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Cannabis can reduce shocks of COVID-19-Sinkamba


Zambian Hemp Growers and Industries Association (ZamHemp) President Peter Sinkamba says the production of cannabis can solve some economic challenges brought by the negative impact of COVID-19.

Mr. Sinkamba reiterates that one of the ways in which the economy can be boosted is through the operationalization of the cannabis industry.

Mr. Sinkamba who also doubles as Green Party President was speaking with ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today.

“We need additional revenue streams which should be able to assist the government to provide the necessary budget support,” he said.

He also stated that the industry would be able to create job opportunities in the country.

Mr. Sinkamba hopes that the government is likely to table the Industrial herbal bill and the controlled substances bill when parliament opens on January 26, 2021.

The ZamHemp president said he is hopeful that the two bills would be passed by February 2021 so that the framework for licensing of employers and processors of industrial herb and medical cannabis is commenced.

Mr. Sinkamba further appealed to all members of parliament to support the bills when they are presented in parliament.

ZamHemp is an association that promotes the cultivation, production, manufacturing, distribution, and coordination of hemp businesses in Zambia.


  1. I agree. I have been researching this area of business to see if it is viable for my personal circumstances. I am engaging with my business advisors on this. I would encourage zambian to take advantage of this sector.

  2. Cannabinoids, primarily CBD, have been studied for the treatment of seizures associated with forms of epilepsy that are difficult to control with other medicines Cannabinoids, primarily CBD, have been studied for the treatment of seizures associated with forms of epilepsy that are difficult to control with other medicines

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    Sleep Problems

  3. That’s why PS has been up kapoyongo and lusambos bums lately ……

    Paying for kapoyongo and praising him none stop …….we knew it.

  4. You are no longer relevant to the cause of Zambian people.

    You have lost your voice over a few pieces of nickel.


  5. Why is it that all your politics are bounded and centered on Marijuana. That itself proves that smoking this substance has had a tremendous impact on you Psych.

    Please help Zambia by raising tangible economical / entrepreneurship ideas. One wonders why your party has never grown to become an establishment. Its because of this daily nonsense talking about Marijuana all the time.

  6. For one to be President, one must be voted, at least even once in the case of the UPND’s HH. Sinkamba goes ahead to register hemp companies in all provinces and names himself President.
    The tactical greed with this man is a bit much. Every other independent weed grower now will have to channel their produce through his companies.

  7. For some reason, I thought I was going to read about Covid patients smoking a blunt…..Kikikiki

  8. So Sinkamba has been soliciting for PF MP votes. That explains him bailing out Home Affairs Minister.

  9. Raises doubts if Peter Sinkamba was aware or intoxicated with cannabis when he was bailing out thieving PF minister Stephen Kampyongo. That deed was/is an insult to majority poor Zambians. Zambians cannot trust whatever Sinkamba says until he apologises to many suffering Zambians by aiding and abetting thieves in our country.

  10. I no longer see him the same after he threw away his morals by assisting to settle his friends illegal salary! If he can do this, I shudder what he will do when entrusted with the people’s power! Personally I have been greatly disappointed by Mr Hemp!

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