Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya must resign over the HoneyBee Scandal

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Chingola has asked the Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya to resign from his position for allowing his ministry to procure expired drugs, condoms and gloves.

Speaking on Iwave radio yesterday afternoon on Programme dubbed, “the community platform”, Chingola District vice Chairman for politics Alex Mwale said Dr. Chilufya must resign for endangering Zambian lives. Mr. Mwale stated that how many people have risked their by these expired drugs and condoms as revealed by PAC?

“If Dr. Chitalu can’t resign on his own, then we expect President Edgar Lungu who is his appointing authority to fire him especially that this is not the first time his ministry has involved itself is in a similar scandal”, Mr Mwale demanded.
Mr. Mwale added that should President Lungu fail to relieve Dr. Chilufya of his duties, Zambians will be justified once they start speculating that President Lungu is in support of the wrong things happening at the ministry of health. “Zambians should not expect such things of buying expired drugs to be happening under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema and this is the reason why we want him to be the Republican President after August 12 this year”. Mr. Mwale added.

On KCM Mr. Mwale reminded the listeners that without pressure from UPND, Vedanta would have been running KCM to date. “Since we are the ones who forced government to act against vedanta, we are also demanding that let the Liquidator (Mr. Milingo Lungu) pay miners’ severance package at once and not in three installments,” said Mwale. He further demanded that KCM must be sold as a unit and not splitting it into two companies because this will mean that each company will have it’s condition of service for their employees. “It is also possible that the two buyers for Konkola Mineral Resources Limited and Konkola Smelterco limited are small companies that may not even be capable of running the mines,” explained Mr Mwale.

Earlier, Mr. Mwale told listeners that as UPND just like many Zambians, we were shocked to learn that President HH was blocked by state security from leaving Lusaka to the copperbelt where he was scheduled to attend the burial for Copperbelt our Youth Chairman the late Ronald Bwalya Manenga MHSRIP who died in a road accident just because President Lungu was also on the copperbelt. “Where on earth have you ever heard someone being stopped from mourning their loved ones?” Mr. Mwale asked.
When time for calling in came, all the callers except for two agreed with Mr. Mwale and pledged to vote for HH and all UPND candidates in this year’s general elections.


  1. All those who used those expired condoms gather here so we can form an association and sue the ministry for compensation. I’m speaking on behalf of my neighbour who ordered 5 cartons of honeybee condoms,I just discovered there is one carton remaining

  2. If it were up to upnd, they would fire the whole PF from GRZ!! The relevant authorities are investigating the matter and will soon prosecute all involved. On KCM, the upnd chairman for mines called on GRZ to hand KCM back to Vedanta, so what is this

  3. Nothing will happen, country is rotten to the core, govt kills more of it’s own people than crime. We are in trouble with this pathetic f000ls govt

  4. An investigation is ongoing and has not been concluded and yet these overzealous cows from upnd expect the president to fire a minister. How can you fire someone based on political unsubstantiated allegations? If this is how upnd think, imagine if they ever got power- they would arbitrarily decide Cases which are before the court. Their leader would be the legislature, executive and judiciary. Pure dictator. That is why he has been standing for over 5 times

  5. What nonsense! This story is devoid of truth.
    Just listen to comments from upnd supporters. Listening to them alone, you would think the world is ending tomorrow.
    1. “Don’t believe everything you hear: Real eyes, Realize, Real lies”.

    2.”And everyday I read the paper, there’s another lie. They show my picture for the crimes of another guy.

  6. They are hoping this will go away if they don’t say anything, they only way to keep this alive is suing them all for gross negligence. How I miss the likes of William Harrington he would have already file papers…you will see the likes of Tayali and the Mwanza girl working very hard this week so everyone looks the other side.

  7. Some things will never change – So what’s the truth…did you not watch the live PAC on social media …what is there to tell lies when it was all out in the open I mean who get a licence in less than 8 hours on a weekend after the contract has already been issued.= to you.

  8. @Tarino

    A huge number of Asian/Indian origin have direct links with lungu this was the same with Rupiah

    These lot have made millions through corrupt tenders. These Indians bankrolled both presidents on their campaigns.

    The only way we can get bottom of this is a new government comes in and investigate each ministry.

    I don’t know if you remember a gentleman called Paul Russell (MBE) he was the head of ACC plenty of politicians were investigated with corruption. Under Chilubas regime his contract was terminated, he then moved to Malawi.

    We all know what happened under chilubas regime

  9. Please people who does that and the appointing authority has keep quite. Chilufya you need to step down before we protest against your boss as well. We need an enquiry into this and everyone involved must be brought to book. Zambia is not your play ground have respect for life.

  10. Those calling for the resignation of the minister are trying to tap water from a rock. In Zambia, ministers don’t resign on themselves regardless of the circumstances.Siffering a scandal is just part of the job

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  11. It’s not the first time there have been financial scandals in the health ministry. The ultimate person in charge has to take responsibility and do the honorable thing, resign. This would be either because they have been directly involved or have failed or ignored to stem the corrupt levels and lack of the adherence to proper procurement procedures. Some of you are myopically asking ‘is it him who signed’? The buck stops with him. The reason why there is no integrity in processes in Zambia and corrupt activities continue in broad daylight, is because of the likes of some citizenry on this forum who continue to defend the indefensible or are scared of having the bowl they lap from, from being taken away from under their greedy snouts.

  12. Chilufya has now been fired – just after I sent my last blog arguing that he needed to have resigned. Lungu should not merely fire through a statements, he needs to hold Press conferences to tabulate what has been going on. This is populist and cowardly way of doing things – only confirms the numerous skeletons in his cupboard

    • @Harold Muna, please remind me has he ever held a press conference other than national addresses? He knows if he held a press conference he would be roasted by the media. So to avoid the embarrassed avoid the press.

  13. Those of you here who were defending Chilufya and seeing no need for him to be fired, what is your take now? Shows how shallow you have always been. Defending the indefensible without reasoning or any shame whatsoever.

  14. Harold, you are right, this man needs to make a statement, show emotion and actually speak to people. Everything is through his press aide. I swear Chipampe can decide to fire anyone and Lungu would just be surprised, we never hear him speak.

  15. Ba LuLu has awoken from a terrible Jameson hangover and has just fired matwi-matwi. Now let the acc do the needful and arrest this mongrel. Enough of these thieving cretins .

  16. Zatho…stop this nonsense. You wouldn’t even be wasting time on this blog If you were able to make such kind money using your imaginary business. Please there is no easy way to making money. Work hard period!!!

  17. This thieving minister has sine been fired, I wonder though one had to do so much damage through corruption before Jameson Lungu arose from his whisky slumber for fire that thieving Congolese crook.

  18. Fired today and the pf baggers where saying that it is just a rumour concerning expired medicine and condoms.can you now justify the guiltness of chitalu.

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