Legalize prostitution- Kabwe Lawyer pleads


A Kabwe prominent Lawyer has called upon law makers to legalise prostitution to reduce cases of sexual offences.

Mulilo Kabesha said he is worried that despite offenders given stiffer punishments by the courts of law, sexual offences are still high in the country.

ZANIS reports that the Kabwe based Lawyer was reacting to a 30 year sentence slapped on a 61 years old Mumbwa man who defiled a minor.

“If prostitution was legalized the man might have gone for them and reserve the young girls who are going through trauma in their lives,” Mr Kabesha noted.

He stressed that as long as prostitution continues to be an illegal act, sexual related offences will still be on the increase.

Mr Kabesha elaborated that legalizing prostitution will give relief to men with sexual appetite as long as fees are reasonable.

He further explained that prostitution is an old profession which has existed for far too long and the law makers should not deliberately give it a blind eye because it exists and all it needs is some legislation to back it up.


  1. This is a very dull lawyer. How does legalising the payment for dumbwiza lead to reduce seksual offences? The same criminals can still abuse those women even after they have paid or even refuse to pay them after wards. I think this man has got the benefits for taxing these women confused with the point he raised. Also, we are a Christian nation. Leave those ideas with upnd diasporans who pay for dumbwiza that side of the world because women there are very apprehensive about bIack people

    • Patricia Pam Mwankon
      I made my point, I hope you didn’t only see one word. I started that way so that you can understand that being a Liberal is not always as good as you think.
      The only best way for people is to be Christian Conservatives. There’s nothing underworld or no one living above this soil, who’s more cleverer than JEHOVAH GOD.
      And adopting habits of all which makes him upset isn’t being very educated or more cleverer. Bupubafye, nibukolwe fye because HE’s ALMIGHTY. You can’t replace his laws by your own man-made.

    • Bwalya Clifford if things are happening doesn’t mean now that there good. We know that satanists chop parts of Albinos all the time and sleeping with under 5 infants, by virtue of these happening doesn’t mean that the country can now legalize them.
      Never. Nature of life doesn’t work like that.

    • Peneshi George Kafubu

      There is a big difference between Prostitution and killing of a human being, – which constitutes to a breach of fundamental human right in particular the right to life.

      You cannot equate the two!

    • Bwalya Clifford You just can’t defend prostitution firstly if you’re a Christian. By the way, defending it as you have done even though you can call yourself a Christian, you ain’t. Jesus Christ answered back to such people that, “there many who are called, but very few who have been accepted.” simply because Christianity itself doesn’t allow prostitution UNLESS you forgo your behavior.
      Secondly, you cannot separate prostitution and death.
      The same as armed robbery and death or witchcraft and death.
      All these carry a high percentage of the probability of someone dying. Being a prostitute, you have to be a devil’s advocate and have a mind of deceitful or else you can’t be a prostitute.
      Just as the Bible says that, “for the love of money is the source of all evil.” Those prostitutes only care for money. These prostitutes doesn’t care whether you’re HIV+/ STIs or not, as long as you flash out your cash, the deal is sealed.
      Many innocent people have died due to these people at the center of spreading STIs.
      And paying a blind eye at this development is shocking and a clear confirmation of being on the other side of Children of GOD who advocates against such behaviors.

  2. We cannot entertain the thought of legalizing prostitution because we a Christian nation.

    Reality is prostitution is rife in Zambia.
    Some guest houses dotted around the country are de facto brothels.
    The argument that sexual offenses can be curbed by legalizing prostitution is incorrect. Prostitutions and generous women are plenty in the country.

  3. Visited the redlight district in Amsterdam a few years ago, was very impressed with the area, we did not see any police in sight whilst we stayed there. Legalising prostitution can help with the protection of these women. In Amsterdam they do pay taxes which is great to the economy, but I anticipate that will be difficult in Zambia to police and manage.

