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Former Zambezi East MP Sara Sayifwanda has died


Former Zambezi East MP Sara Sayifwanda has died.

Ms Sayifwanda who died in Solwezi General Hospital Wednesday evening is also a member of the UPND National Management Committee.

She served as Minister of Gender under the MMD government.

Ms. Sayifwanda was also appointed as Gender Deputy Minister by late President Micheal Sata in 2011, a position she declined.

Last year, Zambia Police arrested Ms Sayifwanda in connection with the tribal fight that occurred in Zambezi district between the Lunda’s and Luvales during an ECZ delimitation.

It was alleged that Ms Sayifwanda was the one who forcefully grabbed the microphone from the ECZ official and strongly opposed the creation of a central constituency which the majority voted in favor of. Ms Sayifwanda’s behaviour was said to be what triggered the throwing of chairs at each other by the lundas and luvales as she accused the electoral commission of Zambia officials of siding with the luvales.

Ms Sayifwanda was charged with conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.

Sara Sayifwanda and HH on Campaign trail
Sara Sayifwanda and HH on Campaign trail


  1. So sad. Please pass my Greetings to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. Tell him we miss him and if he was to stand in 2021, we would vote for him 100%. Yours was a true patriotic government not masese.Mysrip

  2. Rest in peace dearest. Served with distinction in government and left without scandal. But her type are never appreciated in this corrupt Zambia.

  3. RIP . Although your career became chequered at the end, we thank you for your contribution. Very sad the numbers of deaths attributed to upnd each time elections are close. One would think there was a sinister cause. Anyway I digress

  4. Kaiser is opposed with UPND,he can say a word without mentioning UPND.The Guy is so tribal or he is full of fear to mention NDC chishimba kambwili’s party as well as Harry kalaba’s political party. Oh uyu kaiser akafwa na jealous.

  5. Life can be difficult to manage I don’t think tribalism is a good thing to practice, divisions have never done anything good for anyone however life is precious one lost is “never replaced” .
    According to what we have read here it seems as if she was a strong lady and had her own philosophy seemingly not to be any different from her political leader.
    Well rest in peace Sarah my condolences to her family .

  6. African tribes like fighting. Its the 21st century and we should realise the fight is no longer physical but intellectual. We should try and meet each other on the mental level and then progress not kill each other

  7. May Her Soul Rest In Peace. What a good friend I had in the MMD Youth movement! I will always remember her for the friendly advice in MMD.

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