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President Lungu must awaken and swiftly address Police Brutality-Felix Mutati


By Felix Mutati

As the Movement for Democratic Change MDC, we are disheartened and horrified at incident that happened yesterday and resulted in the killing of two innocent lives, leaving children without a father and wives without a husband.

This unprofessional conduct by the police against the citizens it is supposed to protect can no longer be tolerated or ignored and must be condemned as it is contrary to not only their professional training but over and above the tenets of democracy and our Zambian Constitution.

This year alone, there’s been repeated incidences in which innocent lives have been lost and the police have at best denied involvement or at worst relegated the public to now a common statement of “it was a stray bullet and we are carrying out investigations” which are never concluded. As a party we fear what might happen if this unprofessional conduct is not dealt with in the run up to 12th August 2021 elections and call apon the President through the Police Command to take responsibility and actions for these criminal killings, Justice must be seen!

It should also be noted that it is not the role of government and in this particular case, the Minister of Home of Affairs to issue warnings to political leaders who are ordinary citizens of this country when they are summoned to appear before the police, this action is both unusual and irregular as it creates excitement in the minds of unprofessional police officers who now feel the urgent need to impress government officials at the expense of maintaining law and order.

We demand that ministers should stick to their duties which are clearly outlined in the constitution of Zambia and allow the Police service do their Job without interference.
Lastly we have noted the urgent need for our Police Inspector General Mr Kakoma Kanganja together with the entire police service staff to take a refresher course to remind them what exactly their role is in the governing system of this country, in order to avoid and put an end to this senseless and criminal killing of innocent citizens of this country and we hope this particular need will be met.

Today’s reality is sadly clear, the protector is now the aggressor.

May the souls of Nsama Nsama And Joseph Kaunda rest in perfect peace


  1. Very well put honorable Mutati. The Minister instigating police to be this brutal is very sad. But the minister knows that by next week, all this will have died down, that is how Zambia operates, and worse still the IG will still maintain his job, the one who fired the bullet won’t even be brought to book, unfortunately that is Zambia today

  2. Can some serious NGO atleast use the funding they get to have the Police prosecuted for all the executions that have happened at the hands of Police in Zambia. Imagine young grade 8 Frank Mugala shot dead for just going to school, culprit still at large, even for Vespers nobody has been arrested for such a heinous crime, and tomorrow our politicians will be in churches making donations as if all is well

  3. Every officer who was on duty in the shooting area on that fateful day should be rounded up by now, including the politician who caused uncesseray police excitement

  4. I hear you honorable Mutati but the same President has failed to stop Cadre violence in his own party, how can he stop police brutality

  5. Haven’t they just stepped up from one to killing two per incidence. Next time they may increase to 3, 4 , 5, 100, 2000 and then 17 million including themselves. The only remedy for government is parading the culprit in public and this may die out.

  6. Thank you Mr. Mutati. I think the problem goes beyond the police. We need a different person to run the country. Only during Lungu’s presidency has this type of behavior become normal or routine occurrence. If it is not police then it’s PF carders doing horrible things. We are all Zambians and no one should be killing the other.

  7. Time will catch up with these cold blooded murderers. They should all be pursued after August 2021. And let’s not forget the gassing that led to so many Zambians (some of them innocent) being lynched. If issues of privatization that occurred over 3 decades ago can be resurrected, why should we turn a blind eye to the killings of 2020. Zambia should make an example of these diabolical leaders so that tomorrow we can shout in unison NEVER AGAIN!

  8. The trees kept on cheering on the ax while the forest was being decimated, just because its handle was made out of wood………….. Wow

  9. The trees kept on cheering on the ax while the forest was being decimated, just because its handle was made out of wood

  10. The trees kept on cheering on the ax while the forest was being decimated, just because its handle was made out of wood wow

  11. Can’t be put any better though,
    let us also remind ourselves that police need to be respected. When they say no rally, it’s no raIly.
    When police summons you Mutati, its okay to go with 2 or 3 people not multitudes.
    Whilst we mourn those who lost their lives, let’s not turn our eyes away from the orders police give us. Its for our own good. Remember also Mutati that it is a reality in this modern Zambia that amongst political cadres, in the opposition, are firearms.
    In a civilized world like here, you needed to comment like this after investigation were concluded.
    The deviousness amount some opposition political groupings in Zambia is appalling. Did police fire the killing shots? How certain are you that it was police. Loss of life is always emotional and sad and life is sacred…

    • This summon turned political immediately it turned out that it was in connection cases on pf surrogate tayali had reported to police, remember he was bragging and poking jokes on upnd followers that they should look for another candidate according to him he is hell driven to ensure that HH is not on the ballot, and you expected upnd member to be ndwiiii and just watch.

