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Arrest Chomba Kaoma: HoneyBee Corruption Must Have Been with Lungu’s Blessing

Columns Arrest Chomba Kaoma: HoneyBee Corruption Must Have Been with Lungu's Blessing

By Otis Bwalya

Zambians this week have been treated to some bizarre revelations courtesy of the all too familiar corruption that takes place at the Ministry of Health. At the center of the Public Accounts Committee hearings was the little known and professionally unqualified kantemba company called Honey Bee Pharmacy which was not only awarded a $17million contract to supply health kits but also ended up supplying expired drugs and defective condoms & gloves to the Zambian people.

The genesis of how a company that had failed all the 20 ZAMRA mandatory test was awarded this contract is now public knowledge. However, what people appear not to be making a connection of is the involvement of Chomba Kaoma a very close associate of President Edgar Lungu. Social media is replete with images of the president going for jogging or state functions with Chomba Kaoma in tow. There is also a video which shows this very Chomba Kaoma talking about how he and his partner Honey Bee Director Zakir have been awarded a contract by ministry of health to supply drugs.

Chomba Kaoma
Chomba Kaoma

We hereby call for the immediate arrest of Chomba Kaoma who happens to be the friend to the President. Isn’t it a wonder that President Lungu, despite public outcry, has blatantly refused to even just comment on this scandal and daylight theft of taxpayers money? In a functional country even Dr Chitalu Chilufya and all his permanent secretaries would have long been fired. All those involved in this scandal would have been arrested and appearing in court. The only reason why president Lungu is not taking action over the Honey Bee saga is because it is too close to home. He probably has his fingers in the $17million through Chomba Kaoma.

This is the kind of theft and corruption that the zambian people must say no to. People’s lives have been put in grave danger by those defective condoms and gloves that were supplied. We cannot even begin to imagine the harm that has been occasioned by the expired drugs that were distributed by President Lungu and his friend.

As a country, we cannot allow this to continue unabated, we should all say no such criminality by making sure that come elections time in August this year we vote out this heartless regime which is rotten to the core and elect in UPND so that we redeem our country from these looters and plundered.

The Author is the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Information Publicity Secretary for Lusaka Province


  1. I think a press query ought to be sent to the ACC. Where are they? But then they’re entirely useless. Even if they move in, they will make a mess of both the investigation and the prosecution. So we’re damned if they move in and damned if they don’t.

  2. This is not achievement. This is amplified poverty. Show me u are powerful if u can make change in other people lives. Deliver quality drugs, deliver life saving equipment and then enjoy hard earned money ? to your dignity. Noti looting

  3. I agree…. These people must be arrested. They put millions of lives in danger. Am sure many have even died simply because the medication did not work or made their condition worse and died. Others have contracted STI’s or HIV bena ma unwanted mimba…. Arrest them all…

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  4. Anyone who understands pharmaceutical regulations ZAMRA must suspend Honeybee licence to protect people’s lives. Am still positive honeybee is still dispensing expired drugs and to avoid that please confiscate the certificates so that they only remain with counter medication.

    • Victor Malama and you think ZAMRA just like any other institution in Zambia under this kakistocracy thieving circus regime is professional. Everything is now cadrelised henceforth street adults masquerading as leaders are in charge

  5. Let PACRA tell us who are the directors of Honeybee are?Let ACC investigate how they were
    Awarded this contract?The scandal is too big to be swept
    Under the carpet.

  6. These idyots went out to clean out warehouses of trash. I tell you its difficult to dispose medical material in developed countries, so if African hyenas from Zambia has containers to load up trash, they ready even to sell $1 per kilo.
    Some of these thugs should just be executed… Trashing the country with rotten medicine manufactured in 1992, expired in 2012??

  7. I don’t know why it is taking so long for the police to act on this Chomba guy and all those involved. It is clear that they have to be made accountable for the many dangerous situations they have caused to us citizenry. We can’t just allow them to be rooming the streets freely when they have brought a lot of misery in our lives. So many people are affected by their reckless activities. Please ZP help us do justice and liberate our president. Your inaction as ZP is making people believe that our president has a soft spot on those chaps when infact not. He would also like to see law being applied non selectively.

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  8. So why didn’t you give this information to the PAC, ACC and ZP?? You publish it in the media and expect what?? Upnd are real donkeys!!!

  9. That is why ka MUNIR ZULU is standing as an independent, he has seen that he is not being favoured by the regime since his brother KAIZER ZULU was sacked by ECL.

  10. @ Nemwine, Dance is an understatement. When he was sworn in, in 2016 the youth were even claiming and banging on cars forcing motorists to give the PF sign. I would want to meet those youth and ask them what has changed in their lives today.

