Honey Bee’s defective condoms distributed by Medical Stores are still on the market

MSL Managing Director, Mr. Chikuta Mbewe and UNDP Country Director, Ms. Mandisa Mashologu at the signing ceremony
MSL Managing Director, Mr. Chikuta Mbewe and UNDP Country Director, Ms. Mandisa Mashologu at the signing ceremony

Medical Stores Limited has disclosed that it distributed condoms and gloves to the public that did not meet the required standards set by the Zambia Bureau of Standards in September, 2020.

Appearing before the Public Accounts Committee this afternoon, Medical Stories Limited Managing Director Chikuta Mbewe says the condoms and gloves which were procured from Honey Bee were not safe for use.

Mr. Mbewe also disclosed that the Ministry of Health authorized the distribution of health kits despite knowing that the kits did not meet the required standards.

And And the Zambia Bureau of Standards Executive Director Manuel Mutale revealed that the condoms and gloves that were tested by the Bureau were defective.

Mr Mutale said ZABS conducted tests on the condoms and gloves on 23rd September 2020 which revealed that they did not meet the required standards.

But Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority Director of Laboratory Services Bonaventure Chilinde admitted that there had been an oversight by the institution not to recall the products from the market.

“We normally work hand in hand with ZABS, ideally we should have recalled those products immediately it was detected but that was an oversight on our part,” Mr Chiinde said.

However, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary-Administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo stated that she was not aware of who authoritised the distribution of the unsafe kits.

The condoms and gloves in question are still on the market for public use


  1. A few people will need to resign due to this . The president and I are allergic to such incompetence. As we speak I am receiving full details and will soon get a comprehensive report which will be availed to the cabinet and president. Expect tough actions from the powers that be. We ask all those who used these products to remain calm and patient. We are working to set up a support channel for this debacle. I thank you and wish you a good night. Kz

    To my friends in opposition now is not time to start politicking. Let us be mature in our approach to such serious matters.

  2. This contracting of this firm appears to be corrupt. Their contract should be terminated. Health related contracts are not like roads, poor quality can lead to death.

  3. Saskiza I bet you don’t.however am sure you have the problem where thousands are dying of covid. Interestingly we hear that it is affecting those from minority backgrounds more. It seems there your problems are that people of your pigment are not considered equal. Continue kneeling and shouting BLM. I would rather be here in my country

  4. Saskiza I bet you don’t.however am sure you have the problem where thousands are dying of covid. Interestingly we hear that it is affecting those from minority backgrounds more. I would rather be here in zed where my race doesn’t determine my future

  5. My blood was boiling when i was watching this live.. how can a Head of State tolerate this incompetence and shambles …this is his govt does he not feel the pain…one Chikuta Mbewe was so afraid as all he could do is refer to his boss the arrogant madam PS who too couldn’t say anything as one crook Chilufya runs the ministry like its his company. They all kept saying we have sent samples to Zimbabwe when our accredited body Zambia Bureau of Standards tested all these products and the batch failed ….Executive Director Manuel Mutale was impressive in his explanations. As usual the corrupt entities like Chilufya and Co still dispatched the goods to the consumer now they are saying we have sent sample test results from Zimbabwe. I hope someone sues these guys as people are currently…

  6. @Tarino Orange
    We have been saying all along. From lungu to his minions they are all crooks and the Thieves. How much wealth they have acquired through corruption and stealing is unprecedented.

    Nothing will happen in terms of investigation bringing those to books.

    The only way stealing will stop is by chopping their hands off like it’s done in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  7. Now what, we just wait for Tayali if he ” feels” like pursuing this further since he seems to have so much influence…. otherwise ACC will just wait and wait. Nauseating to say the least.

  8. Scouser – Any serious govt the Minister, his PS, Director at MSL would have been sacked this afternoon …that was basis for ACC investigations…Honeybee would have been investigated ..imagine that company got certification documents with 24 hours for something that takes a week. Lungu is not a Zambian if he was he would be very upset this evening …old man Sata would never tolerate this as its a dent on his office but this clueless la7y bum Edgar its busy as usual everything is an absolute shambles. There is no way in hell should PF pure blood members allow this man to stand again …he is a disgrace and a danger to this country. If they can mess up with simple things like condoms to get a bigger mark-up what of covid-19 vaccines?

  9. This is what I mean when I always say PF govt is a Kakistocracy…by this I mean a state governed by its least suitable or competent citizens and this is a perfect example from top to top civil servants. There was a company that bided $11 million to supply the kits but Chilufya and his corrupt officials chose Honey Bee to supply at $17 million a retail company with no track record supply huge quantities of this size …ignored that company with a track record because they owe the company money….this is the cost of corruption to this country brothers and sisters.

  10. What a curse to this country they are. Surely this nightmare must come to an end in August. Yet some pinheads are more worried about private farms bought yrs ago. What a country

  11. Am sure if it were in other countries they could be charged with attempted to murder itself for wilfully supply items to kill the population of the country.Zambia Bureau of Standards must be investigated too and management must be arrested as well for being deepo involved in this scandal.

  12. Whn will the disgraced ACC get off its backside and do some work? The humble one today starts a tour of the Copperbelt to continue his early campaigns. Not even Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation can accept this.

  13. This is Mobutuism. Whn someone counts Yoweri Museveni as friends, this is wht u get. Will Godfridah Sumaili resign in disgust to express displeasure? Will she call for a national day of prayer for God to intervene? The latter is more likely. Human rights lawyers know wht to do here even if they are not part of government.

  14. People a the Ministry of Health are risking people’s lives. There seems to be too much corruption there. Why would cause you pay for a defective product other than corruption? So shameful.

  15. There’s only one bully at MoH that’s responsible for all this mess. Fear God for he’s the sternest at punishment. What’s their conscious when the think about the harm they’ve caused innocent lives? They’re headed for a disastrous end

  16. Zambians are weak as they only
    Talk and forget.In other countries
    The BOSS has to resign immediately. In zambia people
    Get rich and boast with money
    Obtained corruptly.

  17. Damn. Who cares as long as those that are involved pay ‘tithe’ ku cipani? This is how far khakistocracy can go.

  18. What now, we wait for Tayali to decide if further action will be taken since he seems to have more influence….ACC will wait & wait. Nauseating really while some pinheads are interested in sale of private land bought yrs ago…. disgraceful

  19. @ Tarino.
    Honey bee pharmacy does not exist at all, only on paper. The directors are originally from petauke. They reside in Makeni.

    They were given $17 million dollar contract. Imagine how much cut chilufya got. Lungu is also involved in this.

    With regards to firing all those involved, investigations nothing will happen. ACC can’t do anything.

    Once HH is in power need to get forensic detectives from Scotland Yard or FBI and jail these thieves for life.

  20. Now imagine if we get COVID vaccine. Would you trust the ministry of health rolling out efficiently and in an honest way.

    Zambia should not qualify but this vaccine

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