Some Councils are ignoring my Ministry over Covid-19 measures, complains Charles Banda

Local Government Minister Dr Charles Banda
Local Government Minister Dr Charles Banda

Local Government Minister Dr. Charles Banda says some instructions being issued on covid-19 preventive measures by some local authorities have not been cleared by relevant authorities.

Dr. Banda has since cautioned that all local authorities that intend to issue statements on Covid-19 measures or any other policies must ensure that they receive blessings of the ministry which is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in order to enforce presidential directives appropriately.

Mr Banda reiterated that the directives by President Edgar Lungu during his last address on covid-19 measures in terms of bars and nightclub operations, restaurants, gyms, casinos, funerals among others are still in effect.

Some local authorities have issued various measures intended to stop the spread of covid-19 such as the ban on weddings and closure of bars among others.

Meanwhile, Kasempa District Commissioner Phelosopher Chandamali has implored residents in the area to adhere to the Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines in the resurgence of the pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS , Mr. Chandamali disclosed that the second wave of Covid-19 is real and Kasempa district is not spared.

“The District has recorded a number of case so far, therefore we should all adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines to curb the spread of the virus,” he said.

Mr. Chandamali said he did not expect to find anyone not wearing a face mask as his office distributed enough masks through various institutions.

“If the residents have disposed of the face masks, then that is a mistake because the face masks we gave them were reusable face masks,” he said.

He further warned the business community and the clergy that those who will be found wanting in adherence to Covid-19 guidelines will be dealt with.

“Any church, bar, shop and other businesses that will be found not complying with the preventive guidelines will be closed,” he warned.

Mr. Chandamali has therefore urged everyone to take Covid-19 seriously in order to curb the spread of the virus in the district and the nation at large.

He also warned civil servants who have a tendency of disregarding Covid-19 guidelines that if found wanting, his office will deal with them.


  1. Do as I say and not..?? Bwana, I hope this is an old picture. Have a mask when making such statements. #2 when your local govt come out, u are always on cross roads with others. Can u one day take led and talk on first hand information on the misgivings by your subordinates. You are among arm chair politicians calling shorts from afar

  2. This is one of the most useless ministers to grace our politics in recent years. Boss, you don’t have to squeeze necks of your subordinates into submission all the time, give them room for autonomy, they have brains like you, probably better than yours.

  3. It is because they have a mayor who spends all his time dancing and f00ling around on social media instead of doing the job he is paid to do. It’s the draw back of having attention seekers in public office.

    Nchimunya who was very close to me back in day will soon have enough of childish behaviour. I know her very well

  4. Meanwhile La7y Lungu is putting people’s lives at stake by allowing them to gather in stadiums in thousands waiting for him to arrive in his helicopter on his pointless trips in CB.

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