Increased Number of Tavern Operators Openly Selling Kachasu raises Concern


Civic leaders in Kapiri Mposhi district have raised concern over the increased number of tavern operators openly selling locally brewed beer commonly known as kachasu.

The civic leaders says they are especially disturbed that the prohibited locally brewed beer is being stocked and openly consumed in drinking places contrary to authorised liquor licenses.

Recently, a team of council public health and police officers seized five drums of kachasu from some bars in Turn–off area during the routine liquor license inspections and observance of trading hours.

During the First Ordinary Council Meeting Chang’ondo Ward councilor, Elizabeth Nachinsambwe stressed the need for intensified inspection in communities to curb the brewing of kachasu which she says is finding its way in local taverns legally designated as beer drinking places in the rural parts of the district.

Ms. Nachinsambwe stated that it was unacceptable for tavern owners in the rural areas to stock and sale the prohibited local brew considering the health implications the beer has on consumers.

“We have observed that there is a growing trend among taverns to deal in kachasu especially where we are coming from in rural areas these people are openly selling kachasu and this should be stopped,” Ms. Nachinsambwe said.

And the local authority has revoked liquor licenses from four bars operating from Kawama and Turn-off areas for operating illegally.

Revealing the development at the same meeting, Kapiri Mposhi Town Council Secretary, Isaac Zimba has also urged bar owners to abide by the revised operating hours and days in the wake of COVID-19.

“The council is not sitting idle we are on the ground and just in the last quarter we’ve seized merchandise, closed down bar premises and licenses revoked for several bars for flouting the provisions of the liquor license Act,” Mr. Zimba said.


  1. if these Kachasu traders will be arrested, arrest the killer cops as well. Is the report ready now and who has it. The report of Police investigating themselves

  2. The only offence Frank Mugala and Vespers Shimuzhila committed was being found in school. Even if it was an illegal assembly per ser despite all logic, why shoot people dead, then why do we have courts, let us close them, We will talk about the kachasu issues later, let us look at the more pressing problem of merciless killings in the country by the Police Force

  3. When people start doing illicit things like selling drugs openly its because theres no government. Government is sleeping. You Zambians are mistaking Sleepiness for humbleness

  4. They just want to make ends meet I otherwise they perish due to hunger. Why has PF GRZ given a blind eye to the Indians manufacturing tujulijili which had ruined young lives. They are being productive in a way. Have you ever heard that kachasu drinkers have caused RTA even the just ended festival period?

  5. This is Zambia under the leadership of one Edgar La7y Lungu even the PS of Ministry of Health is as arrogant as they come as she knows she is protected by the biggest corrupt thug of them all one Dr. Chilufya.

  6. Look at the comments above. That is the reason Zambia develops not. Kachasu has been brewed for generations. It’s up to Zambians to sue government and these brewers, the Zambian ones and the Indian ones.

  7. Kachasu is not beer. So, reporting that tavern operators are openly “selling locally brewed beer commonly known as kachasu.” is inaccurate. Beer is the drink brewed from cereal grains or from malt, sometimes wheat or maize and rice are used. Kachasu is not in this family because it is a distilled drink like whisky or gin. Kachasu is even worse because its ABV is sometimes much higher than the regular whisky or gin

  8. Kachaso is a locally brewed beer not different from beer that comes from abroad or locally brewed at higher ilstandard, they too use ingredients like maize, wheat, sugar and water. There is no magic about kachaso it has the same side effects. It just lacks support,Jamason,vodka sundown is what you praise think twice!

  9. @Steven Kayondo,as someone above has said, Kachasu is NOT beer, it is a whiskey. @ Nzelu, that thumbs down is from me, what do you mean the comments above are what is making Zambia not develop? People in the thread above your comment are actuallly arguing that the people making it are trying to survive. Whats wrong with that?

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