  4. What kind of a lawyer is this? Prostitution is legal in Zambia! it has never been a criminal offence, never. The only offence in Zambia is having an organised prostitution ring, this is to reduce human trafficking and crimes associated with pimps.
    Prostitution is NOT an offense. Women parade themselves in Lusaka’s Northmead area right next to the police post and they are never arresed.
    Again, what kind of lawyer is this, prominent Kabwe lawyer my foot.

  5. This is a mindset problem. The old man did not sexually abuse the little girl because prostitution is illegal. Child abuse is also illegal.

    • Up to this point @ Samson have I found something close to what I expected the discussion to focus on. How the lawyer pivoted to talking about legalizing prostitution in reacting to the sentence slapped on the 61 years old man for DEFILING a minor beats me! Then it follows that the crime the man committed is being drowned by interest in prostitution! Defilement is a crime and that the old man who is supposed to have known better than help himself on a “grand daughter” thus we should be discussing the appropriateness of the sentence slapped on him for fairness! Giving attention to prostitutes and prostitution when the discussion should probably be of tightening deterrent measures for defilement and pedophilia is injustice to defilement crime and abuse of minor girl children!

  6. In the land of the bible called Israel prostitution is legal, Zambia should follow suit since they follow the bible ways. That will make sex mongering safer for all involved. The prostitutes in Zambia are not screened for diseases most of them are HIV+ and infect a lot of many everyday, ( NOT SAYING THAT THE MEN ARE ALL INNOCENT AND DISEASE FREE)
    ZP are the biggest r a p s t of street women, they go out and pretend to catch the girls but just end up r a p i n g them instead

  7. This statement from the lawyer is devoid of serious moral considerations. The number of murders, aggravated robbery and all sorts of crimes have been going up despite the offenders getting harsh penalties. Honestly could that be a reason one then can advocate for legalisation of these crimes like murder? To the contrary, the laws have helped to prevent a serious escalation these offences.

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  8. In the land of the bible called Israel prostitution is legal, Zambia should follow suit since they follow the bible ways. That will make sex mongering safer for all involved. The prostitutes in Zambia are not screened for diseases most of them are HIV+ and infect a lot of men everyday, ( NOT SAYING THAT THE MEN ARE ALL INNOCENT AND DISEASE FREE)
    ZP are the biggest culprits that r a p e street women, On night patrols they go out and pretend catching the girls but end up r a p i n g them instead and take their money.., then, they let them go ahead and do their business as usual since most of the street girls\women are the breadwinners of single parenting households full of children and orphaned relatives

    • Mervis Mubiana

      It is OKAY not to encourage it. However, leave those who make a living out of it to do it.

      What gives you the right to control others what to do with their bodies… I hate Golf and Rugby to be a sport, but because my son feel at ease to play those sports, I can’t stop him from playing!

  9. I can’t believe this is coming from a lawyer who’s been practicing for so many years! Even if prostitution is illegal in this country I have never heard of a case in court where people involved in prostitution are being prosecuted. Zambia is a Christian Nation so how can we legalize prostitution? Next another lawyer will say let’s allow same-sex marriages!

  10. legalisng it creates the opportunity to make guildines, laws, and protections for women that do this. That is the point of legalizing sex work. Sex work will exist as long as there is demand and that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Legalizing it and creating protections for these women will make it a safe environment for them to make the money they need to survive.

  11. Legalising it creates the opportunity to make guidelines, laws, and protections for women that do this. That is the point of legalizing sex work. Sex work will exist as long as there is demand and that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Legalizing it and creating protections for these women will make it a safe environment for them to make the money they need to survive. UNAIDS estimate there are 9,285 prostitutes in the capital, Lusaka. Many women turn to prostitution due to poverty.

  12. Policy-making is not for intellectual dwarfs. The challenges are often complex with no off-the-shelf solutions. But religious nuts will often pontificate. They don’t hv the answers.