  11. That’s why lungu ran away to CB , up pretend he did not hear about the scandel ……..

    Same when police executed those 2 civilians at cabinet office , Lungu ran away to mfuwe to present he did not know anything……

  12. This is very sad indeed the confidence i had in this regime is completely finished.
    Its very inhumane to subject people to such defective gloves ,condoms and expired drugs.
    Imagine the health workers what they have been subjected too by using defective gloves ……..the effects
    the condoms how many people have acquired diseases by using defective condoms and the subsequent effect.
    The people involved in this knew what they were doing and should not be spared .

    Its time to speak out

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  13. Raymond Kabonga

    People who have been reading LT comments will remember , bloggers like Spaka , and about 5 others , forgive me , their names don’t spring up , were constantly warning Zambians about lungu….

    Everyone else thought jealousy…..

    The first signs of failure of a regime is blocking opposition, especially seeing how much the regime just spent , then to still go and block opposition ???

    Just know , no plane A or B or C ….

  14. The president is not the one who decides what products are fit for public consumption. Do not cheapen the president’s office to a condom regulating office. Our president is far too busy to be dealing with nkani yama condom. Let the investigation be concluded and then all those aggrieved can follow right channels to seek restitution. Also jogging with the president is not a crime. Any Citizen can join in and the president infect encourages people to exercise. Even hh can attend if he wanted

  15. Saturday road runs, this chomba always close to the high table, busy preaching healthy living after the Saturday jogging but feed the masses with defective drugs and condoms.

  16. @ Kaizar Zulu, @ Patriotic Zambia is confirmation of your status, sacked by ECL, why has PF ostracized Munir Zulu – he paid ECL K185,000

  17. Kaizar Zulu January
    10, 2021 At 12:57 pm

    “The president is not the one who decides what products are fit for public consumption. ……”

    KZ , the buck stops st lungu , he has the power to bring this corruption frenzy to a halt , he needs to have a press conference to address the concerns of the nation and suspend those directly responsible pending a report ……

    Instead lungu acts like he is deaf and dumb…….even sign language passes him

  18. As much as I know PF is corrupt ba UPND naimwe you must come up with more evidence than what you are publishing here.. Here you need to learn from the late Sata. He always had information that he released with fsolid evidence.
    As an opposition you must have better sources than “he probably has his fingers ….” The suspect must be arrested not because he happens to be the friend to the President. Ba UPND leave these Kachepa accusations to the news media. You should be more serious. We need a better option than PF!

  19. Why do you blame the president for a simple issue which can be handled by qualified organizations in the country. Do not use calumny to promote your business. I am not a politician but we need to learn not to politicize every scandal. The President might not even be aware of the deal ,and you jump directly by defaming the name of the president. The country has a legal system .Your KANTEMBA MEDIA should not that defamation of character its a crime a you can be jailed. (However, to prove defamation, the Court must be satisfied that; 3.1 the statement must be defamatory; 3.2 the statement must refer to the claimant, viz, identify him/her; 3.3 the statement must be published, that is, communicated to at least one person other than the claimant.) We need a complainant in every case .Do not do auto-justice .As long as the guy is apprehended leave the case into the hand of the right people. Be careful the way you come out with some of your statements.

  20. Quite African chiefs were laughed at for selling their subjects into slavery after being bribed with mirrors, whisky etc. There were no BMW and Mercedes cars in those days. In modern times, those prepared to condemn their fellow citizens are bribed with modern toys. The underlying mentality of the African is still the same.

  21. akapS – I don’t know why you waste your energy debating with a UK based impostor with no affiliation to PF…go to K Z,s page and compare with this boy here.

  22. Kabwata Car Wash wins US$ 1 million tender to supply 46 4×4 vehicles to Judiciary – This is another procurement scandal in waiting. Zambia has lost billions of Kwacha through procurement system does not any standard and process. You do not need a middle man to procure certain services because they increase the overall costs of the product.


    What more warning do people want ?

  23. When things in an organization goes wrong we blame the CEO. The president can only clear his name by firing the ones responsible. But if you keep quiet as the CEO you’re just tarnishing your name when the President is innocent. Opposition will take advantage, don’t give opposition the chance to further their political mileage on straight & simple issues by keeping quiet.

  24. Ecl is associated with questionable characters.
    These morons must be caged in prisons for the rest of their lives,how heartless could they be.

  25. I read all comments – you are all missing the point. We need to ask when Tayali’s press conference is going to be held with scrap paper’s purporting to be evidence. Ndelolela

  26. Zambia under corrupty PF, it is corruption scandal after corruption scandal. Yes, Chilufya is fired, what of his permanent secretaries? Who can believe that Miti then did not know Kapoko dealings?


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