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Government saddened that Agencies tasked to Enforce COVID-19 Guidelines have stopped doing their Job


Government is saddened that agencies tasked to enforce Covid-19 measures have relaxed as most guidelines are not being implemented.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Dora Siliya said Cabinet observed in its first meeting of 2021 held virtually, that measures announced by President Edgar Lungu to combat the spread of the Covid pandemic have not been seriously observed and implemented.

“Cabinet Meeting observed that enforcement Agencies had relaxed and that most of the measures were not being implemented as announced by …the President”, said Ms Siliya.

According to a press statement issued to ZANIS on Monday, Ms Siliya urged the general public to adhere to the announcement made by the President on the partial reopening of bars, taverns, and night clubs which were allowed to only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

The minister said Cabinet has since directed the ministry of Health to collaborate with all other ministries involved in the fight against the covid-19, to enforce the Covid 19 measures announced by President Lungu during his National Address on 25th June, 2020.

Ms Siliya pointed out that President Lungu is concerned about the Covid pandemic in view of the new strain which has not spared the country.

Ms Siliya who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said its mandatory for everyone to mask up in public, observe social distancing, avoid unnecessary crowding and movements, and observing personal hygiene and coughing etiquette.

The minister reminded establishments to continue providing facilities for hand hygiene and sanitation, and undertake regular cleaning and disinfecting of public amenities.

Ms Siliya disclosed that Cabinet approved the National Cyber Security Policy which will ensure that effective mechanisms are put in place for a well-coordinated governance framework on cyber security to foster a secure, reliable, and trustworthy cyber environment.

“Government, through this Policy, will take responsibility for ensuring that the public sector, private sector, and civil society are not only aware of the dangers of cyberspace, but also that the respective sectors take necessary measures of securing themselves”, said Ms Siliya.

The minister expressed confidence that the cyber security policy will assist in inculcating a culture of cyber security and protect victims against cybercrimes and guide the mechanism of coordinating cyber security matters.

Ms Siliya stressed the need for developing high local technical skills in cyber security to provide for Child Online Protection and promotion of responsible use of social media platforms.


  1. That is why I stick to the recommendation I gave the president to roll out the lusambo enforcement system to the rest of the country. It is very effective. A few whlps and slaps will do the trick.

    • Exactly what the Financial Intelligence Center reports have been saying for a long time now, the same Politically Exposed Persons who are supposed to be safe guarding our monies are the same ones who have been doing wrong things for a long time now. The name Edgar Chagwa Lungu was on Chitalu Chilufyas mouth at any given occasion even where not necessary, everybody could see that he was over doing it as a safe guard valve against dismissal which eventually did burst. Those praising the president in over drive must be quizzed a bit and see what lies beneath those unwarranted praises

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  3. Damn….. always passing on the buck. Which party has been campaigning and crisscrossing this patch of Savannah called Zed ? Blame game specialists….

  4. We need not to enforce wearing of masks, what I don’t hear as sensitization is telling people to wear the masks CORRECTLY, if you go everywhere including the chain stores both shop workers, the tellers and the managers as well as the shoppers will have the nose out or the mask or the mask will simply be worn as a necklace, we need to move to high gear and advise people to wear their masks correctly, if they are not wearing the masks correctly it is as good as leaving these masks at their home – That must be the very important message

  5. This is unfortunate news to learn that agencies which were expected to spearhead the fight on Covid took a relaxed position. Time to get active and implement the measures like yesterday for the sake of saving lives which could potentially be lost. I propose Displinary measures for those found wanting.

  6. When I remember how this lady used to insult Sata, and she is now a minister in Satas party, I just feel the whole of the PF leaders are just treacherous to Sata. Very sad. this lady must not have come anywhere nearer to the PF Party


  8. Now Chilufya is out of picture this woman is out in the open…the useless Religious minister is also nowhere to be seen.

  9. is this not the reason you shut down prime tv? That they refused to sensitise people for free? So who else is not doing what you want them to do on your behalf for free? Please revoke their licenses too.

  10. The observation by Hon. Dorika Saleyi is correct. Its like we Zambians don’t take matters seriously at a personal level and would wait for Higher Authorities to impose strict rules for us to comply. I really wonder how some people are complaining that Hon. Bossman Lusanko has constituted a multi-sectoral squad that is going around city ensuring that bars, tarvens, night clubs and restaraunts operate according to scheduled operating hours whipping patrons etc. Hey I may not be a Human Rights expert but where there is danger of Covid-19 its important that those in authority go into top gear to impose stiffer control measures otherwise when people get infected and start dying in large numbers it will us the same people crying out to PF-GRZ ati “BOMA YIYANANE PO”. Even in Lusaka CBD…

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