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Poor road signs worry Lusaka motorists


Motorists in Lusaka district have expressed concern over the lack of traffic and speed limit signs on most roads.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Simbisai Kalonga said the lack of road signs has brought about uncertainty when driving especially during the many construction works.

“It is hard to tell whether some roads are merging or have filter lanes, humps, or corners because there are no guidelines to show how the roads are,” she said.

Ms Simbisai said there is confusion on the road and that this makes drivers guessing what to do while on the road.

“We know that the roads are for our benefit but the faster they put signs and paintings the less confusion there will be,” she said.

She added that even after they have finished painting and putting signs they should ensure they maintain the road signs and paintings.

Meanwhile, Lusaka City Public Relation’s Officer George Sichimba said most road signs and street lights have been uprooted under the Lusaka decongestion and L400 road expansion projects and will only be put back when the works have been completed.

Mr. Sichimba has appealed to motorists to drive with caution in townships with a speed limit of 30 to 40 Kilometers per hour because of the road works taking place.

He said road users should drive at recommended speed especially in the rain season considering that roads get slippery.

“The council is working with various stakeholders in replacing and expanding the road networks which started last year,” he said.


  1. As usual the LCC guy instead of acknowledging their failure and move to do the job is busy finding a scape goat!! Signs and road markings have been very very poorly managed even before road works! Right now there are many roads without on going works which are missing road signs and markings including road/street names!!JUST DO THE JOB INSTEAD FINDING EXCUSES!

  2. Meanwhile, many motorists continue to totally ignore signs that are not confusing at all: If there is a STOP sign at an intersection, or there is a STOP sign painted on the road, then motorists are supposed to STOP before continuing on. Most people barely slow down and some people speed right through intersections. It appears that there are motorists who believe that they have the right to decide whether to stop or not. They must think that they are above the law and that traffic laws are for other people.

  3. PF hv become a danger to our motoring lives the wall on Mumbwa road is unbelievably not managed while many people hv lost their lives as it is not visible at night!! When motorists hit the wall, there is no Govt to correct the situation its simply unbelievable!! There is no drainage and water over flows on the road or simply collects on the sides of the road weakening the very newly constructed tar mark, no one cares!
    So many motorists park in the main road obstructing traffic & reducing its flow esp minibus drivers who set the bad standard. Most of the drivers who do this & passing thru traffic lights when they are red are unbelievably PF cadres &, the police are scared to pursue PF cadres

  4. There is very poor driving culture these days and nobody is enforcing compliancy. We used to learn road safety in schools, now RTSA focus has shifted. People stop where they shouldn’t and don’t stop where they should. Minibuses stop at road junctions and anywhere else instead of bus stops. Police have chosen what offences to go for ignoring all others. Who is going to stop the rot?

  5. Sounds like PF cabinet, no system. Even you ask in parliament who is in charge of road signage, you are how many answers you will get.
    There is a Lusaka Mayor and Lusaka minister, nobody knows who is going left or right.

  6. On Wednesday night, there was a nasty accident at the intersection of Independence Ave/Burma/Dushambe roads near the Mosque. I found the minibus supposedly coming from town with it’s roof on the Independence Ave tarmac. All windows shattered. Glass debris scattered allover. You could see that more than two vehicle were involved in that nasty scene. Not any road sign on that spot for night drivers. My hope is that passengers survived.

  7. @we are tired,,,nga walema weka go and jump off a tall building and leave us who want to continue life under pf alone.

    Vandalism is what has led to this. We know some bad upnd elements are going around damaging public property such as road signs. They rejoice when lives are lost in accidents. These satanists

  8. This is not a political issue. Acknowledge the problem and fix the road signs and markings. Those signs are there to protect lives.

  9. In most civilised countries you see a sign announcing what suburb or township you are in as you arrive, In Zambia you have to guess. Where is the border between Kamwala and Kabwata and Libala and Chilenje? Ba Miles Kilometres Sampa?

  10. Well, Honourable Sichimba verbal warning will not only solve the problem, but signage warning system is also the only way forward at list you will have sort of evidence whenever someone is caught speeding or cause other motorists offences. and the idea of saying ppl uproot the road signs is not good enough, You can always come up with plan B if plan A is not working, Prioritised health and safety when it comes to this kind of issues. if ppl are stealing this signage put up cheap ones that they can’t sale anywhere else. And just ensure ppl that vandalism as no place in this modern society anyone who causes vandal should be prosecuted as simple as that.

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