  12. If they can be killing us while they are not in Government, what if they accidentally formed Government?

    God forbids.

    We shall not have a careless rogue disgruntled grouping of dead goons given a chance to rule over us. Its horrendous.
    May lightening strike all lawless goons in the upndead.
    He is an egregious menace to innocent souls.
    Come 2021 come and condemn h² to an abysmal ditch, a place where he can not cause trouble to the innocent souls.

  13. Hichilema’s wife and kids are still alive and safely at home. Unfortunately no one is seeing anything wrong with that. I am alive because I am not used by politicians for dirty work.

  14. This Thorn in the Flesh
     December 26, 2020 At 9:05 am

    “If they can be killing us while they are not in Government, what if they accidentally formed Governmen….”

    Sorry badala , Zambians can see who is doing the killings , there are videos showing who is pointing guns ….

    Lungu holds the record of haveing the most political murders under his watch without a single conviction…..

  15. Lungu needs and feeds off this violence……

    With out police and PF cader violence , Lungu and his PF are doomed, gonners.

  16. Everything appears to have been casualized in Zambia. No decorum is observed. It appears those rough lessons from the streets are filling out policy direction. It is as if the knocks and crass our leaders felt before taking power is now in full display. This is a warning to those who think loud mouths and mediocre politicians make for good leadership.

  17. You couldn’t have said it better, Thorn. Everyone is going ballistic against ZP, but no one wants to acknowledge that those cadres shouldn’t have been there in the first place. It’s good to respect ZP as they do their work which is not an easy task. Upnd have positioned themselves as a revolutionary party trying to free people from an oppressive regime that gained power illegally. But reality shows Zambians hardly trust their devious and slanderous schemes. You gain power at the ballot in Zambia and upnds chances look ever evasive. On social media, ka bally is head of state, as recent by-elections in Northern and Luapula showed, he’s just another crook trying to deceive his way into plot 1!!

    • Lets just understand that we will have fu0ls like Zambian Citizen, what this f0ol is suggesting is that people found in wrong places must be shot dead, very archaic thinking. In the first place the people who were shot did not even stray into a barrack or a sensitive area to warrant death. In any society, you will find complete danda heads like Zambian citizen but lets not accept them please.

    • Stone age thinking, this is a straight forward case. There is no law in Zambia which outlaws going to give solidarity to a leader. So please wake up

    • when the Police find the chap who pulled the trigger I suggest even this wasted he goat called Zambian citizen must be picked

  18. Politicians are Killers…politicians can organize to harm themselves just to discredit others…remember Munangangwa bombed himself just a few days before elections just to gain sympathy votes and discredit the opposition….and it worked in his favor….wake up…expect alot of such dirty tricks as we approach elections day….both UPND and PF will be playing games and sacrificing people’s lives… that’s how desperate they both are

  19. Politicians..full of fake sympathy and yet they’ve always been part of the problem…pretending like they care but once they’re in office they become Mwankoles…remember Lungu campaigned as being the humble one…now he is refusing to leave office and the humble one is ready to kill…

  20. When long time ago Kambwili said the maturity of the minister leaved much to be desired, as Zambians we did not take him seriously, the results are now here for all of us to see, needless loss of life

  21. What is it called again? Police Brutality, Police Force or Police Service? I guess the first two best describe this kind of professionalism. Why using live ammunition in the first place?
    Shame on whoever fired the shots!!!!

  22. You are right 100%.No action will be taken,no compensation given,facts will be twisted,IG and Kampyongo still have their jobs,Lusambo will be more PF than the people he found, business as usual.The families will of the deceased alone will be in pain and suffering.

  23. Look at PF cadres trying to confuse issues by insisting on blaming those who went to court. Going to court to show solidarity for a leader does not in itself warrant a death sentence without trial, especially if people are peaceful – as the video evidence so far shows. By the way, what about the other cold blooded killings by the Police – who can we blame for them? Why has Lungu never even offered condolences for those let alone allowed a proper investigation and punished the trigger happy Police murderers or their bosses? The only reason he is pretending to act now is not because he cares about the lost lives or Zambians horror, its because the Americans and British foreign dignitaries were quick to condemn the Police and he needs the IMF money. President Lungu can put an end to…

  24. President Lungu can put an end to political violence and Police militia killings today if he wanted to but he won’t because it serves his purpose. Keep making excuses for him based on your political preference and see the country slide into violence and chaos. Remember – that Lawyer was not a UPND member but that didn’t save him. We are all in this together. Rather champion accountability, respect for the rule of law and constitutionally protected freedoms. Demand transparent, prosecution of those engaged in corruption, violence and murder – irrespective of their political affiliations. This way we all win.

