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Delays to reconstruct City Market three years on disappoints Economist Hambayi


Lusaka based Economist Trevor Hambayi says delays by government to reconstruct the gutted City market in Lusaka is an affront to the growth of both formal and informal sectors in Zambia.

Mr Hambayi is disappointed that government spent K30 million for empowerment scheme for artists while traders at the market have continued trading in an open space, three years after the market was gutted.

He said government should have prioritized the reconstruction of City Market because it is key for income generation and offers trading space to both formal and informal traders across many sectors of the economy.

“Soweto City/Market is a trading place for thousands of both formal and informal traders across many sectors of our economy. I visited it on a Saturday afternoon and was saddened at the extent to which we as a country can ignore the plight of our citizens,” he said.

He added, “The market has no roof which was burnt in an act of vandalism 3 years ago. Where did the donated funds for its reconstruction go.”

“Who is responsible? Yet we have continued to collect daily market fees. Where are these funds going?,” he questioned.

Mr Hambayi said it is regrettable that Zambia continues to proclaim how important SME are to the economy but exploit them only to the interest of political mileage.


  1. The truth of the matter is there was never or never have been plans to reconstruct City Market plain and simple.
    Nga uletalika show the BOQ?
    All those monies donated for its reconstruction have misused and misappropriated by the VPs office.

  2. The biggest market in the country remaining in a dilapidated state for 3 years!!! And just to imagine PF winning this year’s elections is a nightmare of the worst kind. I just don’t what will become of this country

  3. @Countey men and women.
    PF is actually planning to handover those structures opposite Spar Soweto being constructed by ZNS sometime in June/July so as to woo voters.

  4. Where are all those donations that were received to rebuild the market, oh forgot stolen… Pathetic Foools party….. party of thieves and dander heads.

  5. That’s when you can know that this youth empowerment is not done in good faith.
    In fact corporate world and other well-wishers donated towards reconstruction of the Market.

  6. The sad part of this issue is that donations were made towards the reconstruction of the market and the vice president is on record of confirming that they received the money. Even if the money was not enough, some works should have started to show the seriousness. Can all the donors claim and ask for what happened to the money they donated? It is not right to divert funds donated for a specific purpose.

  7. If I remember correctly, donations were made to help rebuild this market.

    And Lungu has never revealed results of the investigation into the fires.

  8. Now that we are in 2021 there will be a speech soon: “We will soon start constructing the Lusaka City Market”. Watch the space.

  9. Its a lesson to all Zambians to treasure and protect our infrastructure regardless of political affiliation. You may not appreciate infrastrucrure such as roads, markets, clinics, schools etc, until your livelihood is affected by their absence. The burning of the market needed a comprehensive investigation leading to prosecution.

  10. Hambayi is being foolish. Whats with these selective comparisons? Mr Hambayi is disappointed that government spent K30 million for empowerment scheme for artists? Artists and marketeers are all suffering Zambians so dont pit one against the other.
    Why dont you cry about Presidents buying exquisite jet planes when marketers and artistes need that money to further their businesses? Why dont you point out that the President shouldnt use tax money to support Nkana FC when half the clubs need money?

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