PMRC urges Zambians to support economic recovery efforts

Former Zambia's Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe
Former Zambia's Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe

The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) has urged all Zambians to work towards the realization of the economy recovery plan in the year 2021.

PMRC Board Chairperson Margaret Mwanakatwe says all citizens must join the government efforts and work towards realizing the vision that has been set for the nation’s economic recovery.

She stressed that President Edgar Lungu recently launched the Zambia Economic Recovery Programme as a springboard towards a new trajectory of growth and development for Zambia.

‘’My call to all citizens is to take time to reflect on our development trajectory as a nation, to reflect on the several interventions that have been instituted with aim of ensuring that we move closer towards being a developed middle income nation by the year 2030,’’she explained.

Ms Mwanakatwe however said that PMRC pledge to remain committed in delivering its mandate of promoting public understanding of policy and development issues whilst also encouraging the citizenry to be patriotic and always put Zambia first.

“We cannot overestimate the importance of inculcating a positive mindset among citizens in relations to national matters. To this effect, we shall continue to pursue our programmes aimed at a National Mindset Education Programme for Zambia,’’she said.

Ms Mwanakatwe also added that the board believes that time has come for all citizens of Zambia to exhibit a more positive approach towards the nation as the board is a goodwill ambassador of the country.

‘’We commit to continue providing policy analysis to compliment the Government in the pursuit of prudent macroeconomic policies, increasing the economy’s resilience to shocks, and achieve higher and inclusive growth,’’ she said.

She further said that the board will continue to partner with all like-missioned institutions to bolster efforts and work towards encouraging debate on social and economic policy issues critical to national development and economic transformation.

Meanwhile Ms Mwanakatwe said that the board will play its role in civic information dissemination and communities during the year 2021 as it is a monumental year for Zambia, as the country goes to the polls in August.

This is contained in a statement made available to the media by PMRC Board Chairperson, Margaret Mwanakatwe.


  1. Zambians should only support economic dynamism and stability coz it means the nation is in good hands.But “economic recovery” means you’re clueless failures.

  2. You are calling all Zambians to work towards realisation of ERP. But only few selfish individuals participated in destroying the economy. Are you being with your call.
    Let the Authority severely punish those stealing public money. In other words deal with corruption, finito.
    If you mean well why do you look away from Auditor General’s report? This one reveals how prudent public monies are spent. Unfortunately the report doesn’t make a good reading.

  3. The first step is to enable and allow new economic and governance drivers in the country. Then all Zambians will participate. If we have to be shot at and insulted for trying to help you will continue wallowing in mediocrity.

  4. Good call. Economic recovery is a national achievement and therefore a collective mission. Everyone must play their part. A real patriot will put politics aside and work for the prosperity of the country.

  5. Really laughable …Aunty Dizzy is chairperson …how ironic that she is talking about economic recovery!!

  6. We are wining all round. We thank you. Tarino it hurts to be in opposition doesn’t it? Especially when you have a tribal leader who you know will never win. You will end up killing yourself kiki

  7. You will never uplift the standards of living for your people for as long as taxes remsin above 10%.
    Even God did not go beyond 10% in his tithe request.
    You have created your own rules and expect things to be better?
    Go back to the Law.
    The economic recovery program is nothing if taxes are not addressed.
    2021 is giving you an opportunity to go back to the Law of God regarding getting from.citizens.
    Even the debt you have accumulated was not going to be accumulated if resources were being used properly.
    10% infact should be the maximum tax imposed on citizens for their labour. Who ever does this and shows citizens how they wil manage to develop the country wih 10% will be guaranteed the aftermath of August 12… plot 1.

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