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Zambia will in February 2021 receive the first vaccine against Covid-19

Health Zambia will in February 2021 receive the first vaccine against Covid-19

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has said that Zambia will in February 2021 receive the first vaccine against Covid-19.

Speaking today during a media briefing today, Dr. Chilufya said that the vaccines are under COVAX facility following the country’s successful application and admission.

The COVAX Facility, is a global initiative that brings together governments and manufacturers to ensure eventual COVID-19 vaccines reach those in greatest need, whoever they are and wherever they live.

Dr. Chilufya noted that the vaccine against covid-19 is critical in the fight against the disease and that his ministry will indicate with time on how the sequencing will be done in the administering of the serum.

The Minister also said that the new trend in covid-19 is affecting not only the elderly but also the young, with many young lives being lost to the disease.

During the briefing, Dr Chilufya also said that 100 districts have recorded Covid-19 and that Zambia has recorded 241 COVID-19 positive cases in the last 24 hours from over 6 000 tests conducted, 1 death, and 79 recoveries.

Dr. Chilufya said 36 patients are currently admitted in health facilities of which 18 are on oxygen therapy while 2 of them are in a critical condition.

He also revealed that there are also two expectant women who are admitted due to COVID-19, further stating that health personnel are closely monitoring them.

And Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Victor Mukonka said the increase in covid-19 cases is because most people are not adhering to the regulations.

Speaking at the same briefing, Director for Infectious Diseases Lloyd Mulenga said the country has again started to record severe covid-19 cases.


  1. These two should be given the vaccine first and then the rest of the cabinet. The rest of the country should watch and observe the transformation into aliens ready to go to Mars.

  2. We need a vaccine against poverty and lawlessness. Covid will dissapear but our people shall still continue to suffer under the same bad conditions of living.

  3. There is nothing good about PF. They have brought untold misery and suffering among the Zambian people. Vote for them at your own peril….!!

  4. Thanks Diasporans for thinking of us. We hope 2921 will be a good year health wise. We as government want our people healthy and prosperous.

  5. Zambia do not need those vaccines there is no coronavirus pandemic in Zambia compared to the nations outside of Africa as for me I would that more attention be on to more pressing sicknesses to attend to
    Malaria has always been problematic to the African continent and no one from outside the continent has been so concerned about it

  6. The reporting is pathetic. Zambia will receive the first vaccine against Covid-19? What vaccine is this? The world has about five vaccines. Which one of them is the first vaccine. I’m sure the reporter could n’t understand what was being announced. Kusendapofye ubwafufu

  7. I know a very useless vaccine will be sent to Africa just like AIDS medicines full of side effects. I will not receive it … I am fine.

  8. Ati,Zambia has recorded 241 covid cases,recoveries 91,deaths 1.
    Pathetic there is NO covid in Zambia. Keep eating the donor funds and you will be held accountable with your colleagues.

  9. Vaccinate yourselves.You are the ones who really knows about coronavirus.To the common ordinary people coronavirus is a way of pf’s seeking of international sympathy for grounding the country and economy 8 years before this purpoted pandemic joined the queue as reasons for our dead economy.

  10. This vaccine is deadly. There are more HIDDEN AGENDAS behind it than we will ever know. Let’s do a “SAY NO TO THE COVID-19 VACCINE” campaign!

  11. SAY NO TO THE COVID-19 VACCINE… There’s a hidden agenda behind it. You can see it in the eyes of Bill Gates. Our country officials are money hungry. They can’t see anything beyond what could be pocketed.

    Let’s raise this awareness on this matter. Join us ladies and gentlemen in this CAMPAIGN.

  12. Why? There’s no COVID-19 or coronavirus in Africa. We are safe. Why vaccinate us?
    Keep the vaccines around and about yourselves i.e. ministers. You’re the ones who got it. Other sick people were dancing after you quarantined them!

  13. The rest flu vaccine in The USA because their kind of flu is deadly. Good for them. We don’t have flu vaccine in Zambia. Good for us!

    We have the mandatory BCG vaccine at birth. YEAH!! We acknowledge that TB is real in our midst.
    Let them do their COVID there and not include us.

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