Saturday, June 22, 2024

George compound thugs apprehended


Police in Lusaka have arrested five male suspects aged between 21 and 25 for terrorizing residents of George compound.

The suspects are alleged to have damaged window panes for some houses in George Compound.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed in a press statement to the media yesterday that suspects identified as Kennedy Mbao, John Phiri, Cosmas Bwanda, Joseph Phiri, and Mwila Banda all of George Compound have been charged with malicious damage of property.

Ms Katongo said they have all been detained in police custody awaiting court appearance.

She disclosed that one of the accused persons was found with a sharp knife and it has been kept as an exhibit.

The Police Spokesperson revealed that there has been an increased number of complaints from members of the public in George compound concerning the unruly youths terrorizing members of the public for unknown reasons.

She said Police have embarked on an operation aimed at getting rid of such criminal acts and all members of the public with information that could be helpful in this operation are advised to report to the police.


  1. The police know all the communities very well we wonder what has happened to plain clothes detectives in the service have they been retrenched because they seem to be many steps behind with correct position in our societies.

  2. Too bad! Dudley’s self induced suffering leaving a wife and Children in squalor is beyond imagination. What befell him?

  3. The police know the culprits behind all this nonsense. These youths are just being used by selfish individuals for their own selfish ends. These boys will regret having been lured into these criminal activities with the sole purpose of instilling fear into these communities. The evil sponsors will not succeed. Zambia shall be free.

  4. Prepare for more gangs like this Esther. I understand there are criminologists in your mother ministry, the Ministry of Home Affairs. If they’re practising it as per book, they ought to know that the first mistake was made 56 years ago by Kenneth Kaunda’s govt. The UNIP government revoked the colonial government’s influx control laws without sitting dwn to agree on wht to replace the laws with.

  5. Let your people in uniform and occupying nice built houses follow the thugs and crooked individuals malingering along the roads & streets north of chibolya school lusaka who are committing robberies in broad daylight. These are the same thugs who visited your offices to cause mayhem and violence. Its a breeding ground for thuggery & if possible barricade or demolish the place for easy monitoring.

  6. If opposition politics is a crime, why does the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Registrar of Societies allow opposition political parties to operate? If the police are professional, their eyes should be on the ball.

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