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I’ll not rush to announce my intentions to contest the Kabwata parliamentary seat-Lubinda


Incumbent member of Parliament for Kabwata constituency Given Lubinda has said that he will not rush to announce his intentions to contest the Kabwata parliamentary seat because he is already favored.

Mr Lubinda said unlike other aspirants who rush to dish out money and party materials, he analyses the situation before making his intentions known.

He was reacting to the decision by the PF Kabwata constituency committee to announce Lusaka businessman Daniel Yenga as an aspirant for the parliamentary seat.

“I am only going to announce my intention over Kabwata seat when the right time comes after consulting with the party,” Mr Lubinda said in an interview.

Mr Lubinda said as a senior politician he must first wait and see before making his decision known and that when the party considers everything that is when he will make a decision and announce.

He said that no one has been adopted in Kabwata but that the constituency committee are advising all people with intentions to stand to avail themselves.

Mr Lubinda stated that there is no provision in the constitution that a parliamentary candidate can be adopted by the constituency committee. He said unlike others, he is not excited over candidature as he has won elections many times. Mr Lubinda disclosed that he will consult the party after seeing the total picture, in other constituencies because he is not individualist.

“Can you imagine me as a senior politician and member of the party being the first one to announce my decision? It does not make sense.

“I am a member of central committee and according to the constituency, MPs are adopted by the central committee,” he said.

Mr Lubinda stated that in 2016 he was not in a hurry to announce his position while some other candidate was busy flashing money and PF materials and that he never complained.

The Kabwata lawmaker added that the situation is the same this year where a named candidate has been campaigning and telling people that he is a preferred candidate.

“My politics have always been favored politics, I don’t impose myself. In 2016 I was the last to announce while a named candidate was busy dishing out money and PF materials. The situation is the same this year and someone is busy flashing money and singing “Baisa baisa” but I don’t complain, “ he said.


  1. Ok given an opportunity to dish out money can you? You said apa naikosako so you have the money to dish out now you are not the type te? So you were fooling us wen you said you can’t afford the refund is it.

  2. Am sure there would be jubilation in UPND if he where not to stand. Then in the spirit of bakwetu they would go ahead and adopt Proud.

  3. Do your self a favor not to waste your time. No one wants you to contest. You are an embarrassment to the court of law.

    I just threw up in my pants.


  4. I sure bo Namakawu should take such happenings as signs of not being wanted.So far he has done better by transforming Kabwata the most developed consituency in Zambia in terms of infrastructure development. If he contunes playing hide and out to anounce his intention to recontest. He will continue being hummilated by hired cadres. I know you turned your back on us after campaining for you using our lito resources. After all you have made your more than bucks just come we shall revive playing insolo game with you. Give way to others and the pipo shall judge your works. Heed my free advice.

  5. My conclusion is that you still want to contest so don’t beat about the bush. There’s nothing new that you’ll bring to Kabwata. People are fatigued with you. When will other leaders have chance to become MPs if you old-timers want to cling to positions until Christ comes back? If you force matters your cadres will beat you again

  6. Are people afraid of Lubinda? Jack Mwiimbu is standing in 2021 despite being an MP for Monze central for 4 terms and it’s okay to stand. Jean Kapata, Garry Nkombo have been there for three terms,but it’s okay for them to stand again. Non of the members mentioned can be compared to what Given Lubinda has done in Kabwata constituency.

  7. Very mature and wise man. Mr lubinda is million miles ahead of the ignorant upnd minds. I am sure he is glad he left that tribal grouping. Lubinda has won elections while in opposition and in the ruling party. He doesn’t need to buy voters or announce candidature prematurely. He gives upnd sleepless nights because they cannot match his intelligence. Forward brother lubinda

  8. This statement really made me laugh. It’s like saying: “I’ll not rush to announce my intentions to marry this girl..” then you say her name. Well, you haven’t you just announced your intentions?

    In any case, the whole article is so self-centered, as if politics is about individuals when it should be about development – putting the country first, the community second, then yourself, your family and your friends on the third place. If you align your ambitions, work and responsibilities in that order, you will be a true servant of the nation and everyone will benefit – not just yourself.

  9. Pitt there is nothing trivial about an election of a representative for constituents. Mr lubinda has a record which speaks for itself. He has 30 days to pay the money, he can choose when to pay it within those days. Who are you to force him to pay?


  11. Your political career is over as you tortured Zambians over Bill#10, together with detestable Mundubile, staunch surrogates of now infamous ECL

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