  25. This Thorn in the Flesh….
    Needless to remind you that the freedoms are enshrined in the constitution. It is a peaceful assembly and just like the ruling party members any time give support and demonstrate, so should any citizen. It is called democracy.
    If you had said they were riotous, then the police ordered them to stop and didn’t, there you may have a point of respecting the men in uniform.
    The respect they will get is when they stop cadres from making drivers at bus stop in chunga in particular stop, bring to book those that steal from the people, investigate and summon those that get money and do use it for the intended purpose under covid, arrest gassers, summon politicians creating violence and defend themselves from cadres beating them in their own offices. They will have…

  26. The ignorance being exhibited here is very strange, somebody says those caders must not have been there,in a democracy the cadres had the right to be anywhere were they would like to be. please note that we moved from stone age to iron age to computer age and now in digital age, and that kind of thinking must have remained way back in 1991. A cadre has absolute right to be anywhere they so wish, they are perfectly supported by the constitution.

  27. 50 people died in the gassing saga and nothing conclusive from the police has come out to date. People lost millions worth of property in the gutting down of markets that were used as a ploy to justify the unreasonable purchase of the fire trucks. Then we a school boy shot dead, vespers gassed to death, and now the recent two. Ofcourse we don’t forget the NDC youth chairman who was assaulted to death and kadafi the UPND sympathizer killed in mumbwa. Who will forget mapenzi as well. It’s all written and now the ritual killings saga which will not bear any fruit looking at the testimonies in court. Who is to blame for all this? The PF government is to blame indeed.

  28. When a government turns guns on its own peaceful citizens and sheds blood, that is the end, regardless of how powerful it is. British colonial rule ended because they could no longer govern by consent but by the bullet. UNIP rule ended when KK could no longer govern without killing and disappearing people. Lungu’s PF has chalked the date of its exit with blood on the calendar. God destroyed the world with flood because of violence. After that He declared that the one who sheds innocent blood will not be guiltless. Lungu you have a chance to redeem yourself- FIRE KANGANJA.

  29. This equation here is not balancing. The downside to whatever happened and whatever the report is going to say, the question will still be why was live ammunition used. Why did these dall cops not disable the guy so that if there was an issue he would appear in court. As long as there is live ammunition involved, a guy at Police headoffice and one at Ministry of Home Affairs must tender in their resignation.

  30. These Police Officers who are killing others, how would themselves surely feel if these bullets were pumped into them, This is sad and cant continue, and this is not the first time, and remember there is never any action from the President

  31. No doubt the incident was unfortunate. It must be condemned. And at the same time, we need to give a serious thought to why did it happen, how did it happen. How Nsama Nsama, the state prosecutor who was no way near the conflict site was shot? I read that Hakainde Hichilema said, those bullets were shot by snipers. How can he be so sure? Is he ballistic or forensic expert? Why don’t these questions come to your mind?

  32. Police conduct was the most professional. It was UPND cadre that provoked and compelled police to use force. Despite so much provocation, police only fired tear gas shells. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep calm when thousands of unruly political workers are abusing and provoking you! Yet the police exhibited utmost restrain.

  33. Mr Felix Mutati, I have simple questions. See, if you can answer. Any killing has a motive and a beneficiary. What could be the motive for police to kill a state prosecutor? Who would benefit in the death? If you ponder over these questions, everything will be clear.

  34. You seem to be very concerned about the violence. But not ready to think rationally. It is not the time for politics. This is the time we thought about our nation, our motherland. This is the time to rise above politics. This is the time to accept that UPND is out to break the nation into pieces. This is the time to unite for the nation. Don’t you think so?

  35. Would you justify mobilizing so many people to gather at Lusaka when HH was going for interview? What was the need? What was he trying to show? Was that really necessary? He could have gone there with four-five persons, recorded the statement and come back. Nothing would have happened. But he knew that he can’t escape the clutches of law. Hence the violence to pressurise police and government.

