Friday, February 23, 2024

Zambia experiences second wave of Covid-19 as variant linked to new strain in South Africa isolated


Minister of Health Dr.Chitalu Chilufya has said there is an increase in the number of Covid -19 cases in the country.

The increase in cases is accompanied by an increase in the severity of the disease requiring hospitalization and oxygen therapy.The new infections are more transmissible and more widely spread in terms of geographical locations.

“Today we report that Zambia has isolated a new strain of COVID-19 , which is the same as the one that was isolated in South Africa. We are seeing an increased number of cases, worrisome disease severity and an average of a death per day in the last two weeks, and this signifies the beginning the second wave.Today we report that the second wave is firmly established,”Dr.Chitalu Chilufya said.

South Africa’s new variant of the coronavirus, 501.V2, is more contagious and has quickly become dominant in many areas of the resurgence, according to experts.

Doctors in South Africa noted a shift in the epidemiological landscape, with more younger patients, without co-morbidities, developing severe forms of the disease.

All the elements “strongly indicate that the second wave in South Africa is carried by this new variant and
it has become the first country on the continent to register more than one million Covid-19 cases.

Public Health experts encourage everyone to follow the health measures put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 .These include wearing of face masks, social distancing, washing of hands and avoiding crowds.


  1. We have every faith and confidence in you doctor. You have done it before and we trust you will do it again. Our prayers go out to all those in diaspora where they are dying like flies from this virus.

  2. The variant has been around all along and they’ve just discovered it now. 2nd, 3rd or 4th wave, makes no difference. To me these are just terms to make people panic in order to easily infiltrate them with vaccines. Covid days are numbered. Life will go on because he who gave us the breath of life is much, much larger than Covid.

  3. Chilufya just reads whats on CNN and rushes to the media hoping for the donors to top up his account. You never controlled the first wave how can talk of second wave…RSA is busy testing and imposing level 4/tier 4 restrictions you are busy partying. I can see this crook of a doctor being very active with his propaganda next year as elections near.

  4. But mulamu Charity Katanga lishilu, ati people could turn into cats.
    She was doing well ku CB, even UPND would have kept her, now back Lusaka is just to go start packing up.

  5. Nostra – Just look for this video on YouTube…this short Copper talking about people turning into birdmen and Cats
    “Charity Katanga,the embarrassment of the Zambian Police; the case of gassing and phantom cats”


  6. Mu zed che nankani yokopela’ just because ba Europe bakamba ati second wave naise ati second wave.

    Oooh yes cat woman has been promoted.

  7. There has been a total disregarding of COVID- 19 Protocols in Zambia for sometime now.The surge of the infection does not come as a suprise to anyone.
    Just go around Lusaka and just observe how many people are not wearing masks, doing social distancing and washing or sanitizingof hands. Football fans are allowed to attend matches with with a total disregard of COVID 19 regulations.
    During this festive period ,what measures were done to reduce the risk of transmission? ZERO! Bars ,liquor restaurants , Night clubs, Markets are going about their bussiness as usual and yet we all know that these are hot spots for infection.
    In Zambia, the biggest problem is that we take things very casua “l ati fikaisova”

  8. How foolish can a government be? Why wait for the variant to hit Zambia then report? Obviously the strain was broadly by those traveling from South Africa because of relaxed measures over the past months!!

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