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President Lungu’s Visit has rejuvenated the Party on the Copperbelt-Musukwa

Feature Politics President Lungu's Visit has rejuvenated the Party on the Copperbelt-Musukwa

The Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson for Mobilisation Richard Musukwa has said that the visit to the Copperbelt Province by President Edgar Lungu has rejuvenated the Party in the region.

Mr. Musukwa said that the thunderous welcome given to the President has shown that the PF is still strong on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Musukwa said that people lined up the streets despite having been discouraged just to have a glimpse of the President.

Mr. Musukwa said that President Lungu does not take this support for granted and will pay back by providing the people with key infrastructure such as roads.

He told ZNBC news that miners at KCM and Mopani are happy with the assurance that was given by the President regarding their welfare.

Mr. Musukwa said miners and suppliers on the Copperbelt should not be lied to by any one because President Lungu has publicly told them that he will protect their interest.

He said Copperbelt will in August show the opposition that elections are won on the ground and not social media.

Mr. Musukwa said this time around there will be no apathy on the Copperbelt because people want the PF to continue in office.

He said while the opposition is busy promoting propaganda, the PF is providing development to the people.

PF members listening to President Lungu
PF members listening to President Lungu

PF members listening to President Lungu
PF members listening to President Lungu


  1. Rejuvenated covid on copper belt.
    Yes HH should campaign on zoom and in cars, the Biden way.
    Watch, Inonge may complete the last 6 months remaining for PF.

  2. Where are the Pictures to show “the thunderous welcome”? In Mufulira ECL failed to address a Rally due to poor turnout. PF will be shocked when Kopala votes for the Opposition in August 2021. People are Angry and Hungry for Change.All Urban Centres will vote for the Opposition.ECL has an uphill Battle to garner the 50%+1 vote threshold to win the 2021 Presidential Elections. Even if the State Captured Concourt grants him an illegal Third Term ECL cannot win the August 2021 Elections. Rigging alone will not deliver Victory to ECL. Donald Trump’s fate in the USA awaits ECL.Time will tell!

  3. Ba Musukwa,how many times do want to humiliate your visionless man?
    He was humiliated in mufulira where he found out the truth.Ala bane kuno takuli icenu…and I want to urge the Zambian people to boycott all PF rallies country wide if we are to see the real change in the way is supposed to be governed…….WHY should the PF continue campaigning and block others from participating as though they are the only PATE as their SG calls it?
    Together we can…….Let us fine tune the minds of this corrupt quacks by shunning their rallies.

  4. Story izibika. When I said, 2 years ago, that pf is winning I was called crazy and an election thief. Now we are seeing the fruit of our hard labour. Our party and government have worked extremely hard. The people will show their appreciation by voting for us so that we can continue to develop the country

  5. These trumpism politics of filling stadiums is no longer a measure of winning elections. Biden who used to have few crowds walloped Trump even after he filled up stadiums with his cadres.

  6. Rejuvenations in Kitwe was met with Lungu being booed, in Mufulira Lungu left an empty stadium being caricatured as “Kabiye uko kwine” as he flew out with a copper. KZ check mate, where have you hidden Munir Zulu

  7. Just look at how packed that enclosed hall is with people…any responsible leader would not allow such during a pandemic BUT La7y Lungu doesnt care about you no wonder he is happy to give you expired drugs, defective products.

  8. Muna it is quite f00lish to expect a full stadium in the midst of a pandemic. I am not munir’s keeper. If you are so concerned about his wellbeing why not reach out to him via social media? Or is that not politically convenient for you?

  9. Don’t cheat yourself bwana,there is no pf in copperbelt.we are ready to eat your money but our votes belongs to upnd,kwasila

  10. According to the upnd bloggers here, pf have lost support. And yet in the by elections held 2 weeks ago, upnd lost 2 seats to us. Come 2021 they will wonder how pf won and yet the writing is on the wall. Stop living in denial

  11. Pf trying to cheat some Zambians with short memories. Under Pf it is one scandal after another. They don’t deserve another term. How does one press a trigger on an unarmed person running for safety. You don’t have my vote

  12. OK honestly. Kaizar & musukwa. This courage awe. We know what is in CB and it’s not PF. Give us answers to honey bee, worst crime against Zambians and it’s medical professionals. Don’t u even feel ashamed to come and lie to us (insoni ebuntu). Elo ba chagwa lungu, save yourself by doing the right thing on this issue we need answers, firings, arrests and lasting solutions from credible minds not ba lusambo or booty licking comrades surrounding you

  13. This is wishful thinking by PF. With high cost of living, high unemployment, poor Governance, corruption, killings of unarmed and innocent Citizens by Police etc how will Angry and Hungry Voters vote 4 ECL and PF? PF is daydreaming. Zambians are not stupid and are anxious to vote 4 change. Time will tell.

  14. ‘My people love me.’ Idi Amin
    ‘My people love me.’ Muammar Gaddafi.
    ‘The people like me very much.’ Donald Trump
    We all know what happened thereafter.

  15. @KZ Munir Zulu is your kin brother, more comfortable to hear from you he’s safe and ruminating over his fate, ostracized from your idolised PF party.

  16. The unfortunate part is that the opposition is nowhere to take advantage of PF’s blunders. It looks like UPND has given up on the Copperbelt. The small parties of Kalaba Kambwili Nawakwi will just come and feed on the dejected miners in Mufulira

  17. @The Saint Gaddafi was never removed by his people. He was removed by bazungu, the west as we know them, because he was a threat to their oil interests. Libyans in the majority loved him. Idi Amin and Trump I think are in the same boat: loathed by their own population

  18. Looks like an indoor super-spreader event! Well done Mr. President.

    When the “hon” minister reads the numbers next, let him report on how many who attended this indoor rally came down with and perhaps even die from COVID. Talk about the party faithful – only to tempt fate in the name of political fealty is nuts.


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