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Another Incumbent PF Lusaka MP gets challenged for the Parliamentary Seat


Renowned Corporate Executive, Charity Chanda Lumpa has declared her intentions to contest the Lusaka Central Constituency seat. Ms Lumpa made the declaration at United Church of Zambia (UCZ) St. Thomas Congregation in Bauleni township.

She said she was seeking to stand under the ruling Patriotic Front party. Currently the Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central is former Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe.

Ms Lumpa also announced that her Charity Chanda Lumpa Foundation has embarked on aggressively supporting communities especially with women and youth empowerment programmes.

The Charity Chanda Lumpa Foundation has supported various empowerment programmes.

The Foundation has also connected Zesco power to all 38 stalls at the Woodlands Natwange Market which has not had power since it was established in 2010.

She has also supported the construction of a new drainage infrastructure for the same market. The total works of the power project cost over K450,000.00

And the Foundation is also supporting various Village Banking groups for marketeers, women cooperatives, church groups and domestic workers with a K500,000.00 revolving fund.

Further, Ms Lumpa visited the SDA Church Leopards Hill congregation on Saturday, 26th December 2020 and pledged to support their church building project with a borehole that will also service the surrounding community.

Ms. Lumpa is a corporate executive who holds various board positions. She is also a seasoned executive having held positions in various high profile companies such as Airtel Networks Zambia Plc, Ecobank Zambia Ltd which she started as a greenfield project and the Zambia National Tourism Board where she had promoted Zambia as a preferred destination in the renowned ‘Visit Zambia Campaign’ in 2005-2010.
She is currently the Board Chairperson for various boards including, Zanaco Plc and St. Ignatius College.

She is also the Vice-Chairperson for the National Advisory Board for Impacting Investment in Zambia and the Livingstone International University for Tourism Excellence and Business Management. She was the first female and Zambian Chief Executive Officer for Airtel and is the first female Board Chairperson for Zambia’s largest bank, Zanaco Plc.


  1. I am looking for some body who is going to say I will create 40,000 jobs in this constituency, of course I don’t know the how, and that’s why I am looking for somebody who can do it. The biggest problem we have in the country is unemployment and that’s why I am very excited that HH says he will create a ministry just looking at employment, I think it will add more value than religious affairs which is a ministry just looking at dressing of people and condons police brutality, no word from them, two people gunned down. let somebody wear a mini of some exposure, they will jump at it

  2. PF fighting within as Seer 1 stated, we know these PF chaps are there for themselves and not the people. Go ahead and challenge each other eventually you are going to weaken yourselves which is going to be great the opposition since you would have attacked and campaigned each other

  3. This shows how democratic PF is unlike UPND where HH just imposes candidates even if the electorate are against that person. A good example is Cornelius Mweentwa who is riding on the popularity of the party in Southern province but has failed miserably to deliver anything to the people.

  4. This is misjudgement by Charity Lumpa, has known as PF member for a long time that way back from President Sata’s time. She should waited a bit and stand on UPND ticket otherwise she is going to cry after emptying her suitcase of money on bottomless effort like PF.

  5. The reason Chama cha Mapinduzi has continued to rule Tanzania is that they change leaders. Leadership must evolve and change hands. You can’t have the same people clinging to positions in the name of incumbency. So this development is welcome, let there be more to offer themselves for leadership.

  6. In which capacity did she stand in church to make that announcement? Is she a leader in church or just an ordinary member of the church. Whichever the case, was it an appropriate venue to express her personal political aspirations.
    One day someone else will also ask to be given a chance to stand in front and advertise his pivate business.

  7. Standing on a slippery ground or on the sinking boat? Are you just trying to stand or not? Are you serious or not? How many normal Zambians who want to succeed can dare stand on PF ticket? A sinking boat? Anyway lwenu mayo, you will be wishing, you had stood on the right ticket.

  8. Great development. We encourage competition in our party and more so from women. This will ensure the best candidate is picked. Now can you ever see such in the undemocratic upnd? No one has attempted to contest monze central seat for so many decades. Why is that?

  9. Churches are the only places you will find money hungry individuals ready to defile places of worship with politics. As long as you are ready to donate some cement or some thousand kwachas, boom, chi Jesus status muli iwe. It is a straight forward miracle

  10. Ni Christian nation so these intentions have to be announced at a church meeting. That’s how politicians have bought the church in Zambia. Ba Lungu disguises his thieving self in national prayers to fool his flock that he is a Moses who leads his people to the promised land. He even gives naive unsuspecting Christians a one person ministry that receives a budget of millions and they all start thinking he is humble. Pakulila mwibala Kuba humble mukwai

  11. Please leave Aunty Dizzy alone dont disturb her with such news …she must have been partying all night with young energic boys and is nursing her hangover. How is this a challenge and news…in a proper democracy every Party seat needs to be challenged irrespective whether the incumbent is Edgar Lungu on the Chawama seat…its NEC that choses and adopts.
    My only fear for this lady Charity Chanda Lumpa is that she showed her cards to soon, now everyone will want to be bribed everywhere she goes and the aunty Dizzy’s sympathisers will want you kicked out of the party. Plus when you show you cards this early you give the incumbent a head start if the incumbent is minister he will wake up and start using govt resources to hoodwink his docile constituents.

  12. Can you people have respect and consideration for the indegenous tribes of Lusaka and allow them to contest MP elections in Lusaka.
    Why are you so selfish and greedy kanshi. You go to provinces where you come from and preach tribal hate that others can’t pyana there because they come from other provinces but you get MP seats in Lusaka. You see the nonsense of tribal talk & hate .You so selfish and evil and we are tolerating your behaviour but very soon we will start reciprocating as well.

  13. Do not just complain look at what she has done for those people , politicians who care about people even before they are in power are the right people to serve the communities , than those characters who only want to use people to ride to power and want to kill people to go into power if I was in that constituency I could easily vote for this lady .
    This lady has what it takes to be a leader either you like it or not those people will be happy to vote for her they will look at what she has done .will gladly give her a vote

  14. Lubinda Mulobela you are a problem you are the people who are killing your party no Zambian party should belong to one of the 72 tribes in Zambia to tell you the truth it doesnt work and it will never work in Zambia.
    If what Mulobela is saying is true then the mountain is too high to climb for his party no wonder people think twice before they vote

  15. Lady has impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a seemingly well performing Foundation, she’s doing good for one outside political circus! Why would she want to get herself into the political circus? Is her foundation out of a carefully crafted plan for bribery and people’s debt payback? I fear the death of the foundations’ good work immediately she has political office? However if she’s a recycle, better look to someone else!

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