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Doctors condemn the actions of Honeybee Pharmacy and the Government systems that allowed it


RDAZ statement on the parliamentary public accounts committee report on faulty Healthcare supplies in circulation

The Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) has as its primary mandate, to safeguard the welfare of all doctors in Zambia.RDAZ membership reports daily to the various frontlines of healthcare in order to deliver quality services to the Zambian people across the country.Our doctors continue to work tirelessly in the face of challenges,including the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The Association condemns in the strongest possible terms,the provision of unsafe,substandard health supplies to healthcare professionals.It is the expectation of our membership,particularly those working in public institutions,that they will be fully supported by Government in the service of Zambian patients.We serve in good faith,and-in compromising our ability to work safely by distributing defective personal protective equipment and supplies-our faith in the system has been sorely tested.The actions of Honeybee Pharmacy,perpetrated under government’s watch,have endangered the lives of the Zambian people and has betrayed the trust Zambians have placed in our healthcare system.It is unimaginable to consider the extent of damage to human life the substandard supplies have caused which include but not limited to unwanted pregnancies and infections from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV among others.

On behalf of our membership, RDAZ therefore,demands swift,exhaustive investigation and action to ensure that such an egregious dereliction of duty to healthcare workers and Zambian public will never again be sanctioned.We further call upon ZAMRA to enact an immediate and aggressive recall exercise of all substandard products.RDAZ will keenly follow up the proceedings,to ensure that the safety and confidence of our members and the public are once again restored.

For God and Country,

Dr.Isaac Sakala

President Resident Doctors Association of Zambia


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  2. I suspect that soon and very soon, ECL will be walking alone. I hv sufficient knowledge of humn nature. Even within PF I suspect that there are people who are displeased with this the same way we’re all pissed off.

  3. It is wise to wait until investigation are completed before pointing fingers. Also what is shocking to see is upnd donkeys putting th4 blame on the president’s office. The president is not in charge of deciding whether the rubber you use to sleep with your side chick is safe. There are independent bodies mandated to ensure products comply with our standards as a country. Do not reduce the president’s office to such things. Have some respect

    • Unless you are telling us that you have no relatives working in the medical field, what if they used those defective gloves? Remember if not infected your are affected. A normal human should be concerned about the plight of our health workers.

  4. It seems it’s you who has the donkey mentality.
    The truth is that this deal of supplying medicine between honeybee pharmacy and the corrupt Zambia government was facilitated by Lungu.
    Its public knowledge that Zakir Motala and lungu are good friends and Motal has free access to the corrupt Zambia president without any appointment.
    It is for this reason that Honeybee was awarded a contact of such a small amount of $17 million with out due diligence.
    Kaiser,where on earth could a company with no proven experience be given a pharmaceutical license without satisfying and providing creditable documents.
    You were part of this corruption and you so I am sure received a small kickback.
    No wonder enen that used condoms Tayali has even retracted his earlier statements.
    He was so…

  5. Kaiza be sensible sometimes. we r not talking about condoms only….wat about the gloves in clinics and hospitals that our doctors and nurses have been using. Its a sad state of affairs that health workers entrusted to safe guard life are susceptible to such substandard materials.

  6. An idyot is defined as a person affected with extreme intellectual disability. I want to add that I have no doubt that some *****s are not affected but infected with extreme intellectual disability. They vomit stinking vomits only fit from a rabid dog. When you have idyots in offices they ought not to have been, then you have low thinkers who after they have messed up in their pants, they want to ask others to come and investigate who has put poop into their pants.

    Surely are you normal to give a $17m contract to a company that has been registered for only six (6) days bane? A company with letters of recommendations from companies without physical and contact addresses? What does the ZPPA Act say? I hate to say this,but most of these criminals from Asia do not mean well for countries…

  7. What of the main association for doctors its quiet because Chilufya has put his stooges to head such organisations …I hope the sue these fooools!!

  8. Go query the independent bodies mandated with regulating and ensuring that products such as these meet the required standards. The president has not time and is not required to make a decision on something as petty as awarding a tender for supply of condoms. Let us be realistic for once and stop thinking using our political affiliations. This is why you lose elections. If you think the people will vote for you because of sub standard condoms then you are living in cuckooland

  9. For transparency and seriousness of the issue…the President can Suspended the whole management at the MoH including the minister…

  10. What about the gloves supplied to health facilities country wide…think of a doctor in the theatre…a nurse at labour ward and yet we r here trivialising this scam…life of innocent health workers has been to test!. Lets take responsibility for once. Condoms are not used by prostitutes and staff…but hospitals also give out to the communities as protective measures

  11. $17m was wastedknowing Zambian will do nothing,the President will do nothing nor show regret for lives lost, the ministry of Health is the source of money for empowerment funds and donations, Chilufya is the conduit,he can never be toouched.

  12. At this point, the boss should act. Visiting 200 flood victims is less important compared to this burden of mistrust. Almost everyone I meet seems to have lost confidence in our health system, including the health care workers. It’s not late for the president to act or even pretend to do something else the whole issue will shift to his office.

  13. Just ignore the impostor he has no affiliation to PF or to that individual he purports to be …simply trolling here for his own amazement

  14. This just plain murder at the hands of the Zambian govt, run by pathetic f000ls, looks like they are on a killing spree, shootings unsafe glove, condoms e.t.c…. And u want to protect the incompetent worst president on earth. The chap has failed 0 IQ bapub@

  15. To PF the top ministers and their families see nothing wrong with defective gloves as they are flown to SA for emergency surgery at the expense of taxpayers!!

  16. Well atleast govt has not paid them yet… how long does it take for this zimbabwean lab to send results anyways? Ours were quiet a quicky compared to these zim chaps

  17. Government systems that allowed it are corrupt, and as Lungu observed bureaucratic. The bureaucracy is deliberate so as to frustrate clients so that they can produce a bribe for someone in the civil service to speed things up. Corruption has been feeding on corruption. The civil service needs a shake up because the whole Zambia knows that it is where you can make fast money.

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