Mumbi Phiri calls for arrest of PF masqueraders smuggling mealie-meal

PF Deputy Secretary General Mrs Mumbi Phiri
PF Deputy Secretary General Mrs Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has called on security wings to clamp down mealie meal smuggling by bringing to book all the culprits including those masquerading as members of the ruling party.

Mrs Phiri explained that it is unfortunate that the said masqueraders are involved in mealie meal smuggling into neighbouring countries claim to have been permitted by the ruling party when infact not.

She said the ruling party does not support illegal activities like smuggling , yet some people say they have blessings of the party to avert being apprehended by security wings.

Mrs Phiri was speaking in Chililabombwe when she accompanied President Edgar Lungu for his Copperbelt working visit which included an address to miners at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

The party Deputy Secretary General called on the Police, the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and the Immigration Department to apprehend people involved in mealie meal smuggling unselectively as the ruling party does not condone the vice.

Ms Phiri said people purporting to engage in mealie meal smuggling in the name of the ruling party should be reported to the party secretariat so that they can be prosecuted in the courts of law.

She bemoaned the prevailing rampant trend of mealie meal smuggling as it contributed to high mealie meal prices on the local market negatively affecting the local communities.

Government has deployed ZNS officers in border areas to curb smuggling.


  1. Damn, this Mumbi Phiri is so aesthetically repulsive! God must have dozed off while he had her on the table of creation! Maybe it’s the baboons and monkeys they eat kwa whose genes are now manifesting themselves in these people’s faces. Look at Luo too, these people are still evolving towards homosapien!

  2. Only a puzzy would use a fake pseudonym to insult a sitting president. Be a man and reveal yourself when you insult if you are man enough

  3. Only a pu55y would use a fake pseudonym to insult a sitting president. Be a man and reveal yourself when you insult if you are man enough

  4. I can NEVER understand this illegality that has been perpetuated by governments since 1991. The likes of Davies Chama and Mumbi Phiri are employed by the PF party and not the taxpayer. Why do they accompany the State President on National trips? There is no difference with the President taking his girlfriend with him on national affairs. I hope that this will end with the next government, whoever will form it. If you carry party officials you should not be surprised that other parties do not come to your commissioning of projects financed with taxpayers’ money. Maybe we need a President who never experienced UNIP.

  5. What kind of a foolish ‘observation’ is this? Anyone who smuggles mealie meal cannot be PF – they can only be masquerading? Pathetic! We know different from all the documented cases and evidence over the years

  6. What a shame. Stopping someone to make ends meet for their families. And the profit they make is not even close to the monthly salary the Minister makes. The poor are always disadvantaged. You don’t work they look down at you, you try to work they bring you down s#it.

  7. Its easy for smugglers to use PF name to do illegality. Why? Because that’s what PF is all about. Illegal deals everywhere. When a thief is being chased by a mob, he won’t run to the police for protection, he runs to fellow criminals to hide. So PF is more or less a sanctuary.

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