Three UNZA tudents and Four others Arrested for Drug Trafficking


The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested Seven (7) people who include three (3) University of Zambia (UNZA) third year students for trafficking in over 30 grams of cannabis contrary to Cap 96 of the Laws of Zambia.

The three (3) UNZA students identified as Amadu Bah Mwansa, 22, Siddy Gadjo Mwansa, 22, and Kitonzui Mesala, 24, were found with 12.5 grams of special cannabis and one (1) suspected sachet of heroin.

Others arrested include Neyma Camara, 19, Robinson Chibwe, aged 28, Cloud Kabwe, a bus conductor and Mathias Banda, a bus driver for trafficking in 21.5 grams of cannabis. The four while driving a motor vehicle registration number ALD 5604 Pajero IO, were also picked from UNZA and are believed to be major suppliers of drugs in the area.

And in a related development, two (02) students from the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) and three (03) others have also been arrested for trafficking in special cannabis.

Kachizya Mulenga, 20, and Choma Chato, 19, both students at ZCAS have been arrested and jointly charged with Shawa Mwale, 23, Gift Kumwala, 36, and Samson Sinkala, 25, for trafficking in 19 sachets of special cannabis.

The variety of cannabis found with the suspects and also referred to as special cannabis or ‘cheese’ on the market, is suspected to be imported from a named country in Southern Africa and also believed to be more potent than the locally grown cannabis.
Meanwhile, three (03) youths of Chilenje, in Lusaka have also been arrested for trafficking in suspected heroin.

Those arrested and jointly charged include Innocent Kakulo, 33, Ozias Kaundula, 21, and Chungu Chomba, 24, for trafficking in 15 sachets of suspected heroin.

The trio was picked at Chris Corner in Chilenje.

And in Eastern Province, a special operation was conducted in Shabati village of Chipangali District on 2nd January, 2021 where two (2) people were arrested for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing over 400 killograms and trafficking in 25grams of loose cannabis contrary to Cap 96 of the Laws of Zambia.

The suspects identified as Gift Banda, 39, and Yona Phiri, 33, both peasant farmers of Shabati village, have been arrested and jointly charged for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants intercropped with maize weighing 421 kilograms. And in count two, Yona Phiri has been separately arrested for trafficking in 25 grams of loose cannabis concealed in a black polythene sack found in his bedroom.

Arrangements are being made for all suspects to appear before courts of competent jurisdictions at an appropriate time.
This is according to a statement issued by DEC public officer Theresa Katongo


  1. The trade in marijuana has been legalised within the confines of the law and yet these chaps decide to illegally trade. Can they face the law with hard labour

  2. Instead od charging them, those 3 UNZA students should be assigned with the role of finding practical ways of how the country at large can benefit economically from cultivating the herb. Heroin is a devilish substance and those bringing it into our country deserve the stiffest punishment.

  3. How about the killer police officers, when are they being arrested as swiftly as these drug guys been, and the drug guys have not killed anybody. Frank Mugala, Mapenzi Chibulo, Vespers Shimuzhila, Lawrence Banda and Joseph Kaunda, all these lives terminated arbitrally by police.

  4. Anyone who is in the Lord cannot engage in such activities. This damage in morals is evidence that these youths lack Jesus Christ. Those that have not yet been caught and are still doing the same must seek the Lord and leave this evil to the DEVIL!

  5. No. 11 Onunenukuna!!!! whatever your name. Leave Jesus in this nonsense. Can’t you see it juvenile delinquency at play. Resulting from peer pressure. I hope UNZA still has the counselling centre. Rehab and pardoning those boys would do, except for the alleged suppliers. Its so unfortunate life our kids are passing through due to lack of recreation facilities and no hope of achieving something in their future.

  6. PF thieves are trying to have monopoly of the cannabis trade.

    Just like they have done with Mukula, and gold.

    No one is allowed to sell mukula unless you are part of that named cartel of thieves.

    Instead of arresting the killers of Nsama, Kaunda, Vespers, etc etc (this list is very long), they are busy arresting people trying to make a living by selling what God has given to us for free.

    Vote wisely.

  7. KZ well said, and arresting officers were PF killer cops under the drunken master. I fully agree with you.

  8. You take away student allowances, who do you expect students to survive? Also has the PF not legalised Marijuana prodcutions? the PF are hypochrites let them go this year please.

  9. Tudents are those who go to University to smoke dagga and ingest heroin. They are not monks lumpens mommas nuns or mojos just Tudents. Their camouflage is so good that noone except LT reporters can identify them.

  10. Just look at the state of those buildings you would be excused for thinking that it is a photo from 1945 of Hilter’s bunkers but its the 2020 and that is the biggest educational facility in the mineral rich Zambia where the President flies in a modern jet and is okay giving medical contracts of $17m to a local Pharmacy to deliver via middlemen.

  11. Tarino they are our buildings which continue to produce the cream of our educated society. Those buildings are responsible for most f00ls like you who have gone abroad and are using our education to make your colonial masters countries richer. Although in your case this does not apply because tawakwata ama paper iwe. You went there seeking asylum and are now wiping backsides as full time carer. Be thankful that you are been kept there using Africa’s resources.

  12. Drug dealing and use amogest uni student is normal even in western countries……..but in the case of mineral rich Zambia this is out of desperation and hunger amogest uni students….

    They and their futures have been sold down the river by lungu and his gang of thieves , they indeed face a bleak future with a $20 billion debt hanging over the nation.

    With nothing to show but roads and buildings which are contributing very little to the GDP st present , Lungu and his looting gang are in full scale bribing mode to hold on to power…..

  13. Akaps if you have money to spend on drugs it means you are not starving. You just have f00lish priorities. Those are personal choices and not governments fault. Chimbwi iwe.

  14. KZ

    Drug dealing is done to survive and use is born to num the pangs of hunger in desperation in economically bare countries like Zambia……

    After all you and your ka drunkard boss have destroyed the country.

  15. I am very sorry I dont respond to childish UK based impostors who think they are someone in Zambia because they have nothing to do. #N£z

  16. Thank you @Wopinzila we didn’t have Tudents when we were at UNZA, they could have been friends with Walking Sticks (Ba Walkie). Sad than only LT can identify them so they can’t feature on Kodjo comes to campus!

  17. When I teach the biosynthetic pathways of plant natural products, I usually emphasize the versatility and flexibility with which plants route and reroute primary metabolites into the biosynthesis of specialized metabolites. Do you know that amino acids such as tryptophan and tyrosine are essential as precursors for complex compounds such as cocaine via decarboxylation reactions and subsequent methyltransferase activities involved in the bioconversion steps? As for marijuana, my interest is not in smoking it but the biosynthesis of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and cannabidiolic acid. The involvement of a decarboxylases and olivetolic acid cyclase in the pathway and re-routing this by RNAi is what turns me on. This stuff rocks much more than the depressing Zambian politics. I…

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