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Lifuka questions President Lungu’s silence over Honey Bee scandal


Transparency International Zambia President Reuben Lifuka has questioned why President Edgar Lungu is silent over the Honey Been Pharmacy procurement scandal.

Mr Lifuka who is also Vice President of Transparency International Global said the seriousness of the alleged procurement scandals at the Ministry of Health in Zambia should not be downplayed.

He said corruption, greed and sheer impunity of a few, has put people’s lives at risk.

“Typically, no one is taking responsibility and leadership is conspicuously absent. How big a scandal is President Lungu waiting for to happen at the Ministry of Health before he takes action?”

Mr Lifuka said the mere fact that defective health supplies were distributed in the country at the behest of the Ministry, is cause enough for him to take appropriate action.

“Yes loyalty to friends and acolytes maybe a good act, but loyalty to the nation, respect for the rule of law and protection of citizens from harm, are hallmarks of a great leader,” Mr Lifuka said.

“Surely, a history littered with scandals, is not a legacy that any leader should be proud of.”

MMD National Youth Chairperson Mr. Joshua Mulenga addressing the event
MMD National Youth Chairperson Mr. Joshua Mulenga addressing the event

Meanwhile, Opposition New Hope MMD Youths have said that the revelations of the supply of sub-standard drugs, gloves and condoms by Honeybee Pharmacy to the Ministry of Health have vindicated MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba’s calls for the Covid-19 Vaccine to be verified before being administered to Zambians.

New Hope MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba had in the past week called upon the Government through the Ministry of Health to subject the much anticipated Covid 19 vaccine to tests by Zambian Doctors and Scientists to deem them fit for the public. However, this did not sit well with the Minister of Health Hon. Chitalu Chilufya who said that the MMD Leader was playing politics. Dr. Mumba then responded that being a former Republican Vice President, he knew the procedures of Government and that when his party was in power, then Party and Republican President Dr. Levy Mwanawasa rejected GMO Maize in the midst of a drought because they were a hazardous to the Public.

MMD Youths through their National Youth Chairperson Mr. Joshua Mulenga said that the Honeybee Scandal had proved that the PF government doesn’t care for the Zambian People.

“As the MMD Youths, we are shocked with the revelations of the Honeybee scandal where substandard drugs, condoms and gloves were procured by the PF Government and are being currently used around the country. A government that can put the lives of its people at risk is a government that deliberately wants to kill them. So, to us, this has proved that the PF led Government doesn’t care for the People of Zambia”, Mr. Mulenga said.

Mr. Mulenga further called for the immediate withdraw of all the products that were supplied by honeybee pharmacy before more lives are lost.
“We call upon the Ministry of Health to do the most honorable thing by recalling these drugs, gloves and condoms which are currently being administered to Zambians throughout the Country. By doing so, the Ministry will save the lives of many Zambians”, Mr. Mulenga said.

Mr. Mulenga then called for the firing of Health Minister Hon. Chitalu Chilufya and the Permanent Secretary for abusing public funds.
“We believe that the Honeybee revelations has vindated President Mumba’s calls for the Covid Vaccine to be verified by Zambian doctors and scientists before they are administered to the public. If that is not done, we might end up having sub standard vaccines being injected on Zambians which can cause health problems. And we call upon Republican President Dr. Edgar Lungu to fire Hon. Chilufya and Permanent Secretary for incompetence and putting the lives of Zambians at risk”, Mr. Mulenga said.


  1. I always read what Reuben Lifuka writes, the man is wise.
    This loyalty to Chitalu Chilufya and other friends is a shocker.
    This disregard of scandals’ is a shocker to shocker.
    Why even keep that Lungu up to August?
    A country just so dirty with broad day light theft…. like Lifuka put is nicely “LITTERED with scandals”.

  2. Being head of state is not like being head of an NGO where even sugar running out in the tea room is brought to your attention. There are delegates senior people to manage administrative issues.

  3. This is where these organizations get things wrong. The pressure should be on responsible institutions to hold people accountable instead of crying for Presidential interference. Chilufya slipped through because of the incompetence of ACC where the State Prosecutor sided with the accused.

  4. If the President makes a comment it might be misunderstood as it has happened many times the best we can ask is for him to take immediate action as a concerned Zambian President to pacify the situation.

  5. Zambia with a profligacy leadership. The economic problems in Zambia owe more to the incompetence and disastrous presidency as described by the World Economic Think forum. The only solution to the country heavily indebted in Africa lies in the change of governing system without a baggage from previous regimes.

  6. Leave him alone.

    Maybe he has been using the honey bee condoms and is now worried like the rest of us.

    You just wonder what next.

    Fake ARVs? Fake antibiotics?

  7. La7y Lungu is an inept, corrupt and weak President under state capture in a kakistocracy…his corrupt handlers have sent him to CB to burn jet fuel of the Gulfstream and the Helicopter….I dont even know why he wants to stand again on PF ticket for the third time if he loves Zambia.

  8. Let him keep and defend the wrong as usual. We know what to do with him come August 12. How I wished it were already here so that I can choose responsible leaders.

  9. Where are controlling officers>leave the mminister and president alone. You just have incompetent civil servants.How on earth a director of finance approve $17M without documents.let us be serious Zambians.Fyabuba

    • Lisa Liywali better quiet than showing this stupid ignorance. All the people the president appoints to various positions do the needful on his behalf. If anything goes wrong, the president is responsible and answerable. Otherwise he should take remedial action accordingly. That’s what leadership is all about. Iam sure you’re as blank as a person who has failed leadership too.

  10. What do you expect from a weak leader or boy like Lungu, the id1ot eat some of the money that’s why he is quite… Lungu is useless and not man enough.. What a w@nker

  11. If the president starts giving instructions over everything, the next thing will be he’s interfering and protecting his friends. People, institutions were created to to be autonomous. Let them work and prosecute the suspects. The president was not involved at any stage of procurement. TIZ needs to respect the function and Independence of these institutions, they are under the mandate of the Constitution and not the president.

  12. But he already said that no one can force him to fire a Minister or anyone….. Let’s just vote wisely on 12th August this year and all this will come to an end otherwise expecting Mr. Lungu to take action against people in his inner circle is a share waste of time.


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