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Termination of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya’s Appointment is Not Enough, Prosecution must be Initiated


The opposition Socialist Party has said that the termination of the appointment of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as Minister of Health by President Edgar Lungu was long overdue.

In a statement to the media, Socialist Party General Secretary Dr. Cosmas Musumali said that the termination of Dr. Chilufya’s appointment is however not sufficient and demanded that all the money spent on the procurement must be paid back to the people of Zambia.

Dr. Musumali further said that prosecution must also be initiated against the entire team that was involved in this procurement, including the suppliers of the fake medicines and defective supplies.

Below is the full statement

Press Statement of the Socialist Party on the termination of appointment of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as Minister of Health

The Socialist Party views the termination of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya’s appointment as Minister of Health by President Edgar Lungu as action that was long overdue.

At the centre of the current corruption scandal is a procurement of USD 17 million worth of fake medicines, leaking condoms and gloves. Apart from the immense amounts of money involved. Thousands of lives of our citizens are endangered by this act of greed and impunity.

The termination of Dr. Chilufya’s appointment is however not sufficient. All the money spent on this procurement must be paid back to the people of Zambia. Criminal prosecution must also be initiated against the entire team that was involved in this procurement. This includes the suppliers of the fake medicines and defective supplies.

This procurement scandal is just one of the many involving the Ministry of Health. Easier access to donor funding, a glaring lack of internal controls, a compromised role of the Ministry of Finance and an Office of the President that has continually been co-opted in a parasitic relationship with the Ministry of Health have all contributed towards the never-ending decay of this key Ministry.

The issue at hand therefore goes beyond Dr. Chilufya. We are dealing with a government agency, like many others, that has nurtured corruption and made it part of its culture.

The newly appointed Minister of Health, Dr. Jonas Chanda, will end up the same way. The greediness and individualism embedded in neo-liberal capitalism compromises the chances for accountability and a leadership that is answerable to the masses of our people. It creates arrogant and little monsters out of would be leaders.

Statement Issued by:
Dr. Cosmas Musumali
Socialist Party
General Secretary,
Nahubwe Area, Itezhitezhi
January 10, 2021.


  1. Thats what must follow next and our toothless law prosecuting authorities are quiet or perhaps they haven’t received the official report. This man has put the lives of many poor people in danger and dilemma

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  3. All those that used expired drugs, faulty test kits, condoms and gloves, lets Sue this ministry of health. They have endangered our lives and they seem very calm with it.

  4. Exercising his thesis. Communism is less corrupt? Hahaha, aske the Russians, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles, Czechs etc. Why did they all ditch communism?

  5. The president does not act to please your insatiable appetite, you very ugly hard hearted man. The president is not there to decide whether or not the former minister is guilty. The president has acted based on public interest and after having considered the evidence before him. He has taken a proportionate approach. It’s for the courts and authorities to decide further action to take. We live in a country with rule of law. Fuseke

  6. Mr. Musipikili if you want Dr. Chilufya prosecuted go and complain to the law enforcement authorities like Chilufya Tayali does. The President has already done what the citizens wanted.

  7. Dr CRIMINAL and ALL his CAHOOTS, SPONSORS & BACKERS must face the wrath of the Zambian people. WE SHALL RECOVER ALL THE MONIES. INTERPOL is on standby! There will be no place to run or to hide. Mukalangasha ifi doyo mu njema bakatiyo! Lelo lelo!


  9. @KZ

    Firstly are a criminal by profession and nothing else.

    Chilufya has blood on his hands. How many people have died and been affected by honey bees expired drugs, damaged condoms.

    Lungu is involved in this scandal by getting a chunk of the proceeds. Mr motals is well connected with state house especially lungu the thief

  10. Scouser you have no facts until the investigation is fully completed and the results are made public. We live in a democratic society where the maxims of innocence until proven guilty apply. This is not hh farm where only he is the alpha and omega.

  11. Thing is Chilufya may not have been personally responsible for ordering the materials in question. Technocrats may have been responsible. It’s therefore necessary to be cautious in assigning all manner of blame on the former minister until more is known regarding the whys and wherefores.

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