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President Lungu’s Visit to the Copperbelt was Productive and Very Successful-Nathan Chanda


Copperbelt PF Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda has described the Head of State’s visit to the Copperbelt as productive and very successful.

On his three days tour on the Copperbelt, President Edgar Lungu toured Lubambe Copper Mine in Chililabombwe, visited Konkola Copper Mines, Mopani Copper Mines, and met with Mine Unions.

I want to start by expressing gratitude that the coming of the President has given hope to the miners on the Copperbelt. His visit to Mopani and KCM has demonstrated that the Head of State wants to protect the interest of the Zambian miners despite some other people wanting to frustrate the Head of State from meeting the miners.

The assurance that the Head of State will not look back but remain focused on improving the welfare of the mining industry, demonstrate that Zambia has a leader who puts the interest of workers first.

This is the win-win situation that we want in the mining sector. President Lungu has continued to create a favorable environment for investment in the country which should benefit the local people.

We also feel that the assurance that no mine will be closed in Zambia, is a sign that his PF Government will continue to protect jobs on the Copperbelt.

As Copperbelt, we will continue to give His Excellency President Edgar Lungu the Support to drive the agenda for Zambia in line with the 7NDP of not leaving anyone behind.

The unprecedented developmental projects that President Lungu has sprouted out to all the ten districts in the province and beyond justifies why he deserves another mandate from the Zambian people, particularly those dwelling on the Copperbelt.

Contrary to reports in some sections of the media that believe in illusions, lied that President Lungu had a failed rally at Mufulira’s Shinde Stadium, the PF has penetrated all areas in the province including rural ones, which were once a preserve of the opposition.

The Copperbelt PF Chief said Shinde Stadium was just a temporal place that was designated as a landing bay for the Presidential Chopper and thereafter proceeded to address party officials at Sunset Motel which he did and was successfully under Covid-19 health guidelines.

Mr. Chanda was speaking in Ndola at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport after seeing off President Lungu that the party on Copperbelt has gained momentum and no opposition political party has the muscle to challenge it.

Mr. Chanda added that the physical inspection of the road projects by President Lungu will result in accelerated execution of the works by the contractors whose part of funds have already been released.

He has since challenged contractors who are going to work on Luanshya and Chililabombwe roads that are in very bad State and Mufulira-Ndola to embrace new technologies that enable them to undertake road projects even in the rainy season without suspending their works in the rain season.

Mr. Chanda also commended party members for having responded positively to the party leadership’s call on the members not to turn out in huge numbers in order to avert further spread of COVID 19 whose figures on confirmed cases are already scaring.

He said, “We want as a party to commend our members for positively responding to our call on the need to strictly adhere to COVID 19 guidelines as guided by the ministry of health.”


    • Thank mufulira your shinde snubbing has made him take the honey away from the bee. Fired, now tayali can report him to police, since he said he can only do that if they are not in the system, whatever that means.

  1. Honestly its so true that never judge a book by its cover, I had always talked bad about the spiritual healers because I lived a very good life with a nice business and had a nice family with my husband and our two kids. I always thought that they were scammers and crooks and I never believed that anyone can solve someone’s problems . I could rudely reply to the posts about the healers with insults little did I know that one day they will help me. It started when a strange disease attacked one of my kids for several months. The eldest child could get an attack and he faints with lots of saliva from his mouth and mucus fluids from his nose. I visited most of the big hospitals in South Africa but the doctors couldn’t see the disease. I went to pastors, certain healers, prophets and priests but couldn’t see any change. I sold all of my properties and lost my businesses since I didn’t have time for them as wanted to save my son’s life. We lost everything. My husband started losing interest in me, disrespected me, insulted me in front of our kids, all my in-laws hate me. He always said that I had a curse of bad luck that I brought to the family. I was left with no hope. The worst point of it is when my husband started cheating on me with a rich well-known business woman which I won’t mention her name. I got depressed and wanted to kill myself. One of my closest friend noticed my situation and I explained to her what was going on in my life. She just gave me a phone number and told me that just a single call will be a solution to all my problems. My friend called profisma and made an appointment to go to his office and on that date, my friend picked me very early in the morning and took me there. I explained everything to her. He asked us to go back and bring the sick kid and we did so. He cast his spells and after a few hours, my son was healed and never had the attacks again up to date. After three days my husband came back home and apologized to me. He gave me a ring for my business and as I speak now am not complaining. I got back everything. Call or whatsapp him on +27783320386. Really he made me have life again

  2. I was called for an emergency meeting with the president earlier today, I am sure you have all heard the news relating to the former minister of health. We will continue to investigate this matter and take swift action. Contact our ministry of information for any queries.

  3. These people have surely failed. How do you allow your minister to procure fake medicines at a very high cost? The man together with his Permanent Secretary must be jailed.

    This alone has caused you to lose popularity. I can never vote for you anymore.

  4. Abena Mufcane tebakwangala nabo. During Kapwepwe’s time they sent a big message to UNIP then. They are still a power to reckon with

  5. Yea right. Last year before x mass I also took a couple of days to see how how things were going at my farm in mushili. It was successful
    Now don’t ask me what that means ok?!!

  6. Iwe, did you also report the bad state of the town road in luanshya ka chanda??
    Keep cheating to yourselves ,your end is near..

  7. There are just a few idyots in Lusaka eating with Lungu and idyots like Chanda, Mwila, Ntewewe, Peter Chanda, Lusambo, Chiza, Spuki, Pule etc who are with Lungu and will give him 20 votes as a disqualified candidate. Real Zambians have moved on the Mufulira and Luanshya way.

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