumstances and you want to come here and shade crocodile tears… Bakolongwe ….shame on you .
    I repeat HH moves with blood on his hands… If this is how you want power…it won’t come ..mwanya …. Bukuba maswe

  17. Sitali Simui if you told your wife for example man to meet you secretly somewhere and your wife comes with children, would you happen to divorce your wife?
    Learn to analyze the situation before you give in your tone my brother.
    Are you sure with the kind of politics we have in Zambia HH can go without cadres?
    The rule of guns is very clear man, you are allowed to shoot only if there is gun exchange.
    You don’t shoot anyhow.
    Don’t blame HH for what has happened.

  18. Using what brain when they have lamentably failed to investigate and find owners of 48 houses with tenants who pay rentals ?

  19. They started with HH sold the mines, bought a house from lima bank, sun hotel, bill 10, etc. Now they are shifting to a kalomo farm. What type of desperation is this. Lungu is just a fool.

  20. Bernard Mumba have you read anywhere where I have blamed anyone for solidarity. Don’t comment on conversations you can’t follow.
    Read my responses from start then keep quite

  21. And this is what both parties are doing splitting our lovely nation. Gents only solution is stand as one get in the right people to do the job and no two Individuals causing harm to our peaceful nation. I LOVE Zambia and I feel ashamed to see my fellow brothers and sisters go at it over two people who will probably never even try to care or know you people . Remember you have he power to rule the nation Vote wisely and not for what you think is best

  22. Everyone on this page are behaving like Caders arguing over an individual instead of giving the deceased the respect they deserve am sure HH or Lungu wont even compensate they families. That’s what we need to stand for

  23. After destroying the economy, what is remaining now is just targeting an opposition leader they fear like ten devils. Frightened little men

  24. Let the law follow its course. Hh is innocent until proven guilty. If there’s a complaint against him, let him prove his innocence in a Court of Law so he can shame his purported “persecuters”. Getting emotional, partsan and tribalistic has already costed 2 Zambian lives, let’s not sacrifice more.

  25. fwe bena zambia tuli fi***ba kana if you are not say no! but 2021 you will see.
    When Dr Chitalu was escorted to court was any live ammunition used to scatter his supporters? ………….but hh why? Dad Mr. lungu your people want to blackmail your name talk to your people before August please waint to vote in peace not in violence like this twakana twapapa. for all this years i have never heard such nonsense like this ababonse batekapo tatwatala atunfwapo any story about him.

  26. So, if he didn’t introduce himself as a community worker he may have failed to buy?
    Was he not from Lusaka?
    Did he change his name in the process of transacting?
    Is there proof that he said he is a community worker?
    What is the definition of Community Worker?

  27. Always frequenting jail, courts and police.
    Signs of a trouble maker.
    Nothing would come out’a such a kid.
    Extremely spoiled spooky child with mashabe.
    He should not go to plot 1.

  28. This Case is already b4 the High Court so why is ZPS interfering in the matter on behalf of the Complainant? This is very simple. If the Complainant can prove in Court that HH fraudulently bought the Farm in 2004 then the Court will order the return of this farm to the Complainant. The Complainant will have to payback to HH the purchase price plus Farm Devts over 16 years. Does the Complainant have the money to buyback the Farm? We doubt it. The Complainant is being used as a Political weopon to fight HH with 2021 Elections in mind. We know that the Powers that be don’t want HH on the Ballot Paper. This warned and cautioned Statement is Politically motivated.

  29. Donny Mutemba here comes another one talking solidarity… Who has said solidarity is bad? Who has said solidarity should not be given? Who has said the shooting of innocent lives was good?? Who has said the shooter was right??
    Can people sober up and face reality as it is.
    Shooting of innocent lives cannot be tolerated anywhere… From the very beginning I pointed out that this issue is about leadership from both sides to take responsibility and be accountable. The challenge is because you support one side that is convenient to you people don’t want to hear that they could have been wrong also. When you are given guidelines on how you should proceed on something it’s important to adhere otherwise the worst may happen just like it did yesterday which is very unfortunate. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that someone must be held accountable on the part of the police command…
    But as always is usual the case… someone would rather insult than read to get the point.
    What has happened is bad and no one would ever support that.

    So keep insulting…but insults won’t solve the situation.

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