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Enock Kavindele hospital construction commences

Rural News Enock Kavindele hospital construction commences

Kabompo district administration says that it is pleased that construction of Enoch Kavindele mini hospital in the area has commenced.

Kabompo District Commissioner, Patrick Kasoka said he is grateful to government for considering to have the mini hospital construction started.

He said the mini hospital will help decongest the district hospital and reduce long distances been covered by residents to receive quality health care.

Eng. Kasoka said this in Kabompo today when he inspected the successful borehole drilling at the mini hospital construction site by Srujala Tech Limited.

He added that the mini hospital is one of government’s deliverables that will soon be fulfilled as seen from the works that has already started.

“This state of the art mini hospital is one of government’s deliverables and promise that will be fulfilled as seen from the borehole drilling which is the first part of construction,” Eng. Kasoka said.

He said that the construction schedule is three months thus the contractor is expected on site to ensure a fully-fledged hospital by May 2021 month end.

“The hospital which will be named after former vice president Enoch Kavindele is expected to be fully constructed by May 2021”, Eng. Kasoka said.

He added that apart from the yet to be constructed mini hospital, all the four allocated rural health posts are at a 100 percent completed with three fully functional while one is yet to be handed over in the next few weeks.

Eng. Kasoka observed that the construction of the facility is part of government deliberate move and policies to bring quality health services closer to the people.

“The construction of this hospital will now provide quality health care to the population around the 10 kilometer radius that used to move to Kabompo town to acquire health services”, he said.

He further hailed the contractor engaged to construct the facility for promptly moving on site and commencing the initial phase of construction works.

Meanwhile, speaking in a separate interview, contractor consultant representative, Ignatious Chizyuka said that having successfully drilled the borehole, the next phase will be pump testing and remobilization for other works.

“Now that the borehole has been drilled, the next stage will be pump testing after 21 hours then the contractor will start to remobilize to be on site for other works.” Eng. Chizyuka said.

He added that though the construction is behind schedule, he is confident that the contractor will still deliver as they were only waiting for water which has now been provided.


  1. Great development especially with covid on the rise. This is what pf stands for. And a great gesture to name it after a great man who has done a lot for the nation.

    Meanwhile hh is busy insulting government without even a toilet to show for in his stronghold. If you steal money from poor people, atleast be generous like Robin hood

  2. For a moment, I thought it was being funded my Enoch Kavindele Himself. What has he achieved in life to be honoured? Being appointed Vice President is not an achievement . We need to start honouring people who have really served the people. Teachers, Doctors, Missionaries, and others as such. An example is Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. They have now designated the drop off point by the entrance as only for Ministers and Government vehicles but the tax payer should be dropped off where they can be soaked if it is raining. Such can never happen in the developed countries.

  3. This is just politiking of the highest deception. PF GRZ has cancelled or suspended embarking on new projects apart from those which were at 80% completion country wide due to financial challenges. Where is the money gong to come from. I pity Engineer Engineer Kasoka DC for Kabompo for propagating the impossible completion by end of May 2021? Lets wait and see otherwise its the same campaign gimmickwhich politicians embark on towards election. AS for Kabompo is not surprising coz it delivered some ward to PF during recent by elections.

  4. Lusaka should stop imposing names. It’s the local council that should be picking names. Kavindele has done more for chingola and Lusaka than kabompo.

  5. So, Davies Mwila lied that all thieving PF ministers have paid back the money when Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu has denied ever receiving that money. PF is cheap with lies – break fast lies, lunch time lies, dinner time lies – sleeping and dreaming lies. Lies and stealing is PF government.


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