It’s dishonest to claim that President Lungu was a blessing and has brought good to Zambia-M’membe

Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe
Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

Zambia’s Socialist party reports that its President Fred M’membe has said that politicians must learn to argue with facts and figures. Dr. M’membe is the Socialist Party president.

In a statement issued from his Garden compound office, Dr. M’membe said politicians must attend to the quantitative aspect of a situation and make a basic quantitative analysis.

He stated that every quality manifested itself in a certain quantity and that without quantity, there could be no quality.
“To this day many of our politicians still do not understand that they must attend to the quantitative aspect of things – the basic statistics, the main percentages, and the quantitative limits that determine the qualities of things,” Dr M’membe stated.

“They have no figures in their heads and therefore cannot help making mistakes and wrong conclusions. Let’s learn to argue with facts, figures; let’s learn to have a head for figures.”

He added that it was: “crass dishonest” to claim that President Edgar Lungu was a blessing and has brought good to Zambia.
On Wednesday, They carried a lead story where Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba claimed that President Lungu was a blessing to Zambia who has brought good to Zambia.

“This claim is wrong because it agrees neither with facts over the years of Mr Lungu’s presidency, nor with the social facts, statistics are so far known to us,” Dr. M’membe argued, adding that rural poverty Lungu’s presidency is 76.6 percent.

“The three poorest provinces of our country – Western, Luapula and Northern provinces – have poverty levels of 82.2 percent, 81.1 percent, and 79.7 percent respectively.”

He stated that Zambia’s maternal mortality rate was 213 deaths/100,000 live births, infant mortality rate stood at 56 deaths/1,000 live births and physician density or doctor ratio is nine doctors/100,000 population.

Dr M’membe added that Zambia had a death rate of 11.6 deaths/1,000 population.

“Is this the good, the blessing Mr. Lungu has brought us?” Dr. M’membe asked. “The truth is the history of humankind is one of continuous development from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom. That is what dialectics teaches us. And this process is never-ending.”

He stated that in any society in which classes existed, class struggle would never end.

“The struggle between truth and falsehood will never end. Zambia’s problems are complicated, and our brains must also be a little complicated,” Dr. M’membe stated.

“Today our population is 17,426,623 (July 2020 est.) and at our current population growth rate of 2.89 per cent (2020 est) in the next 15 years our country’s population will more than double.”

He asked what life would be like for a doubled Zambian population in 15 years, in terms of food, water, sanitation, housing, education, health, transportation, and so on and so forth.


  1. We stopped listening to you a long time ago when we discovered you were just an opportunist. It’ crass dishonest on your part to claim you are the wealth of knowledge. Amano kwati ni Under. Get lost!

  2. Fred Mmembe himself is not a blessing to Zambia either . He’s brought division and stoked hatred in Zambia for many years.

  3. Actually refusing that is what is dishonest… Infact for you we shall call it intellectual dishonest because you are a lawyer who is denying facts that can be proven.

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  4. What a dunderhead Fred is. You’ve given current statistics, how are they compared to those in the past?? Ati ba party leader?? Politics mu Zambia kuwaya waya fye. Currently nothing is better than PF and that’s why they will win this year again.

  5. So the more malice is showered on the POTROZ out’a hate, envy and jealousy from all opposition disgruntled failures, the more the people of Zambia will support him as a matter of sympathy and loyalty to their king make one HE POTROZ ECL CICOTAFs.
    Our Comander In Chief Of The Armed Forces clobbered and fished you out’a ya disguising comfort- The Post. Your colors can’t be any “real’er” and any deeper. As you step up attacking him, we will also step up our love for him.

  6. Sitali Simui
    January 9, 2021 At 8:14 am

    “Actually refusing that is what is dishonest… Infact for you we shall call it intellectual dishonest because you are a lawyer who is denying facts that can be proven..”

    What facts can be proven ??? What drugs are you on ??

    The only thing people call good about lungu is building infrastructure using borrowed money , which my garden boy can do a better job, because Isaac my garden boy back home pays some of his salary from his products from the garden…..he produces.

    Lungu has failed to even payback the borrowed money. Useless……

  7. If ECL is a blessing to Zambia then the delusional Donald Trump is a blessing to USA. ECL is the worst President in Zambia’s history and so is Donald Trump to the United States. ECL is the worst thing that has happened to Zambia. We need a New President in August 2021 without a doubt.

  8. I have heard doctors say say, ‘A good Surgeon knows HOW to operate. A better surgeon knowns WHEN to operate, but the best surgeon knows WHEN NOT to operate.’ If we apply this to the presidency, we can say that a good president knows how to spend money, a better president knows when to spend but the best president knows when not to spend money. I leave it there.

  9. Who has put talk time into this man’s big head recently ? Because he is talking too much. We wish he could pay taxes as much as he talks.

    There is something about is shiny big bald head which screams “slap me” . I would pay good money to give his head some dirty slaps. He should consider doing that for charity.

  10. Why is LT giving him so much publicity? We don’t hear anything like this about Kalaba, Kambwili, Nawakwi nabambi nomba everyday ni ba Mmembe

  11. This President blocks HH from going to the Copperbelt because he is on the Copperbelt , where on earth mwebanthu, and next he is in church praying with the seventh day, with a straight face sure, unbelievable. October 18th national day of prayer and reconciliation must be revoked

  12. ECL is the worst President in Zambia since Independence in 1964. ECL is Zambia’s “Donald Trump “. He is delusional, Visionless,r corrupt and lawless. Come August 2021 even with Election Rigging ECL kuya bele! Zambia, needs Divine Intervention to get rid off ECL this year.

  13. In 15 years the population will double, what will the life be of a doubled population of Zambia, you ask. This is why the PF have focused on infrastructure development, expanding and building new roads, new hospitals, 600 health posts, new schools, new and expanded universities. All this is with an eye to the future. This is why you are no different from under five, who asked if we can eat roads.
    Mr kaizer Zulu, I have some spare kwacha in my pocket, please allow me to squeeze in that que to slap his nasty bold head.

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