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Dambisa Moyo finds love in the US


Globally acclaimed Zambian born Economist and author Dambisa Moyo on Monday tied the knot with Jarred Smith, a Co-founder of Qualtrics a Technology Company in Provo, Utha USA.

Their wedding was only witnessed by Dambisa’s brother Mdolole Steven Moyo, Duff Thompson, the couple’s long standing friend and Barnaby their 10 year old dog because of strict Covid-19 measures.

Officials in Provo said the couple will properly celebrate their marriage with friends and relatives after the global pandemic.

Dambisa is 51 years old and resides in New York City while Jared is 46 years old and has a net worth of US$ 1.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Dambisa’s brother Mdolole Steven Moyo, Duff Thompson, the couple's long standing friend  with a new Couple
Dambisa’s brother Mdolole Steven Moyo, Duff Thompson, the couple’s long standing friend with a new Couple
Dambisa Moyo and  tied the knot with Jarred Smith
Dambisa Moyo and tied the knot with Jarred Smith


  1. Hey nice for you Dambisa! I was with your close cousin, Tom Hara, in Lusaka a day before for a considerable period and he did not mention any of this stuff, how come? …

  2. Thank you dambisa for representing us well unlike the evil upnd diasporans who are first to insult and criticize this government and yet they are just hopeless toilet cleaners and carers there. Continue doing well and don’t forget that it is this country Zambia which made you what you are. Congratulations

  3. The smart wealthy ones are taking full advantage of the pandemic to tie the knot on the cheap with their young partners meanwhile back in the village in Zambuda, Southern Africa one jumpy chap a junior head man in the village held his wedding at four different venues all at the same time and he visited all of them including a football stadium. And some dull chaps think he will make a good president …really laughable.

  4. Congratulation Dambisa!… $1.2 Billion? wow!! To all “little” Boss Ladies in Lusaka and in Diaspora parading your little money online and on facebook, just know that there are bigger and wealthier people out there who keep it private and never show off. Not when you buy a ka 10 year old Range Rover and you want the whole world to know. Even see Dambisa’s wedding, simple and private…….NICE!!!

  5. @Nsimbi, why does it matter that you were not told? What difference does it make? Were you going to send them a wedding present? Anyway, if what you claim is true then it should be apparent (it is to most adults) why it was not mentioned to YOU. Ulibe ngwee bululu. You don’t matter. Focus on conquering your financial challenges and you will be included in the next nuptials. Stay in your lane and mind your business. Ichekwela iwe John isa ulye bwali.

  6. Congrats Dambisa, or should I say Mrs. Thompson! I didn’t realise she was already over 50 and actually thought she was married.. Anyway, wishing the couple all the best! I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but while others at her age have given up the search, she just hit the double bingo!

  7. Nice to see the young man Mdolole. He has gained!

    Congratulations Dambisa, wishing you the best. Work hard, play harder!

    I hope the PF are taking lessons in how to be classy.

    The trouble with new money is it can never buy you class.

  8. @Kaizer and Lusambo, imwe na from mama have respect, why you think Dambisa’s brother is a cleaner? Stop that styupidity of the 80s. Just come over ad and work in any field of your choice.

  9. Now we can say bye bye to those books she was writing about western govts/organisations and African debt…first they gave her a Directors job to keep her quiet now a hubby to just make sure.
    They really know how to hoodwink our brothers and sisters.

  10. Let Dambisa convince her husband to bring fraction of that
    Wealth to benefit poverty stricken
    Zambians.Let Zambians benefit
    From her as Zambian.

  11. Nostradamus you seem hurt. We know what you are doing there. Just return daddy. At your age wiping old people backside just for the sake of saying ati tulikuvyalo

  12. getting married at 51? Where has she been all this time? so ninshi kulibe kubala? Any way we perceive marriages differently.

    • Love knows no age. The essence of marriage is companionship. God is Great! He showers His blessings at different times for different people. Mangoes do not ripe at the same time. Each one has their own time to ripe

  13. 46:51, ai?! She’s 20 years out of her prime (20 years expired) due to having a Phd and being an “expert”. One thing I’ve learnt is that money can’t buy back time. Goodluck on her marriage, but I hope it lasts once Mr.Thompson gets his balls back

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