  36. What Mutati says is the reason why Kampyongo and Lusambo must be charged. Which constitution gives them authority to issue threats to fellow citizens? They are citizens just like all of us and should know that their job responsibilities do not include threatening innocent Zambians. Police are not there to carry out Kampyongo’s orders

  37. @Sammy it’s not true that Any killing has a motive and a beneficiary. A murder yes but people die in road accidents and that’s why homicide is broader than a killing

  38. On the contrary, Mr Mutati, the Opposition needs a refresher course on how to look at the happenings and how to react to them. The unfortunate incident happened at Lusaka can’t be the matter of petty politics. Two people have lost lives! At least, show some maturity sir, if you don’t have courage to speak against Hakainde Hichilema.

  39. Sir, a simple question. Do you support what Hakainde Hichilema did? Was it a right thing to mobilize thousands of cadres and provoke the violence? What hell would have broken lose had he gone for questioning only with his lawyer?

  40. Hypocrisy of PF regime has killed many innocent Zambians, now PF government has killed Nsama Nsama Chipyoka “Wakayele”, killed Josephy Kaunda “Wakayele”. The killer regime has to be voted out by Zambians
    You may hate us and others, you remain killers of innocent Zambians and their blood is on your hands – Kampyongo, Kanganja, and ultimately president Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  41. It was all planned by Hakainde Hichilema and UPND. We need to read between the lines, understand the chronology. When police issued summons, UPND and some media houses launch a campaign in solidarity with Hakainde Hichilema. People are mobilized to gather at Police headquarters in large numbers. One UPND cadre in a social media post shares phone numbers of international media houses, ‘in case police stop’ the supporters from reaching Lusaka. Hakainde Hichilema posts a video where a passerby ‘accidentally’ shoots the police pointing gun at his lawyer! Do you think the whole country is dull?

  42. No sir, government is not at fault. It is the sinister plan of HH and his gang to destabilize Zambia. He is worried about his own future, rather than the country.

  43. Mundia Lubinda

    What of all the other political murders ?
    Was that UPND planning as well ,???

    Hehehehe , you can laugh at some people’s reasoning.

    These two deaths are not the first ,

    Including the gassing deaths , the number of deaths under political circumstances under lungus rule is towards 100.

  44. Police have no single right to shoot dead anybody. The deceased was neither riotous nor armed, I am a retired cop myself and I can tell you that from the geneva convention which some of you ignorant chaps have never heard about, you can’t shoot dead an un armed person, the most you can do is to maim

  45. Please danda heads, this is not a partisan issue, this is a professional issue. You can’t shoot an un armed man please. These are the basics at Lilayi training school. Whether HH is wrong or right, you don’t shoot his non riotous caders dead under any circumstances, arrest and take to court, simple basic

  46. It’s just normal and natural world over that there would be solidarity for a leader at any function or summon, you need to start convincing your brains slowly that there is absolutely no offence here. You need to start slowly training your brains, especially for slow learners, that to accompany your leader for solidarity is never an offence any where in the world including Zambia. Stop blaming HH or UPND for a clearly non existent offence

  47. Merry Christmas and happy boxing day my brothers mothers fathers and sisters. Let us take a break from politics at least once a year. It is time to spend with our loved ones especially after the year we have had. I am wishing you all a blessed Christmas.

    Kaizar and family

  48. Sammy 
    December 26, 2020 At 1:50 pm

    “.Mr Felix Mutati, I have simple questions. See, if you can answer. Any killing has a motive and a beneficiary. What could be the motive for police to kill a state prosecutor? Who would benefit in the death? If you ponder over these questions, everything will be clear.”

    The murder of the state prosecuter was not meant to be , those bullets were meant for UPND caders …..just things did not go as planned for PF. Had 2 UPND caders got killed , HH would have been blamed 100%.

    Karma always exposes wrong doing….

  49. Bas.tards @Zambian Citizen and @Thorn in the ‘People should not have been there in the first place’ they purport to argue. Useless inhumane diatribes. They were unarmed and not a threat to anyone. Even a toddler knows this senseless wanton killing is from a desperate clueless regime using it’s purchased Police to remain in power.

  50. Every one has a right to give support to whoever they want.
    In any case, why is it that PF supporters are never told not to demonstrate?
    Demonstration is a human right enshrined in the constitution.
    Kaizer, I know you have no heart. But I never thought that you would be so heartless. How dare you say such when two families have just lost their dear ones! Do you really think the families can have a good time under the circumstances?

  51. It is not in Lungus best interest to condemn the violence and killings by komboni kaponya vikopo PF cadres. He is the architect.

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