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Animal disease capable of wiping out livestock population in Kabompo Districts breaks out


The Department of Fisheries and Livestock in Kabompo district in North Western Province has cautioned farmers to report any livestock movement from other areas as there is an outbreak of Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) disease.

District Veterinary coordinator, Geshom Chungu said movement of any type of livestock should be reported as the disease is capable of wiping out the district’s livestock population in a very short time.

Dr. Chungu said this in Kabompo yesterday during a stakeholders IDP validation meeting.

“We have an outbreak of CBPP livestock disease which has affected almost the whole district, thus all movement of animals should first be reported to the department of veterinary”, Dr. Chungu said.

He said the veterinary department is currently encouraging to slaughter any animal found being suspected to have CBPP as a way of reducing the further spread.

Speaking at the same event, District Commissioner, Patrick Kasoka cautioned the general public to look out for unscrupulous people coming in the district with unauthorized livestock empowerment programmes as they are likely to be swindled.

“I am aware of organizations that are coming in the district through individuals that have come with unknown livestock empowerment programmes and soliciting for money, kindly report to my office and the police as people are being swindled”, Eng. Kasoka said.

He said he is aware of certain organizations currently in the district soliciting people to contribute money and in return receive various livestock such as goats and village chickens.

Eng. Kasoka therefore, appealed to the general public to report such individuals or organizations to the police as many people have reported to be swindled through such activities.

He also gave a two weeks ultimatum to Kabompo residents through the traditional leadership to ensure that all animals were confined to reduce the increased number of stray animals in the township.

“Let me take this opportunity to appeal through the traditional leadership to ask our people to confine their cattle, pigs and goats to help us reduce the number of stray animals in the district as well as the CBPP livestock disuse,” Eng. Kasoka said.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of Kabompo public health office, Mahongo Kabanda said the local authority in collaboration with the fisheries and livestock department will soon conduct an animal cropping exercise for stray animals roaming in the township.

“The local authority together with the fisheries and livestock department will soon conduct a cropping exercise for stray dogs and animals if people do not adhere”, Mrs. Kabanda said.

She said various sensitizations have been carried out thus it is expected that the general public will adhere to public health regulations by confining their livestock in the district.


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