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Two Zambians arrested in India for drug trafficking over the festive season


Two Zambians have been arrested in India for trafficking “fine quality” heroin.

The value of seized drug is estimated to be around ?22 crore in the international market.

In the first case, Zambian national Mulapi Joshua was nabbed by officers of the federal anti-narcotics agency from the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in New Delhi on December 25 with 4.6 kg of heroin.

His compatriot, Mambwe William, was similarly apprehended from the IGI airport on December 31 with 700 grams of heroin.

The two had landed in New Delhi from Dubai, official sources said.

“The arrest of two Zambian nationals with fine quality heroin revealed a reverse route of heroin trafficking into India,” Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Deputy Director (operations) K P S Malhotra said, adding that the value of the seized drug is around ?22 crore in the international market.

The normal route for heroin smuggling into the country is through the Pakistan border and in some cases, through the eastern frontiers.

The reverse route refers to heroin being trafficked into India from “two different routes” after sourcing it from Afghanistan, the “main cultivator” of opium and “producer” of heroin, Mr. Malhotra said.


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  2. Following in the dirty footsteps of the veteran Zambian politician ‘Hussien’ and the talkative journalist/diplomat?

  3. Food for thought,
    No zambian of Indian heritage has ever been reported arrested for drugs smuggling in India.
    And yet the ingredients(ephedrine) for Crystal meth is made in India.
    And in zambia all the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies are either Indian or Pakistani owned.
    And we are still asking questions how heroin, crystal meth and other pharmaceutical drugs are being abused, the source, availability in chibolya.

  4. These two were not the first.There
    Must be others who must have
    Managed to go through as they must have given courage to these

  5. These are not zambians. Can their documents be verified by our authority. These are probably upnd diasporans who lost their zambian citizenship ages ago

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