Hamukale calls for recapitalisation of animal health institute

Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has called for recapitalization of the Mazabuka Research station under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock because of the crucial role the institution plays in enhancing livestock farming in the province.

Dr Hamukale has noted the need for agent support because of the institution’s unique function in providing artificial insemination services.

He has observed that artificial insemination is not only cost effective and a modern way of promoting livestock production but also user friendly for livestock farmers especially in Southern Province which is endowed with a huge cattle population.

Dr Hamukale was speaking in Mazabuka when he toured the Mazabuka Research Station Institute of Animal Health.

The minister has since assured management at the institution that the Patriotic Front (PF) government will work hard to recapitalise the institution so that it is able to meet the needs of the farmers in livestock production.

Speaking earlier, Station’s Acting Principal Livestock Research Officer Sendy Kaonga informed the Minister that the facility has the potential to significantly contribute to livestock development in the country.

Ms. Kaonga has requested for support in order for the institution to execute its mandate of providing modern livestock services in artificial insemination.


  1. We hv enough farmers already. Wht’s required is to make the farmers we hv already more productive which would result in fewer farmers being required. Excess labour would hv to look for alternative ways of surviving in a money economy. This is the iron law of economic development. It results in the agricultural sector accounting for less and less employment and economic activity while still remaining essential because it’s the source of the food we all need.

  2. What does he mean by recapitalize? What happened to the initial capitalization? Just put up incentive such as low entry bar, attractive markets and reasonable availability of employment in the sector. Vonse ni political speeches cabe a mambala imwe.

  3. ZIAH is now mazabuka research……., been a long time I was in Mazburg, sloganeering about capitalization during an election year THELIZ NO DEVELOPMENT AFTERWARDS.

  4. Wisdom. Wise words my brother. Hh who claims to have a heart for this country and who stole billions, is no where to be seen when it comes to such matters. He only cares about his farms

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