  13. Child abuse is a problem resulting from deranged minds, where perpetrators opt for underage members of the opposite sex. Even if prostitutes are available, they will be above the perpetrators preferred age, so he won’t go after them. Address the causes of child sexual abuse and not offer those non-viable solutions

  14. I declare that we build Mongu Stadium, I declare that we build Nalolo University, I declare that we build FJT Chiluba University, I declare Nabwalya district, I declare Lwano district, I declare Ngabwe district, I declare that Choma becomes provincial headquarters of Southern province etc. This is not policy making. Look now at the black hole in public finances that we have. With the kwacha in free fall, the Finance Minister is finding ever more demanding just to maintain foreign missions.

  15. Even if it is legalised it won’t be
    Affordable to all.So Mr lawyer your
    Basis of legalizing is wrong.Mr lawyer try to get charges from prostitutes.

  16. Section 2, we have all paid for dumbwiza at one point or another in life. Remember that when you take your girlfriend for a meal and pay for everything, I am sure you expect some sort of award at the end of it all. So we question why this man would want us to blatantly put in our constitution something that is actually demeaning to majority of women. Just because people cheat does not mean we should allow cheating and lying in our society.

  17. This only makes sense, prostitution will always exist, so we need to protect the girls who are selling their services in desparate situations

  18. Just consult Ba Kandu Luo she came up with Tansita I wonder if it still exist.Legalising proitution will lead to having so many broken marriages

  19. Prostitution exists in Zambia and in fact, it is thriving.

    What do you think those side chicks are? Are they free? Lusaka is full of slay queens. Do they give themselves for free?

    Don’t make me laugh.

    Even in the Bible prostitutes are there.

  20. But why are we cheating ourselves that we are in a Christian nation. I am PF but I don’t believe that the Copperbelt as big as it is Edgar and HH cant be in that province at the same time with HH treated very badly and told not to fly to the Copperbelt by our unprofessional and purely partisan police force purely against HH’s human rights as well as his constitutionally guaranteed rights, and somebody says we are in a Christian nation. How can we be in a Christian nation, which Christianity is that which suspends constitutionally guaranteed rights for its citizen arbitrally

  21. I understand the challenge of prostitution which has essentially been in existence for thousands of years across the world. In a Zambian context, much of our independence years (post 1964),prostitution i think has been there. Whether the scale may have gone up(which could be likely) is up for debate.Legalising prostitution doesn’t appear a sustainable solution (some would argue it isn’t even a solution) to the challenge of sexual abuse on young girls.

  22. With which condoms? So youve not heard what’s happening in the country. How do you feel your own sister niece auntie finding themselves in streets selling illicit sex? Think again mune iwe!!!

    AND WHAT ABOUT THE WIFE OF JESUS MARY MAGEDLINE ????????????????????????????????

  24. While Indian men are busy sexually abusing young women and girls in Zambia for a few Kwacha’s or a take away from Hungry Lion, BBC Africa Eye uncovered an illegal network that lures women to India from Africa, where they are then forced into sex work to satisfy the demands of the many African men living in Delhi.

    The women are mostly from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Rwanda.

    If prostitution is legalised in Zambia women will not risk being trafficked to be sex slaves in foreign countries because they can work safely and freely in their home country

  25. This is not the first time this suggestion has been posted by the country,s prominent lawyers. One would recall that it was also once advocated by another one who was also a minister in the mmd govt

  26. Christian nation my foot! Why then do so many boast, joke, and wink and nod about their “chicks on the side” (…while merrily bringing disease home to their wives)?

    But what’s even more disturbing is that lawyer, Mulilo Kabesha calls for legalization because of a 30 year sentence slapped on his client who defiled a minor. Serious, this is Mulilo’s answer to PEDOPHILIA? Let prostitution be legal so that so-called “men” aren’t somehow compelled to defile children? There may well be arguments in favor or legalization but his is sick!

  27. When people talk about legalizing prostitution they think about other women doing it. Once it’s legal, there will be nothing wrong with daughter or wife to do piece worker or part time to raise money. Just like women engage in other legal small businesses to make ends meet, it’ll equally be legal to do that. So my take on this is that this lawyer has no brain

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