Corrupt Zambia Police officers warned

Zambia Police officers move in
Zambia Police officers

Police and Immigration Officers have been warned against engaging in corrupt activities.

Zambia Police Service Commission, Chairperson, Peter Chingaipe, warns that those found wanting will face severe disciplinary action in line with government policy to zero tolerance on corruption.

Mr Chingaipe said this when he and other senior government officers paid a courtesy call on Nchelenge District Commissioner, Ivo Mpasa at his office today.

“Officers must continue maintaining law and order for the sake of peace and security the country enjoys, “he said.

And Mr Mpasa appealed to the commission to consider sending more staff and construct decent accommodation for men and women in uniform.

“There is a need to increase the number of officers in the district and conducive accommodation,” Mr Mpasa requested.


  1. We will firmly deal with anyone found wanting. Such people deserve some dirty slaps right inside their mouth.

  2. Surely how do you merely warn someone who is tasked to enforce the law to face severe disciplinary action when they should be doing lengthy jail time without sentence reduction or pardon

  3. Where ???

    When their comander in chief , Lungu , does not deny that he is a corrupt theif , how do you expect these poor civil servants to fight corruption ???

    Lungu has been accused on numerous occasions of being a corrupt theif……not once , has he ever denied that he is not a corrupt theif.

  4. Olo chingaipe bwanji mu Zambia, things will remain the same or worse. We have an ill educated electorate who will vote for Idi Amin as long as he smiles at THEM while killing millions and destroying the country. This is where we are as a nation. We have moved from VALUES to naine nidyelepo. We condemn corruption only when it disadvantages us, but if we are allowed to jump the queue because ‘mwaiche wandi’ manning the queue, we feel good. We are happy to get a passport in two days because ‘I know the woman at the office. We go to the same church.’ We vote on names and not on character. Chingaipe bwanji, we are still in the rut.

  5. Hey Gayzar Zulu, of all people, you talk of people wanting? You and your gay friends only know how to make money corruptly!?!

  6. Kuti waseka.

    Lungu said 4 years ago that A LOT of his ministers were very corrupt.

    He fired ONE. Just ONE. Kambwili.

    Then he fired another minister that complained that the fire trucks were bought at grossly prices.

    Citizens, is this the rubb1sh you think can develop Zambia?

    Vote wisely.

  7. It’s a joke,
    Do an under cover survey and patrols on check points. That’s where you will find these blood thirsty traffic officers.
    It’s pathetic….
    This is 2021…kuyabebele..

  8. It is almost impossible for the ZPS officers not to be corrupt, most cops are earning the lowest minimum wages and have to feed families and life styles, not too long ago, anyone could apply and join the service..including people that have not really be properly educated in providing a service, deep down it still is a police force and not a police service.
    Better qualifying criteria, better education, better service.

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