MQHZ calls for Awareness Among Zambians Ahead of Next Month’s National COVID-19 Vaccination


THE Medical for Quality Healthcare (MQHZ) of Zambia has called for awareness creation among members of the public ahead of next month’s national coronavirus vaccination.

Ministry of Health Director of Infectious Diseases Lloyd Mulenga says the country will next month receive the first set of coronavirus vaccines.

The vaccines will be given to 20 per cent of the people who are at a High risk of contracting the virus such as journalists, Health workers, elderly and those working on the county’s borders.

In welcoming the administering of the vaccine, MQHZ director General Dr Quince Mwabu, who saif there was need for the Ministry of Health to come up with a detailed plan of how the country was going to administer the vaccine to the citizenry.
Dr. Mwabu noted that targetting two percent of people at high risk of contracting the virus was good but not enough to effectively contain the deadly pandemic.

He noted that there was need for the Ministry of Health to conduct massive senitization campaigns in light of misinformation regarding the vaccine among the general public.

Dr. Mwabu advised the general public to listen to experts to avoid people shunning to receive the vaccine which he assured was harmless as it has been tested by World Health Organization.

“As MQHZ, we note the need for the Ministry of health to conduct public senitization of the vaccine before going ahead to administer to people because of wide misinformation about the vaccine” The Ministry of health and other concerned parties need to sensitize the general public about it’s importance. The vaccine is harmless as it has been tested by the World Health Organization” he said.

Dr. Mwabu said the Ministry of Health should tell the nation when the second dose of vaccine will be arriving in the country after the first doses are administered to targetted citizens.


  1. Can we trust them to do the right thing? I hv my doubts because whn it comes to money, they’re ready to throw Zambians under the bus.

  2. The problem is that they want to convince people that it’s safe,yet they can’t tell us whether they have conducted any tests of their own and how they carried out the tests. You can’t just bring some drug into the country and administer it on the people after all that has been said about it from all over the world. We’re not lab rats. We’re people who deserve to be treated as such

  3. Only f00ls like upnd members view the vaccine as a bad thing. These illiterates are also found in diaspora where they are called conspirators. If you don’t take the vaccine then don’t even dare step a foot into any hospital funded by government. Die alone

  4. Zambians be wise the devil is at work please do not take the jib of vaccine. First you must understand that any vaccine introduces the same virus into your body so in this case a dormant Covid21 or covid19 is introduced into your body. Do not accept or trust the government with your children or yourself already Honeybee.

  5. I would have been happier if it was malaria or cholera vaccine or maybe Ebola vaccine or better still an HIV/Aids vaccine. But typical of our African leaders we are just moving with the wind. Let Africa wait for at least 5 years before this experimental vaccine is used in Africa.

  6. Twende i am not in a priority group but when my time comes, I will gladly take it. Let us stop the ignorance and get our lives back to normal.

  7. Which Pharmaceuticals has been awarded COVID Vaccine contract? Or maybe the HoneyBee inc is not yet formed?
    HoneyBee Pharmacy is a different company from HoneyBee LTD, so money was given to wrong company who disappeared, but muli fipuba

  8. Let’s first jab the thieves then after a month or so monitor the bastards if the don’t die I we wait another 3 months then that’s when we can all be jabbed.

  9. I’ll only receive the vaccine after 100 years when we’ll be sure of it’s efficacy and side-effects profile.
    For now, it’s a Fufu veve!

  10. As for my household and I, no jab in our flesh. We held our family meeting and the votes were overwhelming. I have always trusted my conscious and I shall always sail with it till my last days that have been given to me on this earth.

  11. The nation wonders ,which Vaccine will the government give the people of Zambia??
    Is it also going to be supplied by Honey bee Pharmacy , the government preferred supplier.

  12. It takes years to have a vaccine approved and judged safe for wide distribution. This one took months and the results are showing: some people have had adverse reactions all over the world. Who is going to defends your rights if you get sick or a family member dies after they inject you of a substance that has not been properly tested. Once it’s spread in your blood stream, it too late. You cant undue a vaccine. They will blame you and your underlining